Why You Should Pack Your Meals if You Travel


Why You Should Pack Your Meals When You Travel So unfortunately it’s not every day you have the option to cook in the kitchen.

Today I’m flying to Houston to visit my mother for mother’s day.

Knowing I would be stuck in an airport for a while with tempting candies and processed foods whispering my name, I decided hey “Pack Your Meals.”

In this article, I am going to go over why you should do the same if your traveling.

Pack Your Meals And Let Me Clarify a Couple Things:

1)   If you’re a competitor or someone looking to lose weight I would suggest planning your meals regardless of travel or not.

2)   If you’re someone that just enjoys lifting and living a healthy lifestyle I don’t really think it’s going to make or break your routine. However, that being said if you know your traveling you can minimize temptation and keep your healthy routine going strong!

Is Airplane Food Good? You are what you eat, and you eat where you are.

I’m sure you have heard the saying “You are what you eat” but have you heard “You eat where you are”. Maybe you haven’t heard it maybe that’s because I just made it up, but regardless think about that quote for a second. If you’re at an airport and your flight is delayed and your stomach starts grumbling, well what are you going to do?

Nine times out often you’re going to eat what’s around you. Not the best options at the airport let me tell you, McDonalds, Pizza, Hamburgers, just to name a few. Temptation is in your face more than ever, because of your lack of options. This is where packing your meals come into play.  Grab your healthy lunch scarf it down and smile at the McDonalds sign and say not today Golden Arches ;).

Why Airplane Food is Worse Than You Think

So what if you’re that person that decides to hold off on getting something in the airport because you know there is an in-flight meal. Maybe you’re thinking this will be a healthier option? THINK AGAIN… The problem with airplane food is that they stuff the meals with high fructose syrup and other artificial Junk. They airplane corporations do this for one simple reason, it extends the shelve life of the food.

If you’re an airport company and you have a meal that lasts 10 weeks versus a healthier option that lasts 1 week, better believe they are picking the one that lasts longer. Who’s the one that loses out? Well, it’s you… going back to options, now you’re really down to maybe two meal options on a plane.

Must be some good choices in these metal boxes… Is Airplane Food Bad? Hmmmm let me choose the over processed ham and cheese sandwich with starchy white bread or the microwaved hamburger that was genetically altered and loaded with cholesterol high enough to give a marathon runner heart palpitations.

So you get the idea right? Options are everything when you are eating; make sure your options healthy ones by planning them out. Same thing can be applied when your browsing through the grocery stores aisles, don’t buy something that’s going to tempt you later on.

Smart Quick Meal Options for Travel

Pack a fast meal for yourself first thing in the morning. Then you’re in control over what you’re eating and can make sure you’re only putting in top quality nutrients in your body. Eating a healthy meal doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming if you know where to start. Let me give you a couple options to work with.

Tuna Pita

The first lunch option is a basic tuna pita. Open a can of tuna, mix with some salsa, and place in a whole-wheat pita with some vegetables of your choice. It’s ready in seconds.

Chicken Salad

A chicken salad is also a great option for the low carb dieters. Grill up some chicken the night before (or alternatively freeze some from the last time you made chicken) and then dice it and top over a bowl of spinach leaves.

Add in some cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, and peppers, and then drizzle with an olive oil based salad dressing.

If you want more meal options you can check out my Ebook out here:

Home-Made Soup

Finally, don’t overlook bringing soup to lunch. The great thing about soup is that you can make a very large batch over the weekend when you have more time and then freeze it in individual sized containers for taking out for work the next day. I caution you with this one a little just make sure you have Tupperware so it doesn’t spill when you’re on the go. You can also see other meal options simply by following me on instagram @TerryAsher

Packing Your Meals


Next time you’re planning on taking a vacation consider your options on the road. Remember don’t get backed into a corner with poor food options, just because you forgot to plan or your simply in a time crunch. One day of preparing and cooking can easily provide you with up to 10 meals or more. No excuses, I’ve provided you with reasons why you should prepare food options and just how nasty airplane food can be for your body.

Hopefully, you will travel cleaner in the future 🙂

-Terry Asher

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