Finding Your Perfect Workout Plan


Perfect Workout Plan

People talk a lot about what is the ‘perfect workout’ and while there might not be one answer for everybody, we pulled together some of the best elements to help you exceed your goals.

As you plan your own best workout plan, this guide will help you.

The Perfect Workout Plan

I often get emails from people who ask me regarding what should they do in order to achieve the perfect body, and wonder what is the realbest workout routine’? So, I decided that it is time I provide some answers.

My most common reply for such question is that the best fitness plans are those that you will actually follow and you should research a exercise program for beginners. Even the most effective coaching tips will fail to be of any use if you are not able to execute and keep with it. The BEST gym fitness plan is consistency.

I am grateful to have helped many people find the perfect workout plan for their goals. However, the workouts and plans alone are nothing without commitment from the athlete. You could have a team of scientists writing your workouts and diet, but if you don’t show up ready to push yourself, results won’t be the ones you seek. The perfect workout plan for you is what will keep your body guessing and keep you interested. Following gymjunkies and the other best fitness blogs will help you on your quest.

Best Workout Plan

Which Workout Plan Works Is Best for Me?

It’s important to understand what your goals are before doing beginners workout plan. If you’re trying to build mass and muscular size, you will train and eat differently than trying to get shredded and lean. It is easier to build and then cut, than try to do both at once.

When you are looking to build a lot of muscles and you want to bulk up your mass, you have to ensure that you are consuming a lot more calories than you are burning. There are actually two different processes which you can use.

When you want explosive and increased muscular size, you need to train the fast twitch muscles and these are built when you engage in sprint-like activities. If you’re looking to build mass and size, focusing on lower rep (6-8) high weight (70% of max) will provide the perfect workout. When you want to build your endurance levels, you should focus more on sustained activity.

When you want an easy diet to follow, you need to ensure that your diet creates the right amount of calorie deficit. Strength training with weights can help you maintain your muscle while cutting fat through diet or increased cardio. If you can create a deficit of the total calories you are consuming as compared to the ones you are burning, you will succeed in losing weight.

When you are looking to improve your endurance levels, you probably should not have high hopes of building a lot of muscles simultaneously. All the excess calories that are present in your body would be put to use for improving your endurance limits. So, you should try aiming your overall focus on total development of the body. Even the best workout plan will not yield the results you want if you have unrealistic expectations.

Ready to Begin the Perfect Workout, What’s Next?

Ok, so my priorities are in order I know what I’m trying to achieve.

First thing is first. There is no shortcut to success but getting started is the most important thing, sticking with it is the next. The perfect workout plan for you is going to be what you can stick to, gearing weight training towards your size/gain goals.

Use the resources and videos on this site to always work on perfecting your form before adding weight to any exercise. Remember to use compound movements like squats and deadlifts to work huge portions of your body’s muscles, and then focus in on chiseling with isolation moves like concentration curls. The perfect workout plan also includes 8 hours of sleep every night, more if you can fit it in!

If you’re not seeing results, you need to look at your recovery and the effort you’re bringing to your workouts. Keeping a workout journal will help you track your progress and increases in strength. It is a myth that some people’s bodies don’t respond to exercise. So if you’re seeing no results, take a step back and re-evaluate if you’re being honest with yourself in terms of diet, training consistency and sleep. Be real with yourself and it will only pay off in the end.

Perfect Workout Plan

Wrap Up

The thing about the perfect workout for you is that what this means will change as you develop your body. The workout regimen you choose can only take you so far. While variety keeps your body guessing and adapting, one thing can’t change if you wish to succeed. I’ve been working out for over a decade and if you asked me what my secret is to the perfect workout, I would tell you one thing, “Consistency.”

Researching and following the latest fitness news are great ways to get new ideas for workouts or modifications to your current workout, but no supplement or training trick is ever going to mean as much as your consistent drive to get out of bed, and get out and train. This is why a training partner can be so helpful because if there is any lapse in your motivation, you can count on this person to step in and give you that extra push to get in the gym.


So remember, the perfect workout is a constant variety of weight training and cardio, combining compound and isolation moves, but most importantly it’s what you can stick to.

-Terry Asher

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