10 Reasons Your Workout Sucks


Your Workout Sucks

#1 Because You’re Scared

Yep, I’m basically saying you’re a punk. I’m saying you don’t push the envelope. I’m saying you haven’t even flirted with the red line. Prove me wrong. And watch your results skyrocket, Your workout sucks. You have to always be pushing yourself or you will never see the results you desire…

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#2 Because Familiarity Builds Contempt

You’ve been working out at the same gym with the same equipment and the same people day after day after day. . . Break free. Go hit some trail sprints. Or push your car across the parking lot just for shits and giggles. Or pick up your significant other and run around the house until your lungs are on fire (thank me later for the post-workout workout on that one). Break the mold, break the plateaus, and break free!

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#3 Because You Know Everything

Think you know how to do a deadlift, eh? Well, go find a pro powerlifter, hand him a fifty dollar bill, and beg him to critique your technique with brutal honesty. And then apply what they say. Best fifty spot you’ll ever spend. The truth hurts what can we say…

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#4 Because You’re Stuck in The Matrix

Yep, your workouts are just another part of the gym routine. It’s nothing more than an extension of the shit, shower and shave. You do it on auto-pilot. You do it because it’s habit. Which can be a good thing but after a while. . . it becomes as rudimentary as flossing your teeth.

Shake things up. Instead of the back squat, hit the front squat. Instead of the standard deadlift, hit the sumo deadlift. Instead of your gym, hit the jungle gym at the park. Break free from the matrix.


#5 Because Your Diet Still Sucks

You’re still eating shit that comes in a box. You’re still twisting caps on bottles of Budweiser.

You’re still chalking up an entire pizza to your cheat day. Stop it now and enjoy the difference in your energy levels, sleep patterns and training results.

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#6 Because You’re Unmotivated

You haven’t found that pic of you of you in a bikini on a Mexican beach where you were in the best shape of your life and taped it to your bathroom mirror.

You haven’t taken the time to create a playlist for your iPod or iPhone of all of the music that makes you want to rip shit off of the floor and break it.

You haven’t put those pants that are currently two sizes too small but perfect for your ideal weight on layaway. You haven’t found whatever it is that gets you through the inevitable middle ground. Quit being so fucking milquetoast and do it.

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#7 Because You Still Don’t Track

You don’t keep a workout journal, you don’t do periodic regular one-rep max tests, and you don’t weigh in weekly. Shit, you still walk around the gym waiting for an open piece of equipment, get on it, do a few reps, and then get off.

That’s nothing more than masturbation – making yourself feel good, but missing the real thing. Walk into the gym with a written plan, track your results, and be amazed at the results.

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#8 Because Your Ego is Still in The Way

You still can’t do a full pull up. But instead of working with the bands, you do some half range of motion wanna-be pull up crap. You spend too much time on the bench press because that’s what everyone else does and you don’t want to be “different”. Leave your ego behind, quit being a sheep, and do what you know your body needs.

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#9 Because You Have No Sense of Urgency

You are going to die. And what is even more pressing, you don’t know WHEN you are going to die. Acting like you have forever to get into shape is foolish. Do it NOW, you might not have tomorrow.

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#10 Because You Are Good

Yep, you’re in decent shape. You are stronger than most, faster than most, and hell you look better than most. But you are not at your personal best. You have settled. You are complacent. And you are complacent because you are “good”.

Challenge yourself to be your best self.

End rant.

-Terry Asher

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  1. I’ve always said Mr. Magary, that GOOD is the enemy of GREAT. Most people settle for good, or REAL good, at best. Change requires Challenge, and you’ve done a great job putting together WHY we are just NOT changing anymore. A grain of sand creates a pearl.

    Thanks for the wake-up call,

  2. I like what you have to say. You have helped motivate me to start getting back into shape. Also, you have a great attitude. I wish I could bottle that shit and sell it to some of my friends!

  3. Preach!!!! Hah!!!!!!! One of your best posts ever! you said ‘rip shit off the floor’, ‘masturbate’, ‘fuck’…and not-so-subtly alluded to sex! All while getting in our faces and telling it like it is! You get an A+ and a gold star for this one, Vic!!! Sharing on my fb wall! (and wondering if I could lift you up?…)

  4. Bottom line is that it takes effort and that’s something most people rather not invest in. It’s easier to “I tried ” than “I am”. Get off your ass and get to work! If you need another incentive here it is – the fitter you are the better sex is. How much more incentive is that?

  5. Best. Post. Ever. It all rings true. Now that I have those bad behaviors in my sight, it’s time to crush ’em up good! =D

    Thanks, Vic.

    ~Liz Hastings

  6. I love the humour in this post! You cover a great range of points that I swear we must all be able to apply some point(s) to ourself. I personally think no.2 is a killer for many. Change is good – change makes us feel uncomfortable – if we only grow when we change then we need to work outside our comfort zone right!?

    That said – as ever find your balance. No point doing a different workout every day and not measuring anything. I champion ‘Rule Free’ fitness methods and spontaneity in fitness but we need to track our improvements somehow. That could be difficult if you never do the same weights workout twice, or take a stopwatch for your sprints!

  7. A great motivating post Vic, ta for the kick up the arse! My half-hour gym workouts have taken a bit of a sideline to stretching and kicking drills as I prep for my 2nd dan, but will get back to the weights after that – I need movement stamina for the grading, it’ll be about 3 – 4 hours :-s

    As for the red line, I almost passed out from sparring with a little girl last Sunday, does that count? (Actually, I’m only half-joking, I did kind of “phase out” for a few seconds…)

    Mike K.

  8. said like a true soldier…I’m a soldiers son and you remind me of my departed dad…I’m gettin’ of my ass and workin out today…sunday or not!


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