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Muscle Box ReviewsCool, mysterious boxes are all you hear about nowadays – Graze, Birchbox, Loot Crate. They’re a great surprise, but none of them really pack a punch quite like Muscle Box.

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Not only is it awesome but it will also help you get the results with your gym workout routines.

If you take a look at their website, you will find that the whole idea behind it popped up on Reddit in 2014. More than a few people expressed the need for a solid subscription to a box that focuses on just bodybuilding and fitness.

And even though there are a couple of fitness boxes, we struggled to find one that wasn’t just full of samples from various supplements. In fact, sometimes it felt like we should be paid for using their subscriptions because it was just their advertising. With most supplement boxes, it is just a bunch of companies that pay money to have their products in there first. So instead of it being about your fitness goals, it’s more about them getting their names out there.

So instead of it being about your fitness goals, it’s more about them getting their names out there.

Fitness Box For Muscle?

All these needs and wants resulted in the creative of Muscle Box. And when we got our first box, we were blown away with what it contained. It was full of different food, clothes, equipment and even some inspiration.

Did we mention this was on top of the supplements it had in it, too?

For example, one box we got had a bunch of protein bars, an example of a meal plan, a booklet full of motivation a tank top to wear and a shaker. If you think about it, the tank top and the shaker are probably $15 on their own. Fat burners usually run about $30 at least, and protein bars are pretty pricey, like $3 for each piece. Calculate all of that and you will find this box is over $60. But we only paid $29.99 for it.

For us, the best part is that this is truly for bodybuilders and fitness lovers. No matter which box you get, it will only run you $29.99, even though it is worth at least twice that. And we really liked that we got to try a little bit of everything – the protein bars, the fitness gear, healthy snacks. Then you have the option to buy more of something you really like.

The company’s main goal is to help you meet your goals. And instead of wasting a bunch of money on full supplement jars, we found this box to be even more helpful. It serves as an even bigger motivational tool.

When we took a look at the company, we found that there is a pretty strong following already. There’s over 15,000 subscribers already, with more and more people meeting their goals with the Muscle Box.

And they only use top brands, such as Muscle Nation, 1up Nutrition, and Bmfit.

Did we mention there’s an entire box just for women too?

So whatever your fitness goals may be, you can make sure your box reflects it.

Another complaint we had with other boxes is that it was the same stuff over and over again. It didn’t follow the same regimen we needed. But with this box, you will find it goes right along with your goals. For example, you will get a chest day box to help you with your chest-related days. They also have arm, abs, legs, and everything else you could think of.

But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, Muscle Box even has a recovery box for your down days. No matter what your fitness goals may be, there’s a box for it.

You won’t need to worry about getting sick of the choices either. Each and every box features something new and exciting. You can expect a mix of colorful ingredients. Usually, there’s a good mix of things, including supplements, things to wear, various workouts, protein bars and healthy snacks, some kind of motivation and workout accessories.

Another complaint with other boxes is the size of the samples. You’re likely if you’re able to get just one use out of them! And that’s something else that majorly impressed us with Muscle Box. The samples are generously sized, with a lot of them being full sized. We got several uses out of just one.

And with things like T-shirts, key rings, giant motivational posters, and more, it’s seriously a great deal.

And something else we loved is the fact that we get to try before we buy. We know you’ve been there before – you saw a cool packaging or some majorly promising advertising, bought an entire box of protein bars, and …. Were less than thrilled with the results. Whether it was the taste you didn’t like, how it didn’t fill you up, or it upset your stomach, it was probably a big waste of money and time.

With Muscle Box, it’s truly a try before you buy situation. Since you get more than one bar at a time, you can see which kinds you like best. And since a lot of them are from the same brand, you may have a favorite new brand after a box or two.

How Much Does Muscle Box Cost?

We still can’t get over the great value it is for your money. Even though these boxes are around $30, their value is more than twice that. Each box could easily run over $60 if you break down each individual piece.

Something we noticed when we researched the product online was how motivated this box got people. A lot of subscribers said it had been a while since they had gotten into a slump with the gym. But this box was exactly what they needed to get out of it. It was just the right motivation multiple people needed to get back in the swing of things.

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So whether you’re looking for something to mix up your routine, get some motivation back or just brighten your day with a surprise box in the mail, we give Muscle Box a 10 out of 10. It has everything you could possibly want for your health and fitness needs.

-Terry Asher

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