The Truth About Testosterone Boosting


stronger man Everyone is talking about test boosting these days. That’s a fact. If you’re looking for the truth, this is for you. Here’s how to stay safe and strong—and how to do it naturally!

Testosterone is the hormone that provides numerous benefits for our bodies making it seem almost mythical.

Some find it unbelievable that one thing can affect muscle growth, energy production, fat burning potential, mood and even libido. The reason for this is because testosterone is an anabolic hormone. This means it stimulates bone and muscle growth through various means such as protein synthesis. Sadly, testosterone production begins to decline as we get into our thirties. This slow descent could possibly cause our training programs to suffer. Why would this happen? You’ll begin to feel fatigued quicker and you’ll have a lack of muscle strength. Men use this hormone primarily. Still, you shouldn’t think for one minute that women are not affected by low test levels as well.

Women Are Affected By Low Test Levels

Both men and women need testosterone and estrogen. Of course, men need test more than women. The amount of testosterone in a woman is around 1/10 that of a male. And, women’s levels actually begin to drop by their early 20’s causing serious imbalances with their estrogen production. This is why many women begin to gain excess body fat and lose bone density. They also lose strength and energy from a slow metabolism. Men have it a lot worse when test levels drop. Your mood is affected to the point of possible depression. You can’t focus properly for basic thinking concepts, and even sex drive becomes altered to where you just can’t get it up any more. All of this combined with the inability to train as hard makes both men and women seek an alternative instead of allowing test decreases to take place, which would be increasing this anabolic hormone naturally.

Fatty Foods Provide Natural Testosterone Boosting Potential

Whole foods that have active dietary fats for boosting test should be consumed often. There are actually quite a few out there that make this possible without making you spend hundreds of dollars a month. Fats have a bad name to them because people often feel that they are the cause of fat gains. In a sense, this is true. But, that’s if they are eaten in too high of quantities. The truth is that all nutrients are bad for you if you have them in high quantities. Excessively consuming protein can cause kidney failure. Too many carbs can cause diabetes. What then? If we removed all the nutrients that could potentially be harmful, what are we left with? We’re left with a whole lot of nothing! Instead of focusing on removing macronutrients that our bodies need, we should focus on consuming them in moderation. Dietary fats, consumed in moderation, are the number one macronutrient that our bodies use for maximum testosterone production.

Cholesterol and fats have been recognized as the horrible reason behind heart disease. But, this belief is long gone. Why? Studies have proven that they actually decrease chances and inhibit testosterone production. A study conducted and published in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows those diets with higher intake levels of monounsaturated fats and saturated fats have increased testosterone production naturally. Another study showed that men who had a low saturated fat diet had significantly less testosterone production and lower circulating levels of androgen.

Chances are you are already having many of them. Some great options include natural peanut butter, avocados, almonds, olive oil and sunflower oil. There are also many foods with saturated fats. And, chances are lots of these foods rank as some of your favorites. These include red meat, cheese, dark chocolate, egg yolk and coconut oil. Remember, we are focusing on dietary fats that our bodies need. Fats from ingredients such as hydrogenated oils are bad for your body. They could cause heart disease and are potentially cancerous. Stay away! testosterone boost

Do Not Avoid Cholesterol Either

Cholesterol is just like dietary fats. How? In the sense that people often fear them because of an article published long ago stating egg yolks cause heart disease. But, testosterone actually derives from cholesterol, and low cholesterol intake obviously leads to low testosterone production. They did not seem to realize this until after they scared everybody about the dangers. At that point, a high number of patients came around with low test production. Research has shown that there is a strong relationship between cholesterol levels of HDL and free testosterone.

You probably do not know this, but free testosterone is the only bioavailable form that your muscle tissues can use, and the rest are bound by protein and not readily available. Let’s take a look into the scare of eating whole eggs. Studies show that eating one or two whole eggs on a diet with moderate carb consumption increases HDL cholesterol production and decreases insulin resistance. In a nutshell, this means that risks of heart disease and diabetes are reduced. Two whole eggs is the max for an average person.

But if you are performing intense muscle building training programs, then more is advised. Be smart. Eat what you use! Some examples of foods with high-quality amounts of cholesterol are red meats, egg yolks, shrimp and lobster. Another way to look at it would be mainly all the foods with saturated fats.

Testosterone Boosting Ingredients…

These are the ingredients you often see in testosterone supplements because they are natural and not created in a lab. You definitely do not need any supplements that contain synthetic ingredients. Why? The reason is because they can be very dangerous for your body. In fact, liver damage may occur. Let’s take a look at helpful natural test boosting ingredients to get a better idea of what your body can use.

Standardized Fenugreek Extract

This is a herb that is mainly found within Arabic nations. It has been used for hundreds of years as a way to increase male sexual drive. But, there is a lot more to this ingredient than increased levels of libido. Clinical studies have shown increases in serum and free testosterone levels after supplementing with only 500 mg of fenugreek extract a day. Significant boosts in performance and muscle building are also possible if you combine it with a well-established training program.

Vitamin D

You might have heard of this one being called the sunshine vitamin. This is the nutrient that the sun gifts us. Sadly, few of us get the advised amount of it. Studies show that over 30% of men are not getting enough of this vitamin. Don’t be one of those guys!

This increased free testosterone adds into their use for muscle strength and growth. Vitamin D3 is the more recommended form to consume. Why? Simple, because it can be taken in and used by your body faster.


Zinc is actually an essential mineral that our bodies can’t live without. And, it just so happens to significantly boost test levels as well. Both men and women who suffer from mild zinc deficiency show that they also have low testosterone production. But, upon supplementing with zinc, healthy men and women showed signs of increases in serum testosterone. Zinc deficiency is a common thing amongst Americans. Don’t be common! Get your zinc.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

This is also called DAA. It is an ingredient that is becoming quite popular amongst the fitness community. DAA is often used in place of prohormones. Why? Simple, because of the benefits it offers for naturally increasing testosterone production with little to no side effects. D-Aspartic Acid is not some synthetic ingredient. It is actually an amino acid that our bodies use for muscle production and other perks. There are a lot of high-quality supplements containing DAA at affordable prices. Search for them. You’ll be happy you did.

Increasing Testosterone Through Multi-Joint Exercises

Exercise increases muscle size and strength. We all know that. What you may not know is that it also increases the production of free testosterone. But before you think you can just grab a grip tensioner and see your test levels go through the roof, you need to realize that not all exercises can have this result. Your best bet for a test boost through exercise is to do moves that use multiple joints. Some studies indicate that you’ll only see the boost with free weights, but that’s unconfirmed.

Multi-joint exercises are also referred to as compound lifts. These are exercises that have been long been believed to provide many benefits for our bodies, and now a study shows that we are on the right path with what was believed. There are a number of compound lifts that can increase testosterone production. The main ones you’ll want to use are squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, military press and dips. Each exercise can be implemented into a workout program that develops muscle gains. They are commonly performed at the beginning of a workout day. This is the case to allow the most energy to be used while doing them.

You Should Get Lots Of Rest!

Sleeping not only helps your muscles recover from training. It also helps with morning testosterone levels. You can be doing everything right and still suffer losses in muscle growth and strength due to a lack of sleep at night. The University of Chicago did a study that showed testosterone levels increase the longer a person slept. They advised that people should get between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. This goes to show why bodybuilders often state you need plenty of sleep and why children need a lot of sleep for growth. testosterone training

Training Program For Testosterone Production

As mentioned, you can boost your testosterone production by doing multiple joint exercises with free weights. Here is a workout that can be used three days a week for however long you like. But, don’t forget that a 24-hour rest day is needed after each training day. That’s key to gains. Use moderate weight settings for each exercise. Increasing these to heavy training days could be an overload on your muscles unless you are trained for that intense of a workout program.

Exercise                                                                       Sets     Reps

Squats                                                                         4          8-10

Deadlifts                                                                     4          8-10

Bench Press                                                                 4          8-10

Pull-Ups                                                                      4          8-10

Arnold Shoulder Press                                                4          8-10

Bent Over Rows                                                         4          8-10

Vertical Dips                                                               4          8-10

Your entire body is going to get a workout with this program. But you can feel free to add in more abs exercises if you wish to target them a little better.

Eat Right, Exercise Properly And Benefit From Natural Test Production

You have been given all the info you really need to know about boosting your test production naturally. Eating foods that have monounsaturated fats and saturated fats are beneficial when you have them in just above moderate amounts. Keep in mind that having too much of these foods, however, are bad for your body and care needs to be given to how much you consume compared to what you will actually use. If you have eaten correctly and trained frequently, then these benefits should be coming around the corner: Increased energy production, increased strength, lean muscle growth, increased libido and better overall well-being. Flex Banner


There’s a lot that comes from naturally boosting test levels. All you need to do is follow the info we’ve given. Why not give it a try and see how much better you start to feel? Chances are you’ll soon notice by how much better you perform in the gym. – By Brian Pankau, CPT  



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