10 Weird Benefits of Whiskey Drinks


 Benefits of Whiskey Drinks

The Good Stuff

By definition, whiskey is alcohol distilled from a variety of fermented grain mash and the difference between various whiskeys rests in the types of grain used for mash. For example, bourbon whiskey is fermented from a grain mixture while scotch is fermented from malted barley. Rye whiskey is a bit different. American rye is different from Canadian rye, as American rye must contain 51 percent or more of rye to be labeled as such, while Canadian rye generally contains more corn. There are over 500 brands of whiskey in the entire world and each is a little different, but they all have two things in common: Aging and health benefits. However, single malt whiskey is proven to have more health benefits than any other.

Sometime between the 11th and 13th centuries, the original whiskey connoisseurs began storing the alcoholic beverage in wooden barrels. Centuries later, wooden barrels are still one of the best modes of aging whiskey. The older the whiskey, the better the taste. If you’re wondering just how much alcohol is contained in a bottle of whiskey, then check the proof. In America, the proof of the whiskey is twice the percentage of alcohol in the bottle. The normal proof of whiskey in the United States is 80, so the average percentage of alcohol in a bottle of whiskey is about 40 percent. It’s that 40 percent of alcohol which provides you with all of the glorious health benefits! 


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