How To Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples With Diet & Exercises


Do you have puffy nipples? Many men do. Want to get rid of them? That’s a lot of wish lists. The good news is we know how to do it and we’re revealing it all right here. You’re welcome!

It’s believed that as much as 30% of men end up with puffy nipples. And, probably many men who don’t have puffy nipples just figured out the perfect exercise and diet routine to eliminate them. This guide can help you too.

The first step to eliminating that speck of femininity on your manly chest is figuring out exactly how it arises.

This knowledge will help you apply laser-targeted elimination diet plans and exercises.

The technical term for puffy nipples is gynecomastia. It has various causes and can occur at different stages of your life. With that said, it typically occurs at old age and during puberty. These are the periods when men’s bodies experience hormonal imbalances (and you thought only women had hormonal issues). Either your estrogen levels go up or your testosterone levels drop, or both. The result is benign swelling of breast tissue.

A number of things can kick off such hormonal imbalances.

That includes such things as autoimmune diseases, alcoholism, genetics, traumatic brain injury and chemotherapy. Obesity can also cause man boobs – a variety called pseudo gynecomastia. But that’s likely not the kind you are worried about. After all, you work out religiously. Just as with any other physical condition, it is always wise to first check with your doctor before trying any corrective measures.

Fortunately, mild puffy nipples can be reduced through exercise and diet. Of course, that’s apart from observing other lifestyle issues like avoiding steroids, as well as herbicides and pesticides as they, too, can disrupt hormones.

Exercises To Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples

The exercises to focus on should target your chest muscles. Don’t overdo it. Just work out according to your level of intensity.

Just by exercising, you are already boosting your testosterone levels. But this only works up to a certain point. Then the reverse happens. If you over-train yourself, you’ll end up with higher cortisol levels. That would counteract your testosterone levels.

Bodyweight Flyes

#1 Bodyweight Flyes

For this exercise, you will need two E-Z curl bars. Also, the floor surface should be smooth, as the exercise would involve rolling the E-Z curl bars on the floor. It doesn’t involve any lifting of weights – just your body weight. Hence, you can actually replace the E-Z curl bars with dust rags or something else that can roll or slide on the floor.

The E-Z bars should be equally loaded. Place them side-by-side on the floor. Position your body over the bars, assuming a push-up posture. Your arms would be closest to the bars. In this position, your body would be supported on your hands and your toes. Keep your torso straight and arms extended.

Alternatively, you can support your lower body on your knees instead of your toes. This will reduce the intensity of your workout. Place folded up towels under your knees to provide a cushion against the hard floor.

To start the exercise, put your hands on the bars while maintaining the push-up position. Do not forget to keep your arms extended. While inhaling, slowly push your hands apart, as you roll the bars or slide the dust rags on the floor. Always keep your hands extended and use a controlled motion. Move the bars only as far as you are comfortable before returning to the starting point. Exhale while pulling them back.

You can also bend your elbows to bring your hands close to your body after moving your chest until it touches the floor. Then push up your body back to the starting position. Perform three or four sets with eight reps each.

Do this workout twice a week within a long-term exercise plan to see visible results.


#2 Regular Dips

Dip bars should be easy to find in any gym. This workout exerts your arms and chest muscles, as well as other muscle groups. It’s a bit more intensive compared to bodyweight flyes, as your arms would bear all of your body’s weight. Fortunately, you can reduce the intensity by adjusting the workout.

All you really need to do is grab the bars and start. Having grabbed the bars, pull yourself up and balance your body with locked elbows. In this position, your shoulders would be above your arms.

Also, cross your legs at the ankles.

From that starting position, bend your arms slowly to lower your body. To maintain proper form, your torso should be leaning slightly forward. You should only go down to a level where your elbows are slightly above your shoulders. If you do not want to go so far down, place a box underneath where your knees will land so you can pull yourself back up again from that point.

Now, lift yourself back up by slowly straightening out your arms. In case lifting up is still challenging for you, stand up instead of lifting your body back up using your arms.

Depending on your fitness level, you should do three or four sets of 5 to 10 reps.

#3 Decline Bench Press

For this, you’ll definitely need to go to a gym, unless you have a decline bench and barbell/dumbbell at home. It’s also wise to have a spotter for your own safety. Why? There is the potential risk of the weights falling on your face.

You don’t want that!

This is likely the most targeted workout. It focuses on the lower portion of your chest – the exact area where those puffy nipples are. As well, it reduces exertion on your shoulders, compared to a flat bench press. The exercise helps produce round, wide and defined chest muscles.

Check that the decline bench is appropriately positioned and the barbell placed on the power rack. Sit on the upper end and secure your feet at the end of the bench. Lie back flat on the bench, making sure not to slam your head on the bar. In this position, the bar should be above your head.

Hold the bar with a standard grip that is slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Once you pull it off the rack, it should be positioned right above your chest. Breathe in while slowly lowering the bar towards your chest. Then press it up back to the start position while exhaling.

The number of sets and reps you can perform would depend on your barbell weight. An ideal weight should allow you to perform about three sets of 8 to 10 reps each. For safety purposes, do not overload your barbell. You simply don’t need to do that unless you’re trying to show off. And, if that’s your goal, you are making a big mistake.

No one’s impressed.

This Is The Diet To Get Rid Of Puffy Boobs

You can’t outwork a bad diet. Diet can also help relieve the symptoms of mild gynecomastia. Since fat and estrogen buildup contribute to puffy nipples, you should start by removing fatty foods and those that contain estrogenic compounds. While doing so, consume foods that boost your testosterone levels.

fatty foods

#1 Avoid Fatty Foods

Although fat in unprocessed foods are healthy compared to processed foods, you should also cut down on such fats even as you avoid the processed foods.


It will help you achieve your intended results much faster.

Obviously, all junk food has to be eliminated, something that you would do anyway for a healthy lifestyle. Cut down on cheese, chocolate, butter and ice cream. Even when cooking healthy meals, don’t use too much fat when frying or use other cooking methods that do not involve frying. If you can take fried foods out of your routine, even better.

#2 Eat Lean Proteins

Cutting out proteins from your diet has the potential of boosting hormones that de-activate testosterone. Various research findings have shown how testosterone levels are greatly depleted by chronic protein malnutrition. This also negatively affects muscle mass, which would be counterproductive to your workout plans to overcome puffy nipples.

However, when observing your protein intake, consider these two issues: You only need just enough protein intake (too much would lead to more harm than good) and you should avoid fatty protein sources.

#3 Add Potatoes And Cut Out Grains

Healthy testosterone production requires carbs. Potatoes are one of the best sources of such carbs, unlike grains, which have a gluten problem that would negatively affect testosterone production.

It would be a better idea to make potatoes your main carb source, rather than grains. And, it may be a good idea to just avoid grain sources of carbs during the period when you are getting rid of your man boobs. All and any kinds of potatoes would do, including white potatoes, red potatoes, russets, sweet potatoes and purple potatoes.

But, no French fries!


#4 Eat Macadamia Nuts

As mentioned, fats should be avoided when boosting your T levels. With that said, a special kind is actually beneficial in boosting T levels and it’s found in macadamia nuts.

Macadamia nuts have insignificant amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) – the kind that lowers testosterone levels. Instead, it has high amounts of both monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) and saturated fatty acids (SFAs) – the kinds that increase T production. This makes these nuts uniquely special compared to others that contain high PUFA levels. For this reason, macadamia nuts can be your best snack while you work to eliminate puffy nipples.


#5 Avoid Foods That Disrupt Your Sleep

Avoiding certain types of foods can indirectly boost your testosterone levels by helping you sleep better. Sleep is a great way of boosting your T levels. You must get sufficient sleep and avoid stress. This helps proper functioning of your body, which is sure to stabilize your hormone imbalance.

Therefore, avoid consuming coffee or other caffeinated drinks before bedtime. In fact, you shouldn’t consume such drinks in the evening or late afternoon. You might not realize it, but some drinks may have caffeine within their ingredients. Therefore, always check the content labels of whatever you consume.

#6 Only Use Real Salt

Cutting out processed foods is needed to avoid artificial chemicals that may have an adverse effect on your body. Table salt is one of such processed item.

What makes table salt different from unrefined salt?

For starters, they look quite different. Unrefined salt has a clumpy look. Refined salt appears as more uniform and dispersed crystals. Such a look on table salt is achieved by adding anti-caking agents to the original salt.

Anti-caking agents contain unhealthy elements like sodium ferrocyanide and aluminum silicate. Unrefined salt is completely free of such stuff. Moreover, unrefined salt have various other nutrients that table salt do not. The more than 60 trace minerals found in unrefined salt have been completely stripped away, leaving just sodium and chloride in table salt.

Natural salt also tastes so much better than table salt.

Eat Oysters

#7 Eat Oysters

Oysters are full of minerals needed for testosterone production. These include magnesium, copper, vitamin D, selenium, and zinc.

Besides the nutrient content, oysters are also a good source of proteins. And it wouldn’t hurt to vary your diet once in a while from the more conventional protein sources.

#8 It’s Okay To Be Sweet On Sorghum

Sorghum is the one grain carb source that’s gluten free. So, if you still yearn for bread, but can’t take wheat, sorghum would be the best option.


Just observing this diet and exercise plan would not be enough to overcome the hormone imbalance causing your puffy nipples and reducing the symptoms. You must also compliment it with a healthy lifestyle. There are so many other factors that can affect your hormone levels, including stress and lack of sleep. Try to evaluate and take charge of as many factors as you can to succeed with your goal.

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