10 Great Ways To More Muscle Growth



# 8… 21s

You’ve probably heard that 21s are an interesting technique popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s a bit of a mix between pyramid lifts, negatives and full range of motion lifts. The technique is called a 21 because you’ll be performing 21 reps with each set. But, it is really three mini sets of seven reps within one overarching set. The first seven reps of the exercise are full reps. Those reps are followed by seven reps from the starting position to the halfway point, and finally seven reps from the halfway point to the completion point of the exercise. The most common exercise for these is biceps curls. But, you can use 21s for most other body parts and exercises as well. These will combine the perks of partial holds and negatives to fatigue your muscles while also focusing on certain parts of the lift to strengthen it. These are a great way to overload a muscle group and break it down so that during your recovery period the muscles will see significant growth.


  1. What are the ideal characteristics of a bodybuilder’s body?

    People go into bodybuilding for different reasons. Some engage in weightlifting exercises to lose weight and build muscle mass to improve their looks.

    Others engage in bodybuilding to strengthen weak muscles and joints, as in the case of older males who are suffering from a lifetime of sedentary living. And still some engage in the sport because they want to compete in amateur and/or professional bodybuilding competitions.

  2. I can relate to the partial holds that were part of your tips. I generally do this on my last set to help fatigue the muscles, and work them to their maximum capacity.


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