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how to lose weight in one week

There’s really nothing like stopping everyone in their tracks when walking into an important event looking stunning. Maybe you haven’t seen them in years or maybe you’ve never seen them at all. Just that look is worth far more than it took to ever reach the point of physical fitness. If you’re like most people you can absolutely reach that point, there are just those few pounds sticking around.

So what in the world should you do?

You need to drop weight in a week to fit into the perfect dress or suit? Well, not to worry at all.

We’ve got the answers for you right here.

Some of the answers will help you put off weight over the course of a week in order to look good for a particular event. Other tips will help you burn weight and keep it off for good.

We’ll leave it up to you in deciding which course of action works best for you.

How to Lose Weight in One Week (Up to 10lbs!)

Yes, you read that right. It is very much possible to shed up to 10 pounds in a single weight.

Now, this isn’t going to be all fat. In fact, most of it won’t be fat. Shedding this kind of weight safely in such a short period of time isn’t a viable option. You’d have to put in serious time at the gym while eating very little.

This, in turn, would put your body dangerously close to exhaustion. We want you to reach your health goals but we also want to keep you safe. That’s why we’re focusing on alternative options.

When you drop 10 pounds of weight in a single week most will come in the form of water weight. But if you’re trying to slip into a dress or make weight-in for a boxing match, 10 pounds is 10 pounds.

In order to drop this kind of weight in a single week, you’ll need to alter your diet. You can still eat, so don’t worry. You just need to shift what you eat. Primarily, you need to ditch sodium and carbs.

Salt, naturally, absorbs and retains water, so that’ll keep water in your system. However, in the case of carbs, every single gram of carb you consume and don’t burn off instantly will retain up to four grams of water.

That means when you’re crushing the never-ending pasta bowl at the local chain Italian restaurant, you’re not just eating 100 grams of pasta. You’re also storing 400 grams of water. That’s a considerable amount of weight.

So just think, by not eating carbs and by going with something else, you’ll not only instantly shed the 100 grams of carbs (and the calories associated with the carbs) but the 400 grams of water as well.

There are a number of diets you can try out, but in reality if you’re just shooting for weight loss in the first week all you need to do is ditch the carbs, stick with lean protein and avoid adding extra salt (which means you’ll likely need to cut out your favorite sauce because sauces tend to have a good amount of sodium packed in).

You’ll want to cut down on your calorie intake, but that doesn’t mean starve yourself.

Some people like to count calories. We’re not super fans of this. Some people end up counting calories and then calories and food are always floating in their minds, reminding them of how much they have or haven’t eaten.

Instead, we like to follow a few different tricks.

First, toss anything and everything that might be carb or sugar heavy.

So yes, those Keebler Fudge cookies you’ve been hiding behind the vitamins need to go. As you remove carbs and sugar from your body it will begin to crave it, which means you’ll go right for what you know you shouldn’t eat.

Remove it all from your house.

Next, focus on lean proteins like seafood, turkey, and chicken.

These lean, low calorie and high protein proteins are great for keeping you full without packing on the calories. Also, ditch the carb sides and bring on the veggies. Feel free to eat as many veggies as you want. And switch the veggies up to keep it interesting. Fresh carrots, red peppers, cucumbers and other items are great to snack on.

Lastly, cut out all the calorie-filled beverages.

If you want to go with a protein meal replacement that’s fine (sometimes you just don’t want a full breakfast but downing a protein beverage will fire up the metabolism while giving you energy).

If you drink coffee, it’s time to go black with it (or at the very least, add cinnamon). Also, ditch the zero calorie beverages as well. These beverages often contain sodium not to mention other undesirable chemicals. If you crave carbonation, go with carbonated water.

how to lose weight

Tone Up and Burn With Weights

You’re going to drop most of your weight with the shifts you make to your diet. Thankfully, altering your diet not only will help you drop close to 10 pounds the first week but it will help you drop weight (and keep it off) moving forward.

So edit and adjust the diet accordingly after you reach your target goal to maintain your goal. Beyond the diet, though you’ll need to break out the weights.

On a leaner, low-calorie diet, you’re less likely to build substantial size.

So if it’s your goal to both bulk up and shred fat, you may want to aim at bulking up first and then shoot to drop the excess weight.

This is because your muscles will need additional calories and carbs for fuel, which aren’t really in your dieting plans (at least when you’re trying to drop more weight in a shorter period of time).

You’ll want to break out the weights to help drop weight and tone up. Cardio is fine and all for burning calories.

However, while you’ll burn more calories in an hour of cardio over an hour of weight lifting, you’ll burn more calories total with weight lifting as your body will continue to churn calories in order to repair the damaged muscle fibers. So, if you can only pick one or the other, always go with weight lifting.

Weight lifting will also help tighten and tone your body, so while you’re dropping the weight you’ll also tone up your muscles.

Additionally, it will help give you the pumped look. As you shed weight your veins will become more prominent. For the veins to truly pop you need to increase the blood and oxygen flow running through your body. If you stay on a regular workout routine and continually challenge your body your veins will increase in definition and remain in the “pumped” look for longer.

As you’re putting greater strain on your body while weightlifting, your body will need to increase oxygen, blood and nutrient flow to the other areas of your body, which is why your veins will begin to pop while lifting weights.

If you’re interested in not only shedding weight but adding the shredded look, this is the way to go.

Bring on the HIITs

High-intensity interval training is another great addition to toss into your calorie burning workout.

The idea behind HIIT is to go all out on a move for a short period of time, then rest briefly before moving on to the next move.

Your body’s muscle tissue is broken down into what is known as fast twitch and slow twitch fibers. Slow twitch fibers are used for longer athletic activities, such as jogging.

Slow twitch fibers are explosive fibers, used for jumping and sprinting and making quick lifts with heavy weight. The difference between fast and slow twitch muscle fibers is the energy stored in fast twitch fibers burns up faster.

With HIIT, you’re burning through your fast twitch muscle energy, which burns more calories in the time period.

The rest period built in between moves allows your body to recover some of the fast twitch energy while also giving your heart rate a chance to level out a bit.

There are plenty of great HIIT workouts available online. In fact, you can sift through the videos on YouTube by searching “HIIT Workouts” to find a collection of great videos from excellent trainers and fitness enthusiasts. You can also look for something that fits into your schedule.

However, if you want something easy and out of the gate without looking anything up you can simply do 30 or 45 seconds of jumping jacks, burpees, jumping rope or even sprinting, then walk it out for another 30 seconds before repeating.

Do 10 to 20 minutes of this and you’ll be completely spent.

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Supplement Options

This is something you might want to consider. Supplementation can help you drop weight every week as well. We’ll go over a few different options here for you to consider.

Now, there are the juice flush systems that advertise the ability to help you drop weight.

This is something you can do, for a short period (and when you’re running out of time to make your weigh in).

Basically, these beverages are packed with fiber and all sorts of other goodies to “flush” your system. If you go with this, you want to only do it once in a while (it flushes important bacteria so doing it frequently can lead to some stomach issues).

Also, don’t do it immediately before your big day. Because it makes you go to the bathroom, and you want those fast runs to the restroom over ahead of time.

The next option includes fat burners. Fat burners are helpful in that these will help your body burn through more calories during athletic work.

Depending on the supplement and how much work you put into the gym you may end up shedding an extra pound or more per week.

There are also fat blockers and appetite suppressants on the market. If you don’t eat when you’re not hungry than the suppressant will work for you.

And the fat blocker will help while you’re eating a lower calorie, higher lean protein diet to block out whatever fat might remain in the food.

In terms of workout supplements, there are two we will recommend specifically for this. First, consider protein supplements as a meal replacement. If you can ditch a single meal and replace it with protein beverages you’ll likely instantly cut out a few hundred calories from your daily diet.

Second, we recommend adding creatine to your diet (especially if you’re doing HIIT workout routines).

Creatine will help replenish your fast twitch muscle fiber energy, which will allow you to go harder, longer, and in turn burn more calories.

If you’re gearing up for your ability to lose weight in one week, you may want to consider these different supplement options.


In Conclusion

You have a few options when it comes to losing weight in one week. You can either go for broke and try to shed as much weight as possible for a particular event.

In these cases, you’ll likely put all the weight back on eventually, but hey, you looked great for the particular event, so does it matter?

On the other hand, you can just aim to drop a few pounds every single week so you always look good year round.

After all, if you have a weight loss goal it isn’t about slashing it all off at once. It takes time. And it’s seeing these subtle improvements every week that may just help keep you going. So follow through with the tips inline with what you’re interested in.

Either way, we’re here to help and, more importantly, we know if you keep your mind to it you’ll succeed!

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