Are Carbs Evil?


carbs are evil

Carbohydrates are the subject of more debate than almost any other aspect of diet and nutrition.

Carbs can be, and should be your dangerous friend when seeking radical physique changes.

Once this is harnessed, a targeted best supplements can serve to take you to new heights.

However, it would make no sense to use NOS in an old, beaten down wreck of a car. Just as it makes no sense to focus on every supplement in the book if you don’t have your nutrition dialed in.

This is known as Metabolic Flexibility, in the realm of exercise nutrition and the science of physique manipulation.

Are Carbs Evil?

By strategically placing your carbohydrate intake at certain places in your day and week, you can take advantage of what training has done to your cells and hormonal environment, this is called carb cycling. The result is either maximum fat loss while retaining your muscle, or maximal muscle gain while keeping the fat at bay. This is dictated entirely by your personal goals.

The Holy Grail of Muscle Gain, Fat Loss

The “Holy Grail” of physique transformation is the illustrious “re-comp”. Fat loss, while gaining muscle. To achieve this, a very targeted nutritional regime is needed, while putting your life on the line on the gym floor at the same time.

If you are a rank beginner workout, re-composition is far more achievable in the short term. As you progress in training age, this goal becomes exceedingly difficult to nail. You’ll have to refine your training, diet and supplementation as you experience plateaus.

However, you do have tools at your disposal to begin or speed the journey for yourself.

The WORST Thing You Are Doing

Exposing things you need to stop doing, is just as effective as introducing something new.

Eating a large percentage of your carbs for breakfast, or early in the day, is one of the WORST things you can do for your recomposition goals. This is the exact opposite the mantra that has been preached since the 80’s.

Although it is becoming more respected, the practice of eating ONLY high-quality protein and fats in the morning is still disregarded by some “traditional” crowds.

Men and women across the world have felt the difference that shifting a simple macronutrient can produce.

What to Eat for Breakfast

Carbs Evil

Protein and fat. Or, nothing at all. Some individuals who are prioritizing fat loss may benefit from delaying their first meal for 2-5 hours. Others who choose to eat, will reap the benefits of increased energy, increased sex drive, enhanced fat-burning, and a bangin’ bad by simply choosing protein and fat. Some excellent examples are:

  • Red meat and nuts, cooked in coconut oil
  • Omelet with chicken
  • Salmon and avocado
  • Bacon, eggs, and steak
  • Ground sirloin stir-fry
  • All meat chili

There’s a lot more I have to say about the science of using carbs to maximize muscle and shed fat faster—which I share in great detail in my free report called “Shredded”. If you already have it—awesome! Consult it often.

If not, CLICK HERE and you can get it free of charge.

Last thing: If you have questions, thoughts or experiences about carbs—definitely post them below so we can start a discussion.

It will be well worth it.

-Terry Asher

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