What Makes Deadlifts The Best Exercise To Perform?


Deadlifts The Best Exercise

Want to look really yoked and have solid abs, but are you still scared of deadlifts? 

Right? Oh, come on; I still don’t get what it is in people that make them so skeptical of deadlifts. Deadlifting isn’t the scariest exercise around once you know how to deadlift. Here, in Cali, I have been going to gym for close to a year now and the story still doesn’t change one bit; it is all the same. Apart from me, I am still to find a person who can deadlift!

Can you imagine that?

Still, it doesn’t stop people calling themselves a fitness freak. Really, dude; you are unsure of your deadlift form and so quick to think that you would go the extra mile for fitness.

Don’t be selling that kind of shit.

Of all the time, I have been there; not a single person has carried out deadlift exercise. I still cling on to the belief that maybe, it is just a matter of time and someone must be doing the deadlifts workout; even if I haven’t spotted them.

Still, it does perturb that I haven’t ran into one yet because deadlifts are one of the most basic exercise that has always offered results for the users. It aids in building muscular mass and at the same time, it pumps the testosterone level ad gives you great results.

Never forget that it is these exercises, which separate the men from the boys. Now, it is upon you to decide which category do you want to fall into. You can also check out workout routines for men at the gym to build muscle for even more workouts that can help you build muscle mass.


How to Deadlift and What it Does

If you are wondering as to what can the proper deadlift can do, you need to know that it has the power to work your legs, back, shoulders, butt, arms, traps, forearms and even abs.

Also, make sure to research on how to deadlift properly.

Lots of body parts, right?

Definitely so! This is one exercise which can have an impact on so many body parts together. Not only this, there are other benefits that you can have as well. If you are really skinny and you want to build muscles and mass together, it is silly of you not to do deadlift form exercises. You are simply wasting your own precious time by avoiding deadlifts.

As I tried to brainstorm the main reason as to why people are not carrying out deadlifts, there is only one possible reason that I could find and it has to be the fear of being hurt. If you do not really know how to do a deadlift, you may end up hurt and this is the reason you first need to ace the lesson and then perform the same.

Oh boy, I will tell you there was a time when I too was scared of deadlifts.

In fact I did it in the wrong way for a year and then started my journey of perfecting the art of deadlifting.

Just so that you should know, I have managed to put up as much as 100 lbs to my deadlift exercise in a time frame of less than a couple of months. Impressive, ha?

Now, let me take you back to the times of our ancestors. They never had a weight rack that could simplify things for them. At the same time, there was no smith machine either. All they had at their disposal was some heavy rocks, some big logs, and even carcasses which they had to shift and transport from one place to another.

So what was the deal?

Simple; you either move it from one place to other or get branded as being weak. If you are really too weak, your family might not even serve you dinner because being a man, you are not expected to be weak; it is a disgrace. This is why people had no option, but to try and be strong and put on muscle and really be powerful.


Deadlift Technique

Tried the forearm curls and cursed?

I did too. Are dumbbells pain in the ass?

For me too. 500 sit-ups?

Seriously, I will faint.

So, what is the solution for all of it?

You can easily choose to deadlift with the right amount of weights and very shortly, the changes will be there in your arms and legs. Not just this, you will find that your forearms and lower back will start getting huge amount of strength too. Your abs would be much defined as well.

Things to Keep in Mind When Deadlifting

There are so many things which you have to keep in mind when you are performing proper deadlift form.

  • Make sure not to arch your back or even roll it in another direction. You have to be sure to keep the abs tight all throughout the duration of the exercise and make sure that the back is straight as well.
  • At the same time, you need to keep the bar as close to your body as possible. You need to nearly roll it up to the level of your shins until they are at your knee level and then go ahead and roll it till your thighs until you are at an upright position.
  • When you are bringing it past your knees, make sure not to pull up with your back. The focus should be to thrust forward with your hips. This will give you the proper deadlifts position that you can use to improve the muscles you are building.
  • In order to align your back properly, it is extremely important to keep your head up and at the same time, fill out your chest. This will straighten your back in the right and desired manner.
  • Finally, when you are bringing the weight up, you need to straighten out your legs at the same time. This will allow your hip to come in completely. This will ensure that your body will have a straight line ranging from your hips to knees and even feet.

These are the key things you have to bear in mind. When you are keeping every single aspect in mind, you will be able to carry out proper deadlift workout and this is going to help you put on the right amount of muscles and your body mass will increase by leaps and bounds as well. This is one of the best exercises for those who are skinny and want to put on some extra weight.

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Deadlifts for men


We all love to look good and have the kind of masculinity that impresses people. Trust me, if you follow what I have told you, you are going to put on some serious muscle.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it today…

-Terry Asher

P.S What do you think about deadlifts? I want to hear your thoughts comment below!

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