How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks! Is It Possible?



Want to learn how to lose weight in 2 weeks? Get in line! That seems to be something most people want. The good news is we have a plan to help you lose weight in two weeks. Read on to find out more!

Whether you have a few vanity pounds to shed or a much bigger weight loss plan, it can be so confusing as to how to get the weight off. Most can relate. By now I am sure you know that it is mainly about what you eat. You can exercise all you want, but to put it bluntly, if you are shoving fast food down your pie hole three times per day, chances are there will be no results.


The truth is that you just can’t outrun a bad diet.

Even if you are trying to learn how to lose 5 pounds in a week.

There are literally thousands of crazy diets out there. Some are so far beyond sustainable it is not even funny. No wonder people are so confused and frustrated. But there is no need to worry. I am going to simplify it for you and make sure you have all the info you need to knock that fat off for good.

The Vegetarian Vs. The Vegan Diet

It’s Not About Dieting, But It Is About Your Diet

When you hear the word “diet” you may automatically think about endless salads, starvation and maybe even have a few tears rolling down your cheek. That’s why I never recommend diets. They are way too easy to fail at and we are not about failure here.

If you are a big eater of processed foods, sugar, soda and everything else that is not so healthy for you, then your best bet is to make a transition into eating only healthy foods until you learn to control the cravings of processed foods, sugar, soda and everything else that is not so healthy for you, then your best bet is to make a transition into eating only healthy foods until you learn to control the cravings.

Food is king when it comes to weight loss, but it has to be the right kinds of food for good things to happen.

When you constantly chow down on simple carbs and foods that have a high-calorie count, but little nutritional value, your body craves nutrients. The result is to continue to look for something to satisfy that craving. This is what causes you to overeat. It is the lack of nutritional foods in our diets that often have this effect.

Do Some Swapping

One of the easiest and most effective ways to transition into eating healthy is to try the following swap method. It is real simple. Take a food that you normally eat, and, if it isn’t healthy, swap it for something better.

Not sure what to do?

Here are a few ideas:

Soda Bad


The average soda contains about 150 calories and 25 grams of sugar. That’s a lot of sugar! Sugary drinks like this can increase the risk of type-2 diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

Here’s A Healthy Swap

Switch to iced green tea sweetened with all natural stevia. You will still get a bit of caffeine and the taste of sweetness without the detrimental health effects of soda.

You can also check out healthy caffeine alternatives.

Another bonus of drinking green tea is that it is scientifically proven to raise your metabolism. Those who drank green tea regularly in a number of studies were found to have had less overall body fat than those who did not, so drink up!

chips are fattening

Potato Chips

Potato chips are sometimes more than just potatoes. There are usually a few different types of oils, flavorings, preservatives and other sneaky ingredients in those absurdly loud plastic bags. These high-calorie, low nutrition snacks can cause more trouble than they’re worth when you are trying to eat healthy.

Here’s A Healthy Swap

Try a handful of mixed nuts. They can calm that salty craving and give your body the healthy types of fat that is much needed in your diet. People tend to think that fat makes you fat, but that is not the case when it comes to the right types of fat. Walnuts are high in omega-3, the fatty acids that help to reduce the bad cholesterol, prevent heart disease and control diabetes.


White Bread Sandwiches

White bread has little nutritional value. It is made with refined grains, and, in that process, much of the outer grain is removed along with about 25% of the protein and the fiber, which leaves behind mostly starch.

Here’s A Healthy Swap

Whole grain bread is much healthier.


The reason is because it is made with the complete grain so you will get more fiber, protein, and nutrition out of it. Whole grain bread is also a source of complex carbs. White bread offers simple carbs. Another alternative to the traditional bread sandwich is using lettuce in place of bread.

What Does Sugar Do To Your Body

Sugary Treats

I know we all love a sweet treat once in a while, but when you are trying to lose weight, refined sugar is the enemy. In fact, sugar isn’t just bad for weight loss. Sugar is bad for your overall health.

How so?

It is bad for your teeth and liver. Sugar also negatively affects your hormones and your brain. It’s highly addictive. Recent studies even suggest that refined sugar can cause cancer.

Many people have such a hard time staying away from it, but it will get easier once you start saying no and cutting back. In my opinion, you need to treat it like a bad drug and detox from it.

Here’s A Healthy Swap

Fresh fruit is the best response to the feeling of “I want something sweet.” Doesn’t fruit contain sugar, though? Yes, it does. It contains both fructose and glucose just as table sugar does.

So why is it a better option? 

Simple, the reason is because fruit contains a load of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Those values allow your body to slow down the absorption of fructose. The fiber in fruits also slows down the digestion process and will delay and ease that huge spike in blood sugar that refined sugar causes.

You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

This Is Why Water Will Help You Get To Your Goal Faster

Water, water, water! I can’t stress it enough how important it is to drink it daily, all day, everyday. The average adult is comprised of about 65% water. Water is found in every cell in the body and it is needed to function.

Studies show that drinking water will aid in weight loss.


Drinking water increases your calorie expenditure. In fact, drinking water will increase your resting expenditure by as much as 30% within 10 minutes of drinking it. This effect will last up to 60 minutes.

Water is calorie-free and extremely beneficial for weight loss. It keeps you hydrated, improves digestion and your overall health. Drinking water before a meal can help give you that full feeling and prevent you from overeating, so drink up!

Here Are The Basic Rules For The Next Two Weeks

Cut back significantly, or altogether if you can, on refined sugars and starchy foods. Eat lean protein, healthy fats and plenty of vegetables. These nutrients are key to weight loss and protein is the most thermogenic of all the macronutrients. Veggies are a great way to get full without consuming tons of calories.

Eat soluble fiber. This type of fiber can reduce body fat, especially around the midsection. As well, it can help you stay fuller longer.

Avoid eating unhealthy processed foods. These types of foods are usually full of calories and light on nutrients. That makes them a no-no!

Drink coffee and tea without sugar. Use stevia instead. The caffeine in these beverages will not only give you an energy boost, but it will also increase your metabolism.

Chew slowly. This will give your brain a chance to catch up when you are eating. Don’t forget: It takes at least 15 minutes for hunger pangs to subside.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Sleep is key in weight loss. This is the time where your hormones kind of reset themselves and everything good happens. A lack of sleep can increase your body’s cortisol levels. This is known to cause body fat, especially in the midsection.

Don’t starve yourself or skip meals. Too many people make this mistake. This will only hurt you in the long run by slowing up the metabolism. Space your meals out accordingly and have healthy snacks in between.

Track your calories. If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to not consume more calories than you can expend in one day. You will need to put yourself in a deficit in order to lose weight.

Don’t Forget To Move Yourself!

I know I said that diet is the most important factor in weight loss, but that does not make exercise unimportant. A daily routine will speed up weight loss, metabolism and increase overall health.

If you are all about seeing the numbers on the scale go down, I’d like to introduce you to HIIT. If you have not already heard of it, you are in for a treat. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is an excellent way to burn pure body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. It only takes up to 20 minutes per session and the aftereffects last up until the very next day.

That’s right!

Your body will continue to burn fat for up to 24 hours after your HIIT session is complete. Sounds too good to be true, but it is not. It’s scientifically proven.

Jump Rope

How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks – Here Is What To Do 

Give yourself at least a five-minute warm-up and be sure to include some dynamic (active) stretching prior to your workout. HIIT is done by performing a burst of intense exercise and then immediately following that up with a short rest period.

During the work periods, be sure to work hard. Make it as intense as possible. During the rest periods, take it easy, bring your heart rate down and catch your breath.

Repeat this pattern for up to 20 minutes and no more. HIIT should be performed no more than three days per week. You should choose to do HIIT on non-consecutive days of the week such as Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Jumping Jack- 30 seconds

Walk in place- 30 seconds

Burpee- 30 seconds

Walk in Place- 30 seconds

Wall Jump- 30 seconds

Walk in place- 30 seconds

Plank Jack- 30 seconds

Walk in place- 30 seconds

High Knee- 30 seconds

Walk in Place-30 seconds


Do this entire sequence up to four times for a total of 20 minutes. If you can’t reach the 20-minute mark, then that is fine. Do what you can. For the working periods, be sure you give it everything you’ve got and remember: It is only for 30 seconds.

You can always adjust the work/rest times to suit your abilities. If you are more of a beginner, lower the work time to 20 seconds and increase the rest time to 40 seconds. For the more advance, you can work up to a minute with a 20 second rest time if preferred. Be sure to cool down and stretch after your session.

BUILD Protein


Be sure to keep your body moving every day to keep the momentum going and the motivation at its peak. The more you exercise, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more you will want to exercise. That’s the truth.

Every one of us has access to all the info we need. We know what eating healthy looks like and what junk food is. Make the best choices possible and you will reap all the benefits, especially weight loss. I know it can be hard to say no to junk food, but willpower is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

By Heather Neff, CPT


  1. The HIIT is very effective. I also recommend it to my clients and they are blown away by its efficiency and quick results. I like this article because it shows the alternative to what’s wrong in what we usually eat. However, it’s very important to stick to this kind of lifestyle after the two weeks as well, not to get back to the old habits.


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