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Advocare Thermoplus

The fundamentals of losing weight usually goes as follows –eat healthy. 

Repeat. Exercise. Repeat. Eat healthy. Repeat.

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You get the idea.

And sure this does work for a while. And then for some reason, despite all our hard work, it might stop working at some point. Will Advocare Thermoplus do this?

Why is that?

Because of the horrible plateau. Eventually your body is going to get used to these awesome habits you’ve been doing, so your weight loss is going to come to a screeching halt.

Not really fair is it?

It’s a lose, lose situation. You have to keep working at full steam ahead, with little results. Or even worse, you can stop working so hard and gain all the weight back – and possibly more.

This happens because of the way your metabolism is able to get used to what you’ve been doing. And we all want to know how to speed up your metabolismIt’s basically when your metabolism starts adjusting into starvation mode.

Since your body recognizes the fact that it’s getting a lot less calories than usual, it ends up using even less energy than it regularly does. If you think about this, it’s actually pretty amazing that our bodies are able to do this.

It wants to store more energy for later, since we aren’t getting as much. Basically, it is two steps ahead of us at all times.

How Does Advocare Weight Loss Work?

And then eventually, you’re going to hit that annoying plateau.

So how exactly can you bypass this stall?

Well the best workout supplements that target the fat burning properties in our bodies. And one of those supplies is Advocare Thermoplus.

Now if you have tried other kinds of top fat burners, you might find they give you that annoying jittery feeling. Sometimes this can continue into the night and keep you awake, which may end up harming your weight loss efforts.

But you won’t find that to be true with Thermoplus. It isn’t like those intense stimulants that you will find on the shelves.

Advocare Thermoplus Ingredients…

Instead, it is made out of completely natural herbal ingredients and supplements. It has a pretty simple goal – to carefully help your body get better with burning fat.

The number one ingredient you will find in this product is going to be sage extract. Not only does it have a ton of positive antioxidant advantages, but it can help skyrocket your levels of energy, as well as boost up fat oxidation.

This really matters because this is the way that your body is going to transform those unwanted fat cells back into energy that you can actually use.

Advocare Thermoplus doesn’t stop there, though. It also helps with your brain cell receptors.

It’s going to communicate to those receptors that you aren’t hungry, so you are going to see a big decrease in your appetite. And since you aren’t feeling hungry you aren’t going to feel like you’re completely depriving yourself of food and suffering.

The number two ingredient in the product is oolong tea extract. There are many oolong tea weight loss benefits. What this does is help release catechins, which is essentially the same type of antioxidants that you will find in green tea and black tea.

What they do is help maintain your metabolism so that it is going to burn a lot more calories.

And as a third ingredient, we have guarana extract. This is actually proven to work as a stimulant. And it has certain aspects that are going to work as caffeine, meaning you will have more energy.

Plus, advocare thermoplus also contains thiamine and B vitamins niacin for an added boost.

Instructions for Advocare Thermoplus…

All you need to do is take one pill twice about half an hour before you eat anything.  And the company makes some pretty big promises – basically everything you want.

It is said to help give you more energy while also working to get your metabolism going full speed, meaning you aren’t going to eat as much. You will also have more energy to workout regimen and make better use of the calories you’re taking in.

Sounds like all the areas you want to touch on, right?

So obviously, there are some pretty big advantages here. First, it’s a safe choice, as it contains mostly botanical supplements.

This is also a big plus because you aren’t going to find any major side effects, meaning you can take it long term without running into any issues.

As for the thiamine and the niacin found in this supplement, these are some essential B vitamins. So while they are helpful in other aspects, they aren’t exactly very effective when it comes to losing weight. Incorporate it in your meal plan to lose weight

And in terms of customer service, Advocare provides a money back guarantee. They hold this promise true no matter where you buy it – whether you get it through them or go to a different distributor or retailer, they will honor this promise.

Negatives of Advocare Thermoplus…

Now, for the negatives. It doesn’t really seem to have any monumental ingredients that are going to give you some amazing results.

And if you look at the company itself, it’s essentially MLM.

So while this doesn’t automatically discredit them, it does take away from their image a bit. And we found it suspicious that there weren’t really any reviews from regular old users.

Rather it was from most people who were trying to sell other kinds of Advocare products.

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So our conclusion is this –while it does seem to have some ingredients that may have some results when it comes to giving you energy and cutting back on your appetite, there isn’t really any kind of huge news here that’s going to break the mold.

With that in mind, keep in mind that there is a lower dose of caffeine in it, meaning it might help those who are sensitive to caffeine. It’s reasonably priced, going from $25 up to about $40 for 90 pills.

Generally this lasts about 6 weeks. So if you want to try it, we do believe it’s safe and affordable. And it just might work for you.

After all, it’s fairly cheap so you can experiment with it without losing some major bucks.

-Terry Asher

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