8 Reasons You’re Not Gaining Muscle


#1. You’re Missing Out on the Benefits of Compound Lifts

8 Reasons You're Not Gaining Muscle

You’ll often hear us encourage the use of compound movements with barbells. This excludes pull-ups and dips. Both of these moves are excellent for developing size and strength and should be included in your program. But first, back to the big compound lifts that involve multiple joints and develop your core.

First off, never forget that squats work 85% of your body’s total muscle mass and encourage testosterone production. Moves likes deadlifts, cleans, clean and presses, and squats have massive collateral benefits. In addition to working secondary muscles like the biceps, these moves develop a sturdy core that will help you in every lift going forward.

If you’re new to Olympic lifting or free weights, you’ll want to start with zero weight, then work in a moderate range until your form is in peak shape. However, in the long run if your goal is to gain, your best bet is to work in the range of your 5-6 rep max. This lower rep, higher weight approach focuses your muscles on adaptation instead of endurance. This is because you’re pushing your muscles beyond their comfort zone. Combine heavy compound lifts with isolation moves in a lower rep, higher weight format, and get ready for growth.

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