Bored With Your Workouts? Here’s 9 Ways To Pump New Life Into ‘Em!



#1 Change Your Reps

  • This is a pretty obvious one, but it’s also the most important. If you’ve been stuck in phase where you keep doing the same number of reps every workout, switching it up might do wonders for you. Try out low reps, high weight (1-3) for building strength, high reps, less weight (8-12) for mass building (for men) and circuit training and also something in the middle which would be medium weight, medium reps ( 5 reps). Each rep will give you a different result which will help you switch up your workout.


#2 Change Your Weight

  • Workouts that involve weights can be altered pretty easily. If you’re used to bench pressing 115 lbs for eight reps, switch it up and try to do 150 lbs for 3 rep sets. The weight in your workout can be switched around very easily. Find something that is comfortable for you (hard, but not too hard that injury could happen) and work from there to tweak it.


#3 Change The Equipment You’re Using

  • Do you always do your shoulder presses and squats with a bar? Why not switch it up and use dumbbells? Or even better how about sandbags or kettlebells? Switching your equipment will help you work muscles that aren’t normally involved in your regular lift. Items like sandbags and kettlebells really work your core and stabilizing muscles, which will help you gain functional strength for real world activities. Another good example would be using gymnastic rings for your dips and pushups, or using bands for resistance training with bench and shoulder presses.


#4 Change Your Rest Between Sets

  • The amount of time you rest between sets can have a big impact on your results. When strength training, we recommend waiting usually anywhere between 2-4 minutes between each set. Yes, this is a long time to wait, and it’s hard for some people to do, but it’s necessary for recovery. When you’re doing a circuit workout try to keep your rest between sets around 30s – 60s.


#5 Lose The Weights, Do A Bodyweight Workout

  • If your regular workout involves always using weights, try a pure body weight workout at your local park or in your living room. Exercises like air squats, body rows, pullups, dips, burpees, up downs and dive bombers can all be done with no equipment. For an intense bodyweight cardio workout, try doing continuous exercises for 6-8 minutes with no rest. Or check out one of our body weight workout vids for a better picture.


#6 Change The Setting Of Your Workout

  • If you normally workout at a gym, try switching it up and doing a workout outside. There’s nothing better than getting a good workout in outside on a beautiful day. Plus you can get great benefits from vitamin d if you workout outside.

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#7 Change The Time of Day You Workout

  • Most people workout at the same exact time every day. Varying the time you go the gym can really change your whole outlook on your workout. If you’re an early riser and like to get a jump on the day, then working out at night might not be the best thing for you. I’ve trained many people who worked out in the morning with me, and their results were nowhere near as good as when they worked out with me in the afternoon. Everyone is more energetic and more focused at different times of the day

Exercise Sick

#8 Change The Altitude Of Your Workout

  • If you have the chance to train at altitude, do it! It makes a huge difference in your workouts, and you won’t believe how easy a workout at sea level is after training at altitude. World class athletes train at altitude for this exact reason. I know it’s not in everybody’s cards, but if you have a chance to train at altitude, you’d be crazy not to try it.


#9 Change The Cycle Of Your Workouts

  • If you train 5 days on and 2 days off, switch up your workout to 4 days on and 3 days off. You can also adjust which days you choose to workout. One week you might go Monday through Thursday, but the next week you could go Mon-Tues-Fri-Sat. Switching up your cycle can make a big difference in your mental approach to working out.

Final thoughts

  • Working out should be a fun experience which helps you relieve stress and adds to your well-being. There’s no need to get in a rut and make working out a monotonous thing. Use the ideas in this article to spice up your workout, and keep it exciting.

-Terry Asher

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Bored With Your Workouts?  Here's 9 Ways To Pump New Life Into 'Em!
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Bored With Your Workouts? Here's 9 Ways To Pump New Life Into 'Em!
Bored with your workouts? This post gives you 9 ways to pump some life into your workouts
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  1. Nice ideas here. Changing the time of day makes a huge difference. Try doing a heavy strength workout early in the morning. Toughest thing ever

  2. I immediately spotted a huge problem with No. 1- less for for mass building “for men.” What about the female bodybuilders? There is a booming community of females with beautiful, earned physiques. Please don’t alienate readers so promptly.


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