Ways to Lose Weight During Lockdown


Lose Weight During Lockdown

Due to our busy lives, many of us are unable to take care of our health and weight as we seem to never have time. But now even though the pandemic has many negatives it also has some positives and one of the positives is much more time.

Now that we are at home and no longer have to worry about getting ready and travelling to work or school, we have much more time to focus on ourselves, so what better time to work on your health and lose some pounds.

Lose That Lockdown Weight


Taking walks is the most easiest method to improve health and lose weight.

We all walk on a normal basis whether it is to school, work, errands or even around the house, all these times you are slowly losing weight and improving your wellbeing by being active.

But if you want to lose weight at a bigger rate, we suggest that you dedicate a certain amount of time to engage in walking. To see a difference in health you should walk for at least for an hour and gradually you can increase the walk time and distance.

You definitely should not overwork yourself and strain yourself, especially at the beginning because it can cause damage and aches etc. Walking does not require much energy like other exercises do however it does require consistency to see any difference and to feel better.

Walks are also great for warming up the body and muscles for workouts so that your body does not hurt.

Workout Plans and Meal Plans:

Workout Plans and Meal Plans:

Workout Plan and Meal Plans are great for those who are on a dedicated mission to really improve their health and lose weight. These plans are either set and structured beforehand or designed to fit you and your needs.

Many of these are accessible online by many organisations with the aim of helping you and many others reach their goals.

However, many organisations also offer trainers who monitor you and can help come up with a workout and meal planthat suits your style and your target area of weight loss.

Many organisations offer a sign-up free couple of weeks try of a workout plan and meal plan so that you have a taster of what you may be signing up for and putting your money into.

This method is a lot more intense and definitely stricter than simple walking as you will have to follow the plan properly to see results.


Sports is a great way for losing weight but also having fun and improving many other skills as well. You can either do sports at home with a family member or join a club. There are so many different types of sports for you to choose from.

Some of the best ones to consider are basketball, football, tennis, netball etc.

Sports is great as it is much more fun and intriguing than a workout and most of the time you do not even realise that you are doing a form of exercise. You can do these types of sports in a home which just a few bits of equipment and another person and then you are ready to do it.

It is good to try to do at least one hour and make sure that beforehand you do a warmup because it is crucial before doing any forms of exercise.

Vegetarian diet bodybuilder


We hope that you consider these methods to improve your health and engage in physical activity as due to the pandemic many people are sitting around much more at home. These are great and easy methods to help you achieve your goals. Work hard you have got this.

-Terry Asher


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Ways to Lose Weight During Lockdown
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Ways to Lose Weight During Lockdown
Due to our busy lives, many of us are unable to take care of our health and weight as we seem to never have time: Ways to Lose Weight During Lockdown
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  1. The best tip is not use the lockdown as an excuse to not exercise. You can alwyas do push-ups, squats, and planks anywhere (even inside of the small prison cell)


  2. I’m so glad I come across this very helpful post! I think working out at home while on lockdown is the best thing to do rather than just sleeping and doing nothing at all. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas!


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