The Best Body Weight Exercises You Must Know


Body Weight Exercises

Still don’t have a gym membership? Is this your kind of problem? Here are the Best Body Weight Exercises!

Absolutely no worries! You’ve landed at the right place as I will get your workout sorted if you don’t have one. Unfortunately, my experiences with gyms have been mixed depending on which one you choose and the crowd of people, it can be overwhelming at times. So if you find yourself without one today no worries.

If you step out of the gym or simply haven’t gotten around to getting a membership yet you can still make gains. You can easily perform some of the best at home workout routines and stay in shape without the need to head to your gym routine. When you are doing weight circuits, you will not only be able to burn the extra body fat, but building muscles is a whole lot easier as well. Also, I think it’s important to remember if you’re a beginner, bodyweight exercises are actually more ideal to get started with.

Why Are Body Weight Circuits Such A Kickass Choice?

Are you wondering as to why am I propagating body weight circuits so much?

I will tell you the facts. When you carry out such exercises, which you are performing, it will utilize major muscle groups and thereby it helps in burning huge amount of calories as well. In fact, when I was digging through the details, I found out that circuit training is a great way to control body fat.

Also, steady cardio nowhere fits the equation as it burns very minimal calories in comparison, you can check out my recent article on interval training for more information. So, if you want to cut the extra pounds and you are of the opinion that you can do steady cardio on your treadmill is a sound choice, let me tell you straight – it’s not.

I will share the details of a basic workout routine which you can complete pretty much wherever you are; be it your house, basement or even a park as well.


The Beginners Body Weight Exercises

Now that you have come to this beginner workout routine, let me discuss one of the best among them. When you perform a circuit routine, you have to carry out the exercises continuously without taking any form of a break in between.

When you have completed the exhaustive list of all the exercises that are a part of the circuit, you should try and repeat it all over again. If your body has ample stamina and it permits, you can go ahead and opt for a third round.

As the exercises are performed back to back, your body may get sore and extremely tired. So, take a little break and breathe and of course drink plenty of water. I am not asking you to burn your body beyond the point of repair but you should be challenging yourself.

Warm Up Is Must

When you are learning the different bodyweight workout routine, you need to know that a warm up is absolutely necessary. You have to be thoroughly sure that you devote ample time for the right kind of warm ups.

When you are just beginning an exercise, it is recommended that you carry out a warm-up prior to it. If your muscles do not warm up enough, you could be prone to injury. Give your body the right amount of time to heat up as it is only then that you will be prepared to do a little bit of straining and pulling.

None of the best bodyweight exercises should be performed unless you have warmed up properly. You can always cut down the overall time for your workout when you are running short of time if needed as well. When I am asking you to work out, there are all possible ways that you can use the intervals and activity. Feel free to choose any of the following.

  • Jump ropes
  • Push ups
  • Pedal on a stationary bike
  • Run in a place
  • Jog up and down the stairs

Practically, the list is endless and you are free to use your own imagination and pick the choices that seem to be the finest which you can have. Remember, you should not wear yourself out completely but you need to pump up your heart and make sure to sweat it out a little because you should be open to challenging your body.

Now that you are looking for a body weight workout routine, here are the details you must follow.

  • 20 body weight squats
  • 10 Pushups
  • Walking lunges, 20
  • Low Back Extension; 10
  • 15 second planks
  • 30 jumping jacks

When you have completed the entire bodyweight workout routine, grab some water and assess how hard it was for you. If it was too easy try increasing the rep range or reduce the rest times.

Your Form and Fitness Level

When you are doing the body weight squats or even lunges, you can always use a support for the sake of maintaining balance.

Even when you are doing lunges, you have to be mindful that you are keeping your eyes ahead and the upper half of your body should be completely vertical. Sometimes, when I am exercising, I used to see people have a bend in their backs; you don’t want to do this. Your spine should be in a neutral position at all times.


When you are carrying out the low back extension exercises, you can use a stability ball and keep your feet planted shoulder width apart. Also remember to place your hands either on your forehead or behind your head but do not pull on your neck.

This bodyweight workout routine can be carried out for nearly 2 to 3 times per week. One of the important things you need to know is that you’re not building muscles when you are exercising. The muscles are actually built on your rest days of course.

So, I make it a point to follow a routine wherein I train really vigorously and then chillout on the other days and get some rest. This ensures that I give my muscles the right amount of time to make a complete recovery. Not only does it help me when building muscle, but also at the same time, it ensures that my body is not burning under its own strain either. You should also take into account your fitness level if you’re very new to workout rest days can be more frequent, starting out.

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Finally, you have to make sure that along with this beginner gym workout, you need to keep an eye on your diet as well. If you follow a crappy diet, all the effort will go to waste and you won’t see the most optimal gains. You need to make sure you’re eating non-processed foods and getting some high-quality protein. Your diet is going to decide whether or not you will succeed and see that extra mile out of your workout. When you have followed all my above points, you are sure to spot the right changes which you want.

So, what are you waiting for?

-Terry Asher

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