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Ryan Reynolds

Sometimes you want to look like a hero and I don’t blame you. Focus is on Ryan Reynolds. 

We may bitch about how he is a complete jackass, but in the end, you just cannot ignore the fact that this man looks like good with ripped muscles, I’ll give him that.

Before I begin with the lesson of how you too can become as sexy as Ryan Reynolds, you need to know a few things about him. Reynolds has always been in the right shape even before he became the popular icon, which he is today. Before he started preparing for his role in Blade 3, he had an extremely low body fat percentage. This means that the platform was already set for Reynolds and all he had to do was to keep the momentum going and build upon it.

He was offered crazy amount of money for this role and along with it, he got a personal trainer with a dietitian to stay on track. He obviously doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job to look after and not even a bunch of kids to greet at home. So, if you are expecting to get the Ryan Reynolds abs overnight, sorry to disappoint you but, things don’t work this way unless you have a magic wand with you.

Being the guy who looked good already and with low body percentage of fat, all he truly needed to was to add the lean muscles. So, the Ryan Reynolds diet only aimed at adding up the good weight and cutting down on the little portion of fat which he had. The Ryan Reynolds workout which he followed was so draining and terribly exhausting that he had to take a break after shooting for the movie, because even for someone in such great shape like him, it was just too much. So, be prepared for some serious shit and kickass workout. If you want to get Ryan Reynolds body, you will have to burn your sweat literally. Don’t flinch though and don’t get back and let us kick start in this journey of getting the perfect Ryan Reynolds abs.

Ryan Reynolds Diet

Now, the very first thing is to begin with the diet. When you want Ryan Reynolds height and weight, you have to be mindful of every single thing that you eat. I have worked out for innumerable years and yet failed to put on the extra weight at times.

So, I get on to my diet and that is when the big changes came. The Ryan Reynolds diet definitely helped him too and this shows in blade 3 and shows very prominently too. The diet he followed comprised of having as much as 6 to 8 meals every day. The meals were repeated every 2 hours. The diet was primarily composed of proteins and a whole great deal of complex carbohydrates. These meals are taken all throughout the day.

However, proteins without the presence of carbs were taken just after 8 pm. Apart from this, he made it a point to eat massive amount of proteins and carbs immediately after the workout sessions as it helps in promoting growth. The carbs were used to refuel the body and so the protein was used for the sake of building muscles.

So, you might be wondering as to where the heck do all the proteins come from?

The answer lies in eggs, protein carbs, shakes and chicken steaks. In order to get his dose of carbs, he consumed a lot of oatmeal. If you are licking fingers and salivating at the name of oatmeal, you need to know that the oatmeal was devoid of added sugar.

Still, anything for looking hot, right?

So, if you were really excited about getting the body, you might be yawning right now at this boring diet. Well, you cannot help it. You got to lose some to win some. Ryan ended up treating his body like a machine because he had to literally measure the nutrients he was having and he had to make sure to gather the right amount of muscle and keep the fat away.

As far as my calculation goes, it took him four months for the sake of putting 15 lbs. Of all these 15 lbs, 10 of them were his muscle and 5 was the fat which means that the ratio was immaculate for him. The last two months of his regime was probably for the sake of cutting the fat and leaving the muscles aside.

This is possibly the simple diet plan which he used to follow.

  • Breakfast: it generally had 2 eggs along with a spoon of almond butter and even avocado or oatmeal as well
  • Midmorning snack: protein bars
  • Lunch: it comprises of either salad or albacore tuna wrap and sometimes chicken
  • Mid-afternoon snack: Mainly protein shakes and bars
  • Dinner: brown rice, salad or broiled fish and chicken
  • Evening snack: protein shakes like whey


The Supplements

Apart from these 8 meals, he also took different types of supplements to get the signature Ryan Reynolds body. He refrained from the use of steroids but invested on best creatine, CLA, multivitamins, L-glutamine and a good muscle builder.

Ryan Reynolds Workout

Now that you are done with the diet, we come to the Ryan Reynolds workout which you need to follow. Ideally, I think he worked out for nearly three hours every day. These three hours of training covered various aspects. He concentrated on one single part every day like chest exercises on Monday followed by legs on the next day, the back on Wednesday and so on.

As every day had a new body part, he made sure to work upon it extensively and then did nothing for it for one whole week. There are too many details which you need to know. You can have a very specific regime which you have to follow. It is best advised to have a trainer along with you because the without sessions are such that it will leave your body extremely sore.

You will need to take breaks, time your sessions and then sweat your ass off. 

There may be hardly time for you to breathe and you will feel like you just cannot go any longer, but man, you will have to. It is not easy being Ryan Reynolds, right? Now, the next time you see him onscreen in Blade, you would appreciate the work he put in. There are rumours that he did as many as 500 to 1000 sit-ups for starting his workout.

So, you can adjust the way you want but you have to work a little harder. 

Never in my holy life could I imagine myself doing 1000 sit-ups, and besides I prefer planks they do more for you. It blows my mind thinking of the same. So, you can adjust the way you want but you have to work a little harder.

Getting the Ryan Reynolds body is not going to be the easiest task for you.



Does the mention of cardio blow your big bubble?

Do not worry. He didn’t have to lose the extra pounds. He was doing strength training and fighting training and so he could use the cardio in the weight training itself. When you know the dynamics, it is easier to make the right adjustments and leverage the most out of it.

The Blade 3 Training

So there is no doubt that if you have insane amount of dollars and you already come with good genetics and you have all the time because you do not have a boss breathing down your neck, why wouldn’t you love to train like this and be the Greek God?

I did follow most of the parts which I could and dude, it helps.

I gained the right weight; my muscles are decent size and I do have a very well toned body. I can’t get the same level of muscles which Ryan but I am pretty close. Even he must have felt happy returning back to his normal life.

So, it all comes down to the way you want to train and the amount of sacrifice you are willing to make. When you have done so, you will begin to see the main signs and symptoms and it is sure to bring about the change.

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So, the next time you want to enjoy the gazes of others peering at your body, you know the way to go and the right methods to choose. It is indeed possible to have Ryan Reynolds blade trinity look if you work hard enough.

-Terry Asher

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