10 Great Ways To More Muscle Growth


Muscle Growth 1

# 1 Pyramiding

The main idea behind pyramiding is to get in a lot of reps and sets across a large weight range. To start, you’ll take a low weight and a high rep range. You will then progress to a high weight and low rep range, effectively creating a pyramid effect of weights and reps.

A pyramid example for bench press would be:

15 reps – 135 pounds

12 reps – 155 pounds

9 reps – 175 pounds

6 reps – 205 pounds

3 reps – 225 pounds

1 rep – 250 pounds

Obviously, you’ll want to adjust the weight to something you can handle. But, the principle is always the same. If you are worried about fatigue at the end for your highest weight, you can always do an inverse pyramid and start with low reps and high weight. However you want to approach the pyramid, it will be a sure-fire way to get your muscles fatigued and break them down, which will help promote muscle growth.

This works great with both compound and isolation exercises. But, be wary of using it for every exercise. Why? Simple, fatigue will set in quickly.


  1. What are the ideal characteristics of a bodybuilder’s body?

    People go into bodybuilding for different reasons. Some engage in weightlifting exercises to lose weight and build muscle mass to improve their looks.

    Others engage in bodybuilding to strengthen weak muscles and joints, as in the case of older males who are suffering from a lifetime of sedentary living. And still some engage in the sport because they want to compete in amateur and/or professional bodybuilding competitions.

  2. I can relate to the partial holds that were part of your tips. I generally do this on my last set to help fatigue the muscles, and work them to their maximum capacity.


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