The Dynamics Of Sandbag Training



What the heck is Sandbag training? We explore…Life isn’t always easy and you are met with plenty of challenges.

You need to know what you are dealing with and you need to put up a fight to ensure that you can handle in ever manner possible. There are different types of challenging things that come our way in life, which we may have to deal with and the scenarios can vary significantly.

This is why rather than training with what is normally asked you to train with like barbells, dumbbells, here I am going to talk about more unconventional objects. Once in a while, it is perfectly alright to train with the different odd objects which you may stumble upon. As we speak of different objects, you could consider the sandbag after all sandbag training is considered to be one of the best odd objects to train with. If you are new to working out I would suggest embarking on a beginners workout plan before  go all out on sandbag training.

The different contents that are a part of the sandbag are going to move in a random manner and this adds to the instability during the gym workout routines. This will add to the challenges which you face and this is the reason sandbag workout is considered by many to be one of the toughest you will find.

So, if you are all set to make the sandbag yourself, we are going to guide you into making of the perfect sandbag that can help you out with your random gym workouts.

How To Carry Out Sandbags Workout?

Almost all those exercises which can be done with barbells can be executed with sandbags as well. Still, if you are looking for a few names of exercises wherein a sandbag will be sufficient, here is a short list.

  • Thrusters
  • Lunges
  • Push press
  • Overhead squats
  • Bent over rows
  • Power cleans

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list as the names of exercises are practically endless. You can check out the different videos related to sandbags which will give you an idea of the types of exercises you can carry out if you need more ideas. It’s also important to remember sandbag training is a lot different than strength training at the gym. It’s going to be more interval/cardiovascular intensive.


How To Carry Out The Sandbag Workout?

When you are looking to exercise, here are the main points you must follow. Make sure to implement them diligently.

  • Maximize the reps in a specified time interval: you should ideally maintain a timer for say anywhere around 5 or 15 minutes; depending upon your stamina. In this interval, you need to do as many repetitions as possible. You can rest as the demands of your body, but make sure to resume your exercise immediately too and not get too relaxed. You should always keep a record of your time and try to beat it whenever you work out again.
  • Improve your clock time: you need to make up your mind regarding the target time you have set for yourself. Based upon your target, you should then set a timer and complete it. Once you have done that, record the details. In your next session, you should then try to improve your repetitions and timing.
  • The intervals in between: when you are carrying out the workouts, you are advised to have the right kind of intervals in between. When the exercise regime gets too intense, you should have an interval which seems to be ideal for you, so learn to listen to your body. You can always fiddle with the interval time by increasing the workout session and decreasing the interval time and vice versa. This will help you find the apt intensity level which you should later stick to.

Sandbag Exercises And The Nine Main Fitness Points

When you are performing these workout sessions, make sure to do them in a circuit. You need to finish 9 repetitions of each of these exercises before you proceed to the next one and even when you do so, you should try and rest as little as possible. Mixed with a  simple diet plan and these workouts you will be able to see man great benefits to help your physical appearance.

I would recommend you to try and completely three sets of this whole circuit; however, be mindful of your body stamina and do not end up eroding your body.

Here are the nine exercises, which you need to try. If you are unaware of the main skills and methods needed to accomplish them, you can always find videos on YouTube that can be a huge help.

  1. Sandbag left: make sure to keep the sandbag on your left shoulder.
  2. Left lunge: you have to keep the sandbag on your left shoulder and then move forward with the help of your left leg.
  3. Push press
  4. Sumo deadlift high-pull
  5. Zercher squat
  6. Alternating sandbag shoulder
  7. Man maker
  8. Right lunge: make sure to keep the sandbag on the right shoulder and now move forward with the help of your right leg.
  9. Sandbag right: keep the sandbag on your right shoulder.

Make sure that you are aware of the exact details of how the exercises are to be done. With an accurate knowledge, it will be easier for you to get a clear idea of how things are to be done. Videos are always going to turn out to be handy for understanding the precise details of the exercise, so be sure to check them out.


Making Your Own Sandbag

Making a sandbag involves a lot of different steps and there are multiple ways of doing it as well. I myself tried out a lot of different methods and after checking out all of them, I have finally picked the best one here.

Before explaining the core methods, you first need to get acquainted with the materials you are going to need.

The materials

  • 1 laundry bag
  • A box of garbage bags (contractor) measuring 3 to 4 millimeter
  • A pack of zip ties
  • A bag of pea gravel
  • 1 roll of duct tape. Try and make sure that you choose a good quality one because you do not want to compromise on the same.

The total cost of all these equipments will be less than 50 bucks. When it comes to time, it should not take you any longer than half an hour.

Now, that you have all the equipments ready with you, let us get down to making the sandbag.

  1. Work on the interiors: initially you need to ensure that you have rolled one of the contractor bags down. Doing this will ensure that the bag will be able to sit in the upright position all by itself. Now, you need to put some gravel inside the contractor bag. There will 3 or 4 interior bags which you need to make and this is why you should make it a point to opt for equal distribution of gravel in different bags. Ideally, you can have a 20lb bag and then have 2 to 3 10 lb bag. I must be quick to add that you do not need to measure the weight precisely and I have just given you a rough estimate of what can be chosen.

When you have the contractor bags containing gravel up to the weight that you desire, you now need to fold the bag opening and seal it with a duct tape. Make sure to leave some room in the bag so that the gravel can move around. You need to wrap it at different places to ensure that the bag is secured firmly. Now, double wrap the bag as well and when you do so, you can make use of a second contractor bag. The process shall be the same. This whole cycle needs to be repeated until you have worked upon all your interior bags and got them ready.

  1. Time for the exterior: now, take all your contractor bags that have been firmly taped and filled and put them in the laundry bag. Make sure to pull a drawstring such that you can ensure a tight opening. You can further secure the opening by adding a zip tie on the top of it. One problem with zip ties is the fact that every time you need to alter the weight of the sandbag, you will have to cut the entire zip tie all over again.

These two points are all you need to do for the sake of ensuring that your sandbag is perfectly done.

The Alternate Options

If you thought that the above method was not meant for you, you should know that there are other options as well. There are various alternate ways you can use as well.

For Your Exterior Bag

You should make it a point to use duffle bag; the likes of which are used in the military when you are looking for big and strong bags that weigh well over 50lbs.

For Your Interior Bag

If you are looking for fresh alternatives for making the interior bags, you can use zip locker freezer bags and make sure to seal them with duct tape. Further, you also have the option of directly placing the filler material in the exterior bag and you can skip the use of the interior bags altogether. However, before you jump up to the idea in excitement, you need to know that doing this will lead to troubles when you are looking to change weight of the sandbag. This problem can be avoided by using the chain which we will explain later.

Sandbag Training And The Filler Materials Used

When you are using the filler for the bags, you have alternatives too. You do not really need pea gravel all the time. Here are some other things which you can use.

  • Sand: play sand is perhaps the most common filler. However, I tried it all the time without luck. Almost all the time, sand tends to leak.
  • Rubber mulch
  • Wood pellets
  • Link chain: all you need to do is toss down a lot of heavy link chain in a duffel bag. Make sure to secure the top and your sandbag will be ready to go. However, when you are using it, you may get bruises so watch out!


Commercial Sandbags

When you are looking to enjoy the perks of sandbag training, but you are not willing to go through the ordeal of making them, you can always choose to buy commercial sandbags. I am going to talk of two of the best options I have found so far and I will show the same with you.

Ultimate sandbag: I must say it is their interior sandbags that seem to be the finest choice. You can find these bags in varying sizes and the Velcro tape which has been used for sealing is such that it won’t leak at all. This is by far the only bag which I found that didn’t leak, despite having sand as filler. There are multiple handles offered in the bag which helps in increasing the total versatility which this bag offers.

Ironmind tough as nails sandbag: while I am a huge fan of iron mind products, but I did face some issues with this bag because of the leaking of sand in it. If the makers could use pea gravel or any other alternate filler, I think the quality and utility of this bag would improve by leaps and bounds.

So, the bottom-line remains the same. Whether you are choosing to make a sandbag for carrying out sandbag workout or even if you are buying one, all you need to do is be sure that you make the most out of it.

Even when it comes to making a sandbag, you have seen that the process is neither expensive nor complex. If you enjoy a little bit of experimentation, you will love the process. As far as sandbag training is concerned; you can carry out a lot of different exercises with the help of it. So, what are you waiting for?

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Go try your new workout and let me know what you felt when it comes to your sandbag workout. Along with an easy diet to follow, wait for the results to pop and you will be able to improve random functions in everyday life.



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