7 Ways Exercise Can Prevent Infidelity


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Infidelity is an ongoing destroyer of relationships and unfortunately, there is plenty of temptation to do so for both partners. 

While there is no fool-proof way to guarantee it never happens to you, the gym may actually your best friend for stacking the odds in your favor.  Here are some ways you can use workout schedule to make sure your relationship stays the strongest it can.

7 Ways Exercise Can Prevent Infidelity

#1 Less Stress

Stress is unhealthy to your life in an uncountable number of ways.  When you’re stressed, your testosterone lowers, you store more body fat, and your body produces cortisol (the “anti-testosterone”) which cripples any confidence or dominance you might have in the relationship. You can also research testosterone boosting foods that could help as well.

Having these chemicals in your body makes it easier for others to push you around and tougher for your mate to respect you.  Now, everyone has up and down times, but ongoing stress will seep into your relationship and make you unattractive.

When you work out even if you workout without weights, stress disappears, and so do all those nasty chemicals that come with it.  There’s a reason why every U.S. President has a strenuous exercise program when taking over the country.  The stress would kill them in two weeks if they didn’t have a workout plan.

#2 Looking Better

There are plenty of excuses when a partner cheats and one of the most common ones is: “He let himself go and doesn’t work out,” or “She gained 50 pounds after we got married.”

It’s your responsibility to stay sexy for the life of your relationship and luckily exercise is a very controllable way to do this.

I’m not saying you have to have a six-pack and an Olympian beach body, but if you keep a healthy tone to your body and your waist trim, you become someone your partner can brag to his or her friends about… especially if you’re over 40.  The older you are, the lower standards there are in your age group for what “fit” or even a tall buff guy looks like.

At any age though, you reach your zenith for physical attractiveness the more you can work out.

beach body

#3 Higher Testosterone

If you’re working out regularly, you will have very healthy testosterone levels.  This is especially if you’re doing full-body exercises like squats and dead lifts.

As you can guess, adding these hormones to your body makes you more confident, tougher, and a hell of a lot better in the sack.  For men, your sexual performance will go off the charts from having these chemicals raging through your system.

And if you are giving your mate the ride of her life, then there’s little incentive for her to look elsewhere.

#4 Feeling Better

This goes along with “Less Stress.”  If you’re working out regularly, your body is shooting with endorphins which make you more cheerful and better to be around.

It’s obvious that no one likes being with someone who’s down in the dumps.  Having a powerful vibrancy will make your partner feel very magnetically connected to you and make him or her want to feel some of that energy you’re giving off.

And of course, you get sick less… which keeps you from those yucky moments where your partner witnesses you sneezing and coughing all over the place.

#5 You Fight Less with Your Partner

fighting with your spouse

Some fighting is always going to happen when you’re in a relationship, but a lot of this gets taken care of simply by taking a romp on the treadmill or doing your free-weights routine.

I challenge you to try this out…

Next time you feel like you are going to get in an argument with your partner, head straight to the gym and do a good plenty of gym workouts.  Chances are when you’re done, you either will handle the matter a lot more diplomatically or you’ll have completely gotten over the problem.

Note that this also works with any person in your life.  Next time you want to send an angry email to anyone at all, go for an intense run before writing it and see how differently it comes out.

#6 You’re Less Available

The fact is that when you’re at the gym… you’re not at home and you’re not on dates with your significant other.

I’m sure you’ve heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder and it’s true.  You miss calls when you’re at the gym and you’re slower to respond to texts.  This makes you more of a challenge to your love, simply from being occupied.

Don’t underestimate the value of simply being busy.

#7 The Jealousy Card 

A little jealousy can be a powerful part of maintaining a romantic relationship.  I’m not talking about fear or paranoia (which is very unhealthy), but the truth is that when you say you’re going to the gym, your partner will know you’re around a lot of hard-bodied members of the opposite sex and that your eyes will probably be wandering.

Your partner can’t help wondering how he or she measures up, which will just stir up enough insecurity for them to appreciate you when you come home to see them.

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All of this added up… exercise is a necessary part of maintaining any relationship.

-Terry Asher

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