The Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Course Race Training

The Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Course Race Training

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The Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Course Race Training

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The Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Course Race Training – An infographic by the team at


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  1. I didn’t actually realise that Obstacle Course Racing was an actual sport on its own. To be honest, I always thought that it was part of a bigger workout, like just the kind of thing for people training for the military. Turns out I was wrong, and I’m surprised by the size of some of the events. Though it also looks pretty cool, like the kind of thing that could be fun as well as keeping you fit, and not something that I’ve ever considered doing until now and it turns out that there are a bunch of opportunities in my area to try it out. Awesome little diagram that you’ve linked too. Nice to know not to wear cotton because of how it stretches and takes in too much water. Probably a mistake I would have made the first time around.

  2. This is an actual sport? I can kind of imagine this being fun. Sure, it would be incredibly tough and I have no doubts in my mind about that, but yeah, I think that would actually be enjoyable. I’m going to have to google and see if there are any in my area and maybe find out some more information about it because I’m pretty intrigued, and there is some great information on this picture that you’ve posted, so thanks for putting it up on the site. Out of curiosity, have you participated in any of these events, or have experience with obstacle racing in a non-competitive way? Just wondering what you think about it all, and if you’re ever thinking of trying it out if you haven’t already done so.

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