8 Best Gym Membership Deals to Take Advantage of in 2018


Best Gym Membership Deals

Many people, especially those who are overweight, are making the commitment to be more physically fit this year. Here are some of the best Gym Membership Deals of 2018.

In this regard, it’s a blessing that many fitness gyms are creating more innovative gym membership deals this year to attract more clients to their facilities.

On this note, we’ve decided to present a list of some of the best gym deals that you can take advantage of in 2018 and get started on your fitness journey!

Best Gym Membership Deals

lifetime fitness

Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness has opened all its locations from Dec. 31, 2017, to Jan. 2, 2018 and also on weekends.

People were able to enjoy its facilities whether they are members or not. All destinations also hosted the Commit to Fitness program for its members, as well as non-members. Their Lifetime Fitness deals included promotions such as Cycle Week, Studio Week and Yoga Week.

24 Hour Fitness

The 24 Hour Fitness chain has launched 24GO last December 26.

This is a personalized coaching app that will give you access to personalized workouts at home or in the gym.

It is not just available for members but for non-members as well. This chain has also started a $0 initial fee on some all-club payment for members each month. These fees differ by the club and they start from $39.99 to $89.99. If you will join, you can access two new programs: Team USA Bootcamp (Winter Olympics Training) and Strong by Zumba (high-intensity workout for 60 minutes).

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym has already kicked off one of its deals last January 2018, its very popular 12-week contest for body transformation.

Members of participating gyms all over the United States who want to join this contest are all eligible. The contest, however, is exclusively for members only. Apart from improving their overall health, participants will have the opportunity of winning one of the many prizes with a total worth of $100,000 in cash.

For those who want to join a Gold’s gym near them, a free pass is available all year round.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness

Most of the 2,400 locations of Anytime Fitness in the United States have conducted an annual campaign last January 2018 to attract new members.

The cost of enrollment for new members for all participating gym was down to just $1. Normally, the enrollment fee in Anytime Fitness ranges from $19 to $99. In addition, new members were given free group or free personal-training sessions. Most gyms are also giving their new members personalized 30-Day Get Starter Plan and also free fitness consultations.

Members pay only $40 membership fee per month.

Planet Fitness

One of the cheapest gym membership deals was offered by Planet Fitness.

This chain reduced its enrollment fee to just $1 from January 1 to 10. After that, it will only be $10 every month for those who will choose standard membership and only $21.99 for those who would like to be a member of the PF Black Card. The PF BC members can bring in their guests for free every time they use the gym’s facilities.

They can also use massage chairs, the HydroMassage beds, have access to all of the gym’s locations and many more.

Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness began its ‘Commit to Your Fit’ program last Jan. 1, 2018.

This is a 90-Day Challenge that members have signed in to get nutrition ideas, exercises, motivational quotes and much more through their emails. Members were also given videos and tips from Tim McGraw, a fitness advocate, and a Country Music icon.

Those who will be able to complete the 90-Day Challenge will be given the opportunity to meet the music superstar and their chance to win two tickets for McGraw’s concert.



Equinox has also started a program in January to attract new members.

They had the chance to earn back their initiation fee ranging from $300 to $500 (depending on the location) if in their first month, they have worked out at least eight times. The workouts include activities like personal training sessions, The Music and Pure Strength, The Cut: Jump Rope, and attending group classes.

Those who joined last Jan. 27, 2018 were given 30 days to work out and 12 times or chances to get the refund of their initiation fees.

XSport Fitness

XSport Fitness

Those who joined XSport Fitness were not charged with any initiation fee when they joined in January.

This was done to prevent the drop-off in attendance that usually happens in February. XSport is also planning to conduct the Get Fit Challenge. This is a 100-day movement that has a grand cash prize of $50,000. It will be given to the participant who lost the most in body fat.


Those whose goals are better health and physical fitness for 2018 should consider these membership deals

. For sure, all the gyms included in this article will continue to offer their innovative programs to increase their gym memberships. Just choose the one that suits and attracts you the most and you will likely have an improved quality of life this year.

-Terry Asher

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