The Definitive Guide To Buying Kettlebells Online


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Where Can I Buy Kettlebells Online?

After hundreds of emails, tweets and facebook messages about kettlebells, I decided to put this guide together to show you where to buy a kettlebell online. Hundreds of websites sell kettlebells online, but hands down my favorite has to be the DragonDoor kettlebells.  I’ve experimented with kettlebells from Perform Better, Lifeline USA, Everlast, Go Fit and Play It Again Sports – and DragonDoor’s russian kettlebells are by far the best when it comes to quality.

Here’s my thoughts on DragonDoor’s Russian Kettlebells ( I have the 44 & 53 lb kettlebells)

Why I like Dragondoor’s Kettlebells

  • The grip on DragonDoor’s kettlebells is what really separates it from the rest of the pack.  The handles vary a lot based on the company that makes them – some are slick, some are easy to grip, some are thin and some have thick handles.  Hell my Play It Again Sports Kettlebell you can’t even fit two hands on it for a kettlebell swing!  If you’ve ever used a kettlebell with a shitty grip, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s not fun, and it can be pretty dangerous.  You don’t have any of these problems with Dragondoor’s kettlebells.
  • The durability.  I don’t know what Dragondoor does different with their kettlebells, but they are solid as can be.  I’ve had a few problems with my Perform Better Kettlebells when I get rough with them (the bottom pops off), but the Dragondoor bells are made to take a pounding.  I like to beat the shit out of mine with throws, swings and also dropping them when I’m worn out, so durability is a big factor for me.  Plus if I’m gonna pay the money for them, they better be good.  I’ve had some of the other kettlebells chip and crack, which has made them unsafe to use for certain exercises.  So far none of the others have come close to Dragon Door in durability.
  • I trust Dragondoor & Pavel.  I’m not gonna buy kettlebells or any workout equipment from some random site online if I don’t trust the people who run it.  I’ve been buying Pavel’s workout dvd’s for years (which rock BTW) and I have built a huge amount of trust in Dragondoor and Pavel.  I guess I just like buying from 2 guys who I know actually care about training – it’s not some big corporation who just wants my money.  I like to support the little guy 🙂

What Size Kettlebell Should I Get?

buy kettlebells I get this question all the time from my clients and readers here at Gym Junkies…  I’m going to start with some base guidelines which will help you determine what size kettlebell you need.

 Kettlebells sizes for men

  • The standard for men is a 53 lb kettlebell.  I usually limber between my 44 lb kettlebell and my 53 lb kettlebell.  Just to give you a gauge of my strength, my big lift numbers are bench 225 lbs, squat 265 lbs, deadlift 305 lbs and push press 160lbs.  I’m also about 5’9″ and 160 lbs.   As another gauge my friend Justin is 6’0″ 170 lbs, he uses the 44 lb kettlebell for swings & clean and press and gets around 10-14 reps for those.  If he uses the 53 lb kettlebell he can do about 5-6 clean and presses.  His strength numbers on the big lifts are deadlift 300 lbs, bench 190 lbs, squat 215 lbs and push press 175 lbs (all for 1 rep).  Most men should start somewhere between 35 lbs – 53 lbs with kettlebells.

Kettlebell sizes for women

  • The standard for women is an 18 lb kettlebell.  Now most of my female clients usually use the 26 lbs kettlebell for 2 handed swings and a few of the stronger ones can use the 35 lb kettlebells.  The 18 lb or 26 lb is what I think is the best size for most females to start kettlebell workouts at…

How many kettlebells do I need?

This is really based on what you want to do with your kettlebells.  If you’re a beginner workout routine, I would suggest just picking up one kettlebell for now.  With one kettlebell you can do TONS of exercises like the kettlebell swing, the clean, the snatch, the press, the clean and press, the one-armed swing, bench press, the squat, suitcase deadlift and so on…

You can get a full body workout with just one kettlebell. Now if you are a more advanced trainee and want to try using 2 kettlebells, then by all means do it.  A lot of the exercises that you can do with one kettlebell, you can also do with 2, such as the clean and press, the kettlebell swing and the front squat.  Two kettlebells also gives you the option of working out with a partner, which is a nice change. If you’re a beginner, I recommend just grabbing one kettlebell. And if you’re more advanced pick up two kettlebells and you can incorporate a few more exercises into your workouts.

Kettlebell Shipping Costs

The only real drawback to ordering a kettlebell online is the cost of shipping.  Within the U.S. you’re looking to pay about $40 for shipping on a 44 lb kettlebell. I’ve debated back and forth on whether this is worth it because I could always pick one up at a local store.  But over the past year testing multiple kettlebell brands, I’ve realized it’s well worth it to buy your kettlebell online from a place like Dragondoor.  

I’ve had so many problems with other kettlebells that I bought locally from Play It Again Sports and other weightlifting shops. Really that’s what it all boils down to… Yes you’re going to pay a little more for the shipping on a DragonDoor kettlebell, but they also have lasted the longest out of mine and I never have to worry about them cracking or breaking.  I can’t say the same for some of the other brands I’ve bought.

What’s the difference between a kettlebell and a dumbbell?

Dumbbells and kettlebells shouldn’t really be seen as one versus the other.  Both of them are great tools that will help you to get in shape.  Here are a few of the differences between the two…

  • Kettlebells work better for explosive full body movements.  Things like the kettlebell swing, the snatch and the clean and press work much better with a kettlebell than with a dumbbell.
  • Kettlebells add a component of grip strength that most dumbbells do not.  The handles on kettlebells are a lot thicker than your regular dumbbell so they will help your grip (especially good for athletes).
  • The weight distribution is much different between the two.  Just look at the picture below of the two women doing a press.  The kettlebell press changes how you hold the weight compared to a dumbbell and makes the exercise a little more difficult.


  • Dumbbells have always been great for bodybuilder-esque movements.  Kettlebells bring a bit more to the table as they allow much more athletic movements.  These moves are perfect if you’re looking to lose fat and build some lean muscle.  The explosiveness of kettlebell workouts allows you to get a tough workout done in under 10 minutes.

Both dumbbells and kettlebells are excellent pieces of equipment for getting in shape.  Each has its own pros and cons, but I’ve become a bigger fan of the kettlebell in the past year or so due to the large amount of exercises you can do with them.

So Where Should I Buy My Kettlebell?

Obviously if you’ve read this page, you know what I think.  Like I said earlier, I’ve tested kettlebells from Dragon Door, Perform Better, Everlast, LifeLine USA, Go Fit and Play It Again Sports – and the Dragondoor kettlebells are HANDS DOWN the best I’ve ever used. We’ve used these kettlebells about 5-6 days a week for a year or so in my boot camp classes, and all of the men and women in the class agree that the DragonDoor kettlebells feel the best and are easily the most durable… If you’re interested in picking up a kettlebell or two, head over to Dragon Door’s website now.  You will not be disappointed 🙂


The Definitive Guide To Buying Kettlebells Online
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The Definitive Guide To Buying Kettlebells Online
After hundreds of emails, tweets and facebook messages about kettlebells, I decided to put this guide together to show you where to buy a kettlebell online. Hundreds of websites sell kettlebells online, but hands down my favorite has to be the DragonDoor kettlebells. 
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  1. I tried Dragondoor kettlebells at my boxing gym and I must say they are really good. Still, for all the canadians if you want to invest in kettlebells while saving on the shipping cost from making them come from the US. I would suggest checking out Agatsu Kettlebells. Agatsu Kettlebells are the same quality as Dragondoor ones but you’ll save on shipping since they are based in Canada.

  2. I finally got off my butt and ordered one. It’s all your fault for getting me all fired up from Fran this morning!

  3. I would have to agree 100%!!! Dragon Door makes the best kettlebells out there.I’ve tried ADER, PERFORM BETTER, MUSCLE DRIVER, GO FIT, & APOLLO. None of them even came close to the quality, shape, grip, and feel that I get from a Dragon Door kettlebell. Now all I have is Dragon Door bells…I’ve sold off all my other ones.

  4. I like Dragon Door kettlebells, but there are other kettlebells on the market that are just as good, or better, and a LOT cheaper. I have had the best luck with Kettlebells USA kettlebells. They are very well made and they are priced far below Dragon Door bells. They gave my brother’s Marine platoon a huge discount and the Marines love them. If they’re good enough for US Marines, they’re good enough for me. Anyway check them out and see for yourself



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