10 Great Ways To More Muscle Growth


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# 5 Negatives

Negative reps are a key training method in helping you get past your plateaus. If you’re not seeing results from standard reps, you should consider mixing in negative reps until you are seeing progress again. A negative rep consists of only the downwards motion of the exercise. For bench press, that means lowering the bar to your chest. For barbell curls, it means lowering the barbell from the curled position. You’ll want to increase the weight past even your one rep maximum to get results from this method. By focusing on only the negative portion of the rep, you’ll confuse your muscles from your standard lifts and movements. This will eventually lead to greater muscle growth. It is extremely important that you use a spotter when performing negatives. You’ll be handling a large amount of weight that you generally can’t lift by yourself. You will need the spotter’s help to get the weight into position to start, as well as to help you lift the weight following the negative rep. Negatives can be a helpful part of your routine’s repertoire, but only if you have assistance.


  1. What are the ideal characteristics of a bodybuilder’s body?

    People go into bodybuilding for different reasons. Some engage in weightlifting exercises to lose weight and build muscle mass to improve their looks.

    Others engage in bodybuilding to strengthen weak muscles and joints, as in the case of older males who are suffering from a lifetime of sedentary living. And still some engage in the sport because they want to compete in amateur and/or professional bodybuilding competitions.

  2. I can relate to the partial holds that were part of your tips. I generally do this on my last set to help fatigue the muscles, and work them to their maximum capacity.


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