How to be a Spartan


How to be a Spartan

THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAA!! Before I progress with how to be a spartan, I take it already that you are a Sparta fan. I mean, how can someone not be a Sparta fan because Sparta is well Sparta!

There are very rare stories that could captivate the hearts and minds of readers as rigidly as 300 did. With the wonderful illustrations in this graphic novel and the seriously mind blowing and terrific movie adaptation, every viewer knew that Sparta is going to remain a solid movie for a long time to come. I can vividly recall how I felt so energetic after I came out of the theater. The energy that zapped out of me was so enormous that I felt like I could be a Spartan and climb mountains and sprint trees and do what not.

Even today, when I am looking for some ass kicking action and I need motivation and variation, it is 300 workout, which I fall back on. Merely seeing the movie gives me the kick that revs up my adrenaline. I crave to adopt the Spartan lifestyle and live the life of a Spartan warrior.

If you are one of those rare people who have not yet witnessed the charm of Sparta, you should catch a quick trailer here. Surely, you are going to imagine yourself as a part of the Spartan army and you will itch to watch the complete movie.

Now, we will explore further details of the Spartan way.

The Psyche Of A Spartan

I have already listed details of how actors like Gerard Butler went through rigorous training to do justice to their roles. Now, I am going to discuss something else. Here, I will talk about how they dived deep into the character itself to ensure that they looked totally badass and did justice to for the role as a Spartan.

So, now it is time to try and be a part of Sparta so that you can show off your new muscles and exude the brilliance of having the attitude that speaks how motivated you are.

300 Spartan Workout

Fight Whenever Needed

If you are a Spartan soldier, you have to be prepared to fight. They can fight anywhere. They defy the odds of weather and they do not pay heed to any seasons. If it is raining cats and dogs or even when there is an intense heat wave, a Spartan will disregard all of it and still fight. If you are stuck in a raging snowfall or even when there is endless sleet and hail, if you are Spartan; you fight.

There is absolutely no questioning it.

It is not easy to fight in such adverse conditions, is it?

So, what makes Spartan warriors so stern?

It is their undying attitude and the burning fire inside of them which makes them perfectly capable of putting up a fight. They do not wonder about the consequences because they are completely happy doing what they do. When there is the need to put on a brilliant display of fight, they will; regardless of the people and the situation.

Spartan up: you make excuses to slip out of a spartan 300 workout. It’s alright; I’ve been there and done that too. There are times when I went on to say that it’s raining and I can’t go to the gym. I mean, even if it rains, I am not a wax statue that will melt, but people make excuses; you really cannot help it sometimes.

However, when you are looking to Spartan up, you need to stop this total bullshit. I mean these excuses are going to take you nowhere in your workouts or even in life. You have to learn to own up and even when you feel like you can’t move your ass, you still need to fight and still need to push yourself to the limit.

Say Bye To Excuses

You have to say goodbye to all your lame excuses. Do not postpone things to tomorrow when you can do it today. Do not skip the workouts because these are the ones that will keep you healthy and help you accomplish your dream of being a Spartan soldier or just plain healthy in general.

Regardless of where you’re stuck, you can always find an alternate workout which you can fall back on. You should try and learn the different exercises that you can do at different places, and start with something simple like the beginners workout. Once you know that, you will be able to smartly exercise anywhere and everywhere.

I have done exercises practically everywhere; from my hotel room to the airport waiting area to a party venue and more. If I can, you can too. You can prevent muscle loss even while on vacation.

You Can’t Give Up

The Spartans are aware of the fact that their enemy is extremely powerful. The enemies are so immensely powerful that they could wipe off the whole of Spartans; if they do not put up a good fight. However, being a Spartan means that they are not going to quit or bow down without a fight. They have been born to fight and they will die when they are fighting but will never give up.

When you are looking to be a Spartan or gerard butler in 300, you need to have this “never say die” attitude because being Spartan means that you just cannot look back. The only thing which you know is to fight, fight again and then fight some more.

Despite being outnumbered or even when you know that your opponents are way stronger, if you are a Spartan, you will still fight and you will do so with dignity and honor.

Think of Sparta and imagine the kind of dedication they have and then believe that you too can do it.

You need to know that you must shake off your fear and you have to get over the thing which is preventing you from winning your goals. Even when the odds are against you, you still need to believe that you are going to overcome the challenge and you are going to clinch your goals and make the most out of your needs and aims. You have to approach the workout; one day at a time and keep on doing that until you have managed to win your target goals.

The road may be long and it may be tough but it doesn’t mean that you should give up, ever.


Train Like Your Life Depends Upon It

Many times, your enemy is going to be so much stronger than you are.

You will find that the odds of winning is going to be a lot less, but does that infer that you cannot have things your way?

Take inspiration from Spartans, as they say, “we did what we were trained to do, what we were bred to do, what we were born to do.”

You will find that the odds of winning is going to be a lot less, but does that infer that you cannot have things your way?

So, like they make fighting a part of their existence; you need to have the same approach. It is not easy to live with such a rigid mentality but when you want to be a Spartan, you need to behave like one. Breed habits inside of you. When you know that you are going to do something regardless of the circumstances and the output, it infers that you will do it anyhow and anyways.

Say if your focus is to exercise for your 300 workout, you should do it all the time; when you are watching television, when you are playing, when you are reading a book or maybe even while reading this article of mine. Nothing, absolutely nothing should keep you away from the task you are destined to do.

Spartan up: now is the time when you need to approach every single exercising session like a battlefield where you are a warrior.

Ideally, you need to spend some time trying to make your mind about the exercise. Give yourself a few minutes to compose your mind and then put up a solid fight. Once you have the perfect mental groove to work, you should then approach the workout schedule and win the battle.

So, there are a lot of different things you have to do. It is okay to be a little timid and even when things don’t seem to be going your way. Remember, never to give up. Think like a Sparta and be a Spartan. You have to put up a fight and you must try to win the battle. When you think like a Sparta, you will have a never die attitude inside you and this means that you are not going to come up with lame excuses for the sake of skipping your workouts.

Block The Distractions

When you are exercising, you need to block every possible distraction that tries to steer you away from your target goals. Remember you should do what you are born and bred to do. Do not focus on things that are not your prime goal. Remember to pick out an easy to follow diet plan with your workouts.

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Sparta Training & Look Out For Your Fellow Mates

When you are training in groups, you have to look out for your fellow friends and lifting partners. The strength of a troop and the kind of camaraderie that have paved the path for success. Until and unless, you are together; it is going to be very hard to break your bond. Spartans are well aware of the fact that their true strength is measured by the warrior standing next to them. So, you need to give respect to your training partner. Know their strength and the weakness. You need to offer both respect and honor to your training partner because together you forge an excellent unbeatable team.

Spartan Lifestyle And Spartan Friendship

When you are training and you have a friend, you need to be sure that you offer them the right level of respect because what you give is what you get. At the same time, if you commit to show up on a specific day at a specific time, you need to learn to do the same. Do not forget to do it because your lifting partner is very important in your journey. Cover their back, give them care and support as and when needed because together, you can bring down larger enemies and accomplish much more.

You are capable of a lot of things and sometimes, you will need the belief of someone else in you to give you the confidence that will make things truly work for you. So, do the needful and be there for someone when they need you.

Leave Everything On The Battlefield

Now, in reference to Sparta, it means that you either win the battle or die; there is no such thing as quitting. However, when you are exercising, I am definitely not recommending you to die by pushing your body beyond what is capable of.

The idea here is to give in all that you have. You should try and push yourself to the limit; up to a point where you know that you gave in all and there was no way you could possibly have done any better. Let your legs shake, let your hands tremble, but in the end you should know that you had a completely successful workout.

It is not easy and nothing good comes easy. When you think like you are a Sparta warrior, you have to be prepared for all these challenges. Now that you are well versed in these ideas, make sure that you excel in being a Spartan soldier and win all the challenges, which you may have to face.

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When you think like a Sparta, you are never going to miss even a single workout because you will think that you were born to exercise and battle. More importantly, if you at least trick your brain in thinking you are a Spartan you will never have a chance to fail. Remember for Spartans it was learn to swim or drown.

So many perks on how to be a spartan, what are you waiting for?

-Terry Asher

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  1. I must be one of the few people in this day and age, or my generation at least, that hasn’t actually sat down and watched 300, or the full movie at least. I do remember sitting down for ten minutes when I was a lot younger while someone I knew watched it, but I got bored and went off to do something else. That being said, these days I have a healthy appreciation for Sparta and the Spartans, having studied Ancient History in High School and loved learning all about them, their lifestyle and just what they could achieve. Outside of the Spartan focus in this post, I really did love what you said about excuses, and how you’re not a wax statue and you won’t melt when it rains, therefore not being a reason to skip out on a workout. That was definitely something I needed to read, because the rain is my number one excuse for not doing anything, and especially work outs. Loved the comparisons to Spartans and out workouts/general lives and definitely found this post a great motivator for keeping at working out in general!


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