Top WWE Wrestlers: 32 of WrestleMania’s Best Physiques


top wwe wrestlers

Who has the best body in wrestling? Here’s our list of the top WWE wrestlers physiques on WrestleMania.

Is your favorite on the list? Read on to find out!

It’s that time of the year again. WrestleMania is upon us. Throughout its 32-year history, the event has showcased some of the all-time great wrestlers and physiques. Some of them have that ripped fitness model look.

A number of them have the physique of a mainstream pro athlete. O

We’ve looked back and come up with the 32 top WWE wrestlers physiques in the history of WrestleMania.

top wwe wrestlers angle

#1 Kurt Angle

The Olympic Gold medallist may have always worn an amateur-style wrestling singlet, but unlike other wrestlers, he certainly didn’t need it to cover his physique.

Angle was ripped and had the physique of a true championship level athlete.

He made his WrestleMania debut in 2000 and went on to win six World Championships. His only WrestleMania main event came against Brock Lesnar in 2003.

top wwe wrestlers austin

#2 Steve Austin

Austin was already an established star when he entered the WWE having already been a WCW US champion. But, few would have predicted he’d become perhaps wrestling’s biggest star ever.

WrestleMania debut came in 1996. Months later, “Stone Cold” was born. Austin won his first of six World Championships at WrestleMania 14. That was his first of three WrestleMania main events. In recent years, he’s helped train MMA fighters.

top wwe wrestlers galaxy

#3 Dave Batista

“The Animal” started out as a bodybuilder. He soon switched to wrestling. That proved to be a great move.


He quickly joined up with the WWE’s Evolution faction and shot to stardom. Batista’s first of two WrestleMania main events resulted in his first World title win. He’d go on to win five more.

From there, Batista moved on to Hollywood with roles in the latest James Bond movie, as well as in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

#4 Booker T

Booker T’s first big break came as a member of WCW’s muscled up sibling tag team, Harlem Heat.

They hold the record for most WCW tag title wins. He made his WrestleMania debut nine years later (2002). Booker went on to win six World titles and had a reign as “King.”

He’s also credited with having won more titles in WCW than any man in history.

top wwe wrestlers cena

#5 John Cena

Cena started a weightlifting for beginners plan before becoming a teenager. That led him to the bodybuilding stage. But, he’s become far more successful in WWE.

He’s been in five WrestleMania main events.

At 15 wins, Cena trails only Ric Flair for most World titles. Cena’s also had some acting success with bit parts in a number of movies. He’s been on fitness magazine covers and been the face of muscle supplements companies.

#6 Cesaro

“The Swiss Superman” showcases his unique physique and super strength every time he enters the ring.

Want to see a Giant get swung around the ring?

Cesaro’s your man! He made his WrestleMania debut in 2014. It was at that show that he slammed The Big Show over the top rope to win the first Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Since that time, he’s continued dazzling fans with his awesome feats of strength.

#7 Dynamite Kid

The Dynamite Kid was best known as a member of the British Bulldogs tag team. They went on to win the tag team titles in their WrestleMania 1986 debut.

What he may have lacked in height, Dynamite more than made up for with bulging muscles.

He was ripped in a time when the focus was on just being huge. And, unlike some of his peers, his muscle never slowed him down in the ring.

#8 Goldberg

Bill Goldberg came to WCW from the NFL. He brought with him an unmatched intensity and occlusion training style. Goldberg went on to become one of WCW’s biggest stars ever.

For that reason, WWE soon came calling. He wrestled in his only WrestleMania in 2004 against a departing Brock Lesnar. Since that time rumors persist that of a WrestleMania return. Meanwhile, Goldberg has flirted with the MMA world.

#9 Triple H

In 1988, Triple H won the Teen Mr. New Hampshire bodybuilding title. Only six years later, he made his WCW debut. In 1996, he made his WrestleMania debut.

He’d go on to main event the show seven times and become a 14-time World champion.

During that time, Triple H has lead two all-star factions, DX and Evolution. Today, he’s one of the company’s leaders serving as its Chief Operating Officer.

top wwe wrestlers the rock

#10 The Rock Dwayne Johnson

The Rock has wrestling in his blood. He’s a third generation wrestler.

“The People’s Champion” wrestled in his first WrestleMania in 1997. Since then, he’s headlined five WrestleManias.

He’s a 10-time World champion. And, unless you’ve been living under a rock (no pun intended), you likely know he’s also one of Hollywood biggest stars today.

top wwe wrestlers stacy

#11 Stacy Keibler

With 42.5-inch legs and countless Hot 100 list appearances, Stacy had to make it onto this list.

Before entering wrestling, she was an NFL cheerleader. That prepared her for her stint as a WCW Nitro Girl. Before long, she began managing wrestlers. Her WrestleMania debut came in 2002.

In 2006, she began crossing over into Hollywood. She’s made many TV and movie appearances.

#12 Bobby Lashley

Lashley brings his massive physique to the ring in a fashion that leads some to say that he’s a tank that moves like a racecar.

He made his WrestleMania debut in 2006. His biggest splash came one year later. It was at this event that he represented Donald Trump against Vince McMahon’s Umaga. The stipulation was that the loser’s manager was forced to have his head shaved.

The result?

Lashley won. Trump got to keep his hair.

#13 Brock Lesnar

“The Beast” has one of the most impressive physiques in all of sports. He’s naturally massive. And, he’s legit.

He’s a former UFC champion. He’s also a four-time WWE World champion.

His WrestleMania debut came in 2003 where he won his second WWE World title. In 2014, he broke the Undertaker’s undefeated streak.

One year later he made only his second WrestleMania main event appearance.

#14 Lex Luger

“The Total Package” was a former pro football player turned wrestler. He shot to stardom as part of the NWA’s Four Horsemen. He made his WrestleMania debut five years later in 1992.

But, that appearance wasn’t to wrestle. He appeared to announce his entry into Vince McMahon’s World Bodybuilding Federation.

The next year he made his WrestleMania debut. Luger retired as a three-time World champion.

#15 Chris Masters

They called him “The Masterpiece.” And, they did so for good reason.

Chris Masters’ physique was unmatched. It was as though he was chiseled out of granite.

Masters used his impressive power in everything he did. He wrestled in his only WrestleMania pay-per-view match in 2006.

Oddly enough, he also wrestled in three non-televised Battle Royal WrestleMania matches.

#16 John Morrison

“The Shaman of Sexy” was originally given the ring name of Johnny Nitro.

The ripped former Tough Enough winner reached his greatest heights as an ECW champion.

He also formed successful tag teams with Joey Mercury and The Miz. Morrison’s WrestleMania debut came in 2008’s Money In The Bank match.

#17 Paul Orndorff

They called him “Mr. Wonderful” in large part due to his physique. In fact, Orndorff was so fond of his own physique he’d often be seen kissing his big arms. Orndorff was in the first ever WrestleMania main event.

His team with Roddy Piper lost to Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. He was one of the top challengers during Hogan’s first World title run.

During that period, he suffered an arm injury that would affect him for the remainder of his career.

top wwe wrestlers orton

#18 Randy Orton

“The Viper” is a third generation wrestler. He’s also known for having one of wrestling’s best physiques.

At the end of his first stint with Evolution, he won his first World title at the age of 24 (the youngest ever).

He’s won 11 since. His WrestleMania debut came in 2004. Since that time, Orton’s headlined two WrestleManias. About the only thing that seems to stop his dominance are his injuries.

#19 Rick Rude

He was “Simply Ravishing.” At least, that’s what his nickname was. Rude was well known for having one of wrestling’s greatest physiques.

He even challenged the Ultimate Warrior to a pose down.

His WrestleMania debut came in 1988. Rude’s peak came after leaving the WWF. He became a three-time WCW International World champion.

He’ll also always be remembered for appearing on both Raw and Nitro on the same night.

#20 Ryback

“The Big Guy” came to the WWE as part of 2004’s Tough Enough. Six years later, he returned as part of the Nexus.

His WrestleMania debut came in 2013 where he lost to the World’s Strongest Man and former Olympic weightlifter, Mark Henry. Because of the resemblance, fans often taunt the massive Ryback with “Goldberg” chants.

Given his physique and “feed me more” catchphrase, it’s safe to say he has a protein-heavy diet as opposed to a carb cycling diet.

#21 Sable

Rena Mero was an immediate hit with fans from the moment she made her debut at 1996’s WrestleMania.

She came out on the arm of Triple H. Before the end of the night she aligned herself with then real-life husband, Marc Mero.

But, she wasn’t just a trophy wife and former Guess? model, she also wrestled.

In fact, she’s a former Women’s champion. Today, she’s also the real-life wife of Brock Lesnar.

More of the Top WWE Wrestlers Physiques…

#22 Ken Shamrock

He was once known as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.” He also had one of wrestling’s greatest physiques.

His WrestleMania debut came in 1997. He was the referee of one of WrestleMania’s all-time great matches featuring Steve Austin and Bret Hart.

His WrestleMania wrestling debut came the following year. Shamrock would go on to be an Intercontinental and UFC champion. He continues to have the occasional MMA match.

#23 Sid

Sid was vicious. Sid stood for justice. He was even sometimes dubbed a psycho. The truth is, Sid never really had much to offer.

He had a great physique and little else. But, in spite of limited ability, he always made the most of everything.

Case in point: He wrestled in only two WrestleManias (1992 and 1997). Both were main events. Sid’s career began in 1987 and was highlighted by four World championships.

#24 Jimmy Snuka

Before getting into the ring, Snuka was a pro bodybuilder with regional wins including the Mr. Hawaii title.

“Superfly” was in the corner of Hulk Hogan and Mr. T at the first WrestleMania. His in-ring WrestleMania debut didn’t take place until five years later.

The following year, Snuka lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 7.

That win began The Undertaker’s 21-0 streak. His last WrestleMania match came in 2009.

#25 Ricky Steamboat

“The Dragon” began wrestling in 1976. Two years later, he made his bodybuilding debut. He wrestled at the first ever WrestleMania in 1985. Four years later, he captured his only World championship.

While he retired in 1994, he returned in 2009 to team with Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka against Chris Jericho.

Ever the show-stealer, Steamboat shined one more time and extended his comeback to include yet one more pay-per-view match.

#26 Scott Steiner

“Big Poppa Pump” may have had the biggest arms in the history of wrestling.

He first rose to stardom as a tag team wrestler with his brother Rick. The two made their only WrestleMania appearance in 1993.

Steiner would go on to become a WCW World champion in 2000, a year where the title changed hands more times than at any other point.

His sole World title reign ended on the last ever Monday Nitro.

#27 Sting

“The Icon” Sting was a bodybuilder before entering the wrestling industry in 1985. Things all changed when he watched his first wrestling event.

He became a superstar when he wrestled Ric Flair at the Clash of the Champions, the same night as WrestleMania 4.

He went on to win 10 World titles and was WCW’s most important wrestler during their Monday night period of dominance. His WrestleMania debut came in 2015.

#28 Trish Stratus

When top wrestler physiques are discussed, Stratus’ name has to be included. A case could be made that Trish Stratus was the greatest female wrestler ever.

After all, the fitness model turned wrestler does hold the record for most Women’s championships with seven.

She was also named Diva of The Decade and was a three-time Babe of the Year. She made her WrestleMania debut as a manager in 2000 and her in-ring event debut in 2002.

#29 Ultimate Warrior

Warrior was a successful bodybuilder way before entering the world of wrestling. He started lifting weights at age 11 and won regional amateur titles.

In 1985, he became a wrestler. After stints in Memphis, Mid South and WCCW, he joined the WWF in 1987.

His WrestleMania debut came in 1988. Two years later, also at WrestleMania, he won his only World title.

After 18 years away from the company, Warrior returned to the WWE at WrestleMania 30.

#30 Kerry Von Erich

“The Texas Tornado” was a global star long before his sole WrestleMania appearance in 1991. He made his ring debut in 1979.

Only five short years later he was already a World champion. But, while Von Erich had the physique most dream of building, recurring substance abuse allegations always plagued him.

Some speculate that his drug dependency was linked to his foot amputation (he amazingly wrestled a good portion of his career post surgery).

top wwe wrestlers wilson

#31 Torrie Wilson

Long before Torrie went into wrestling, she was winning fitness competitions.

The most notable victory was her Miss Galaxy title in 1998. The following year she made her wrestling debut in WCW.

Her WrestleMania in ring debut came in 2004’s Playboy Evening Gown match. Not surprisingly, she’s been on countless magazine covers and continues to do fitness modeling.

top wwe wrestlers #1

#32 Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler debuted in the WWE in 2006 as Nicky, a member of the Spirit Squad. The short-lived team earned immediate success. “The Show Off’s” WrestleMania debut didn’t come until 2010.

The ripped wrestler has gone on to earn two World championships.

He’s also become well known for being among the WWE’s most consistent wrestlers, often performing in some of the company’s better matches.

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WrestleMania gets bigger every year. There’s no doubt that this year’s event will showcase wrestlers who will one day belong on this list.

But, for now, this list of wrestlers represents the 32 greatest physiques in WrestleMania’s 32-year history.


By James Soriedem




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