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I heard strength training for women will get you super bulky? Wrong!….Strength Training For Women Exposed…

Fitness marketing companies often caters exclusive to women and with inaccurate information and the wrong approach.

I mean how many of them are truly selling the truth?

In nearly all women fitness magazines, you will find a new kind of workout that would promise you stunning results and that you are going to tone your muscles and get a perfect body.

However, is it really so?

You usually come across super diet pills or machines that claim they target belly fat and will get you skinny in no time.

All of this makes me uneasy because come on, what pieces of crap they usually are! So, here we are to set all the correct information and give you an insight into what is right and what is wrong with the way women train. You need to be educated about the details to know how to train yourself the correct way even if you are looking for a beginner workout.

Let us bust a few myths now…


Women Shouldn’t Lift Heavy Unless They Want to Get Bulky

I mean really dude, which trainer told you this?

Gwyneth Paltrow was asked not to lift anything beyond 3 lbs as it would lead her to being bulky! What a load of crap. People never get bulky merely by lifting heavy things.

Have you seen those women bodybuilders who look really bulky?

They don’t look so because they are only lifting heavy things. It is because they have been eating a lot of healthy food, taking the best supplements for muscle growth and following a very strict workout routine.

So, what is the truth? 

The thing is when you are lifting heavy weights; it will end up making your muscles a lot stronger. Ideally, if you are pumping heavy weight and you are eating more calories than what you are burning, you are bound to get bigger.

Here is an example of a calorie deficit:


Weight Loss Calculation

When you are lifting heavy and you make a calorie deficit, you will find that your muscles will get stronger however at the same time, you will burn excess body fat much easier than a calorie surplus.

Here is an example of calorie surplus:

Weight Gain Calculation

When you weight lifting with much lighter weight and carry out around 15-25 repetitions or so, your building muscle endurance. Most people that train for muscle endurance are athletes and not the most ideal for building muscle mass.

You Cannot Spot Reduce Fat

Here are a few key points that you need to know about side bends and sit ups when trying to spot reduce.

Side bends are going to help you in strengthening your side muscles. It is not going to reduce the body fat which you have and thus you end up looking a lot bigger around your waist unless you make it a point to change your simple diet plan.

Not to mention if you’re not careful sit-ups can wreck troubles on your lower back if you’re not careful.

Your body will not be able to spot reduce fat in one location. The genetic makeup of our body and gender have to do with where fat will be present on your body. Similarly, when you are losing fat, it will be lost in different area’s as well. Thus, it is your genetic makeup and gender which dictates where you pile up fat and the way you lose it as well. Regardless of how much-targeted exercise you carry out, you will not be able to change this pattern.

When you are eating a simple diet plan and have a resistance program, it will aid in faster weight loss. You should make it a point to strength train and use big compound movements which will stimulate many muscles and thus help you burn body fat more effective.

Cardio is Must for Losing Weight

Does the mere mention of treadmill make you go into frenzy?

There are people who have managed to shed the extra weight without running on treadmills or even elliptical.

Have you heard of resistance training for women?

It generates a lot more efficient weight loss when you compare it to steady cardio, because it raises your resting metabolic rate.

I personally believe that you should stick to interval training or circuit training over steady cardio, which have been designed to help you shed the extra pounds. You can carry out Zumba or even carry out jazz exercise and even step aerobics anything all are going to aid in shedding body fat and keeping lean muscle.

When you are lifting weights, your muscles will get broken and then over the next couple of days, they are going to be rebuilt all over again. When your body is busy in rebuilding the muscles, it will end up using a lot of calories and thus a lot of energy will be spent in repairing your muscles. Knowing this, the rate of metabolism of your body is going to speed up as well and so you will be able to get more optimal results.

Now, I am going to tell you something that will be quite an eye-opener for you.  Though there are a lot of advantages of strength training for women, sometimes you don’t need to do even these exercises for the sake of shedding weight. You can easily opt for a simple diet plan and you will be able to shed some extra pounds.

However, when your goals stretch beyond shedding the target pounds and you want to look toned and more muscular, you will have to explore the details of women weight lifting and there are a lot of workouts to keep in mind. Here are the things you can do.

  • Picking heavy items
  • Swinging the different kettle bells
  • Carrying out weight lifting routines for women
  • Performing yoga sessions
  • Hiking on the weekends

Strength training isn’t merely sweating it out in a gym. There are so many more benefits you can get from it. Including tons of exercises, which help you in fixing such issues as your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and even diabetes and obesity as well. A lot of cardiologists have recorded strength training for heart patients as it can help in ensuring that people can live a healthy life and cut down on the bad cholesterol levels too.


One Plan Works for Every Woman

Do you still believe that there is one master plan which will work for every single woman regardless of your genetic makeup?

Trust me, this is a screwed up logic. Every person has his or her own body type and it is important to analyze what works for you.

The only way to find out the right kind of plan is by keeping a track of your results. When you are tracking the results, you will be able to find out the exact improvements which you have encountered. Until and unless, you have found the right changes, you may need to keep on changing your workouts.

Men and Women Must Train Differently

Seriously, you want to believe this myth?

In a lot of different gyms, there are trainers who will tell you that there are different regimes for both men and women. Trust me; there is no reason for you to follow it.

Why should you?

If you have a solid workout you can follow it, regardless of your gender.

So, it is ridiculous to believe that women need to engage in workouts that are specially suited for them because they are as good as men in carrying out the workout, lifting weights and doing a lot more. No doubt, the way our bodies are built are different and you may reap a little different reward, but in the end, women too will be able to get the dense and toned look which they want to aim for.

However, regardless, the bottom-line remains the fact that it is your diet, which will remain the most crucial point, which you need to keep in mind. You do not have to push your body beyond what you can achieve. Keep on working and strive hard for the sake of achieving the things that you want to do.

Don’t look at the workouts, which are men-centric because as long as you are dedicated, you will be able to achieve the same.


Just Eat Less and Cut Down Your Weight

People think that merely eating less is going to help you lose weight because a calorie is nothing else but a calorie. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not how it works. The types of calories that you are consuming have a lot to do with your goals.

Not all calories are created equal and the way your body reacts to some calories is way different than how it reacts to others. For that reason, you need to put in the right effort and find out quality food and if you’re trying to put on muscle invest in the top muscle building foods.

When you are eating the right kinds of food, which can be termed healthy, it will help you in building muscle and shedding extra body fat. When you combine a good diet with a solid workout, the results shall be there for you to reap. This is the reason, that not only have a calorie deficit is important but your focus should ensure that you are consuming the correct calories which will actually help you in improving the way your body works.

Here is a good video to highlight some tips we have talked about today:

Older Women Should Not Lift Weights

Another common myth which a lot of people have is that older women shouldn’t strength train. Let me get this one thing straight. When it comes to weight training for women, there is absolutely no age limit.

As long as you are comfortable picking weights, carrying out the exercises and indulging in workouts, there is absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t strength train. In fact, a lot of doctors ask women to opt for weight lifting after they have suffered from osteoporosis or even when menopause has kicked in.

So, do not use your age as an excuse and make it a point to choose the best resistance training for women exercises, which can make a positive difference.

There is are a lot of great benefits from weight lifting for women and it is important you are considering weights regardless of your age. When you manage to do so, you will begin to experience and feel positive changes as well.

You are now aware of all the myths regarding the strength training workout process.

So, what are you waiting for?

Find out a solid weight lifting program that will help you shed pounds, build the right kind of muscle and bring you a healthy life.

It is not easy to get in model shape, but when you are prepared to implement the finest weight lifting routines for women, you will be able to get the body, you wish for.

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So, feel free to review these details and now that we have busted many myths, you can work on these specifics and follow the right points and get the best results possible. So jump start your workout routine and pick that dumbbell up!

-Terry Asher

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  1. I really agree with you! Some of the things that show up in women’s magazines these days make my head. From the ridiculous fashion that the average person can’t afford, annoying celebrity gossip, and then as you mentioned, the all too promising workouts and also diet regimes. To get the right information, these magazines are definitely not the place. Loved you debunk of some of these silly myths related to women, especially that lifting weights doesnt make you bulk up (where was the logic with that Gwenyth Paltrow thing? Heaven forbid she touch something more than 3lbs!) and also that men and women don’t actually have to go about training in different ways. I’ve heard some of these before and it surprises me how much that people get wound up in this rubbish, but now I also have some really good responses to rebutte them.

  2. The Gwenyth Paltrow thing had me laughing my head off too, especially considering That even if she did bulk up, there would probably still be people wanting to hire her for films. It’s not like there would really be a shortage of roles for her just because she’d become a bit more muscular. It just goes to show that even in this current day and age, even in first world countries, it’s still a men’s world and women aren’t seen to be as capable as things that men can do. That’s why posts like these are a great thing, disputing some of the stupid things that crop up in those magazines and out of people’s mouths.


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