Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone


Natural Ways to Boost TestosteroneBoosting testosterone is all the rage nowadays. Are you looking for safe, legal, natural ways to boost testosterone?

Let’s face it, testosterone is what makes us men. Unfortunately, as we age, or due to various medical conditions, our bodies produce less of it. This is why countless men turn to some drastic measures like performance enhancing drugs. Unfortunately, many people do this illegally and without the guidance of a doctor.

The flip-side of the coin is reaching for some expensive but promising products that promise to naturally boost your body’s production of testosterone.

Are there really effective natural ways to boost testosterone without resorting to doctors and drugs? 

Today we’ll show you what could be missing from your diet and lifestyle that’s keeping your testosterone levels down.

Seriously low testosterone may require your doctor’s help. However, there are evidence-backed natural ways to boost testosterone. So put aside the other more drastic solutions and give this a read.

7 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

There are quite a few different ways to help your product boost its own production, but we’re going to go into the top six. If you can incorporate all of these suggestions into your daily life, you’re going to see a big difference.

Boosting Testosterone Naturally takes work, dedication and a dedication to training hard.

Here are our 7 tips for natural ways to boost testosterone. Eating right, resting right and regular exercise are just the beginning. However, before we get started, one thing that can’t be stressed enough, is that you have the power to boost your body’s testosterone levels with every workout.

Did you know that squats are one of the Best Exercises for Boosting Testosterone and work 85% of your body’s muscles in one movement?

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone #1: Eat the Right Veggies

We definitely aren’t saying there are any wrong kinds of vegetables. Hey, veggies are veggies and you should eat as much as you can. If you want natural ways to increase your testosterone, there are certain veggies you’re going to want to aim for.

There’s a lot of research and evidence that shows veggies rich in I3C (which stands for Indole-3-Carbinol) can help with a few different areas. First, it changes men’s estrogen metabolism.

Wondering what that means?

For example, in a recent study, a man ingesting 500 mg of I3C every day showed 50% lower levels of what’s called the bad estrogen. Therefore, this whole process helps testosterone levels remain healthy.

Studies show that ingesting 500mg per day of I3C from veggies lowers men’s bad estrogen levels by up to 50%.

You may already eat a ton of veggies that are bursting full of I3C. Vegetables rich in I3C include:

  • cruciferous veggies
  • broccoli
  • rutabaga
  • mustard
  • turnips
  • brussels sprouts
  • bok choy
  • kale
  • and cauliflower.

If you’re looking for natural way to boost testosterone, squeeze in 1 to 2 servings of these veggies into your every day meal plan.

On the same topic, you want to make sure your weight is healthy, too. Getting rid of extra pounds can cause your testosterone levels to rise. Because overweight people tend to have lower testosterone levels, keeping the numbers on the scale down is important among natural ways to boost testosterone.

If you feel like you need to lose a few pounds, start with sugar.

Processed sugar, especially fructose, is a main reason why so many people are overweight nowadays. Get rid of sodas, fruit juice, processed foods and large amounts of fruit. These can all contribute to a weight problem.

Luckily, we can help you understand Everything You Need to Know About Sugar.

You should keep fructose intake to below 25 grams per day. And yes, this number does include fruits.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone #2: Eat More Lean Meat

We probably don’t need to say this twice – eat more meat! Of course, the protein that comes from meat can be seriously beneficial for building muscle. There are also may clinical studies that provide data to suggest that meat causes a boost in testosterone levels, therefore leading to even more amounts of muscle mass. This is a key method amongst natural ways to boost testosterone.

Are you wondering, Are You Getting Enough Protein?

One particular study had some seriously interesting results. There were two groups of men, all with similar health and overall builds. Every volunteer followed a specific weightlifting regimen for 12 weeks.

By the time the regime had ended, obviously everyone saw a major jump in their strength. But here’s the kicker – only the major meat-eaters saw a huge surge in both fat loss and muscle growth.

And before you start gnawing on a hunk of ground beef, listen to us when we say “meat” is more than just red meat. Lean meats include:

  • turkey
  • pork
  • fish
  • chicken
  • buffalo
  • and even venison.

The closer to the farm, the better; always go for grass fed lean cuts of meat if available. Don’t feel like you’re limited to just one area – there are tons of different meats you can enjoy.

You’ll hear paleo diet enthusiasts encourage meat for both its protein and natural animal fat qualities. This goes along with going for grass fed meats whenever possible.

You should aim for two servings of lean meat at lunch and dinner. Or, if you’re trying to bulk up, bump that amount up to 4 servings.

Natural Way to Boost Testosterone - Fats

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone #3: Natural Fats

One of the richest, densest ways to get a great source of energy into your body is through fats. For every one gram of fat you ingest, it’s twice that of a gram of protein or carbs.

You can get your dose of healthy fats through things like fish oil, avocados, olive oil, meat, dairy, and several nuts. These types of food are critical to your overall wellness and health.

Avocados, olive oil, coconut oil and nuts provide healthy fats key to maintaining testosterone levels and overall wellness.

Fats are important because they help your body absorb various other nutrients, as well as offer nourishment to the nervous system, maintain hormone levels, and keep cell structures stable.

Fats are a pretty important team player. Here’s a pro tip:

Try adding Organic Coconut Oil to your protein shakes for a natural fat supercharge to your post workout shake.

There’s also a lot of data that shows men who eat more healthy fats have a lot higher levels of testosterone.

Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that eating saturated fats (egg yolks, dairy, and meat) can do more harm than good. But this just isn’t true – in fact, there’s a lot of evidence proving it’s wrong. But it does a lot more than prove it wrong. A lot of studies show the exact opposite could be true, meaning eating saturated fats can even cut your risk of heart disease.

Need proof? Even the National Heart Foundation changed its stance to the question, Is Cholesterol Healthy?

Regardless, the fat you definitely don’t want is Trans Fat. You can read up for yourself about FDA Warnings on Trans Fat. This is a scientifically modified version of saturated fats. And this exists because manufacturers have one goal in mind – giving food a longer shelf life. Their goal has nothing to do with your health.

You can find trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils in many processed foods. And of course, fried foods are more than likely going to include a dose of trans fat. These raise ‘bad’ cholesterol levels according to the FDA.

Basically, this type of fat has no nutritional value whatsoever, so there’s no point in consuming them. They’re also linked to all types of diseases and illnesses.

Very simple: avoid trans fats at all costs.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone #4: Don’t Stress

Certainly this is another “easier said than done” kind of task. But stress takes a serious toll on your overall health, not to mention your testosterone levels. If you’re looking for natural ways to boost testosterone, cut down on the amount of stress you have in your life and you’ll see your levels jump.

Basically, when you’re stressed out, your body starts creating cortisol, which is a hormone that contributes to the breaking down of fat and muscle tissue. This can mess up your body’s production of testosterone.

Another down side to stress?

Cortisol tends to increase your appetite and could possibly add some impulse eating and extra fat to the belly area. If your stress levels stay high during the day, it’s going to cause some problems.

Try to take each day for what it is and not get freaked out over the small stuff. When you can, take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy. Meditate, do you yoga, go for a walk. Kick back every once in a while and relax. You deserve it. If you’re looking for natural ways to boost testosterone, managing stress is an extremely important step.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone #5: Catch up on Z’s

We know, we know – sleep is important, everyone knows this, yet still a majority of the world’s population doesn’t get nearly enough sleep. It’s important to ask yourself: are you REALLY getting enough sleep?

Think about your work schedule – how many hours do you work in a day? What about in a week? That’s a pretty big chunk of your time.

In order to keep a healthier work/life balance, you probably cut into your sleep schedule. Can you really afford to do that?

After all, how are you supposed to catch up on chores or squeeze in time for hobbies without it? There just aren’t enough hours in the day. So cutting an hour or so into your sleep time doesn’t seem too bad, right?


Studies show insufficient sleep can ruin testosterone levels, so sleep more to grow more.

In one particular study, a group of healthy men were only allowed five hours of sleep per night. The results were solid – subjects who slept only 5 hours all saw a 10 to 15% decrease in their testosterone levels.

So yeah, sleep can definitely have an impact on testosterone levels.

There are also studies that prove that not getting enough sleep can make it a lot hard for you to lose weight – something you definitely don’t want. Plus, you might find you’re losing a lot of muscle when you go on a diet.

Sleep definitely plays a larger role than you might think.

You’re going to want to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

And that means 7-9 hours of being physically asleep. So if you go to bed at 10 and wake up at 7, you didn’t get 9 hours of sleep. Depending on the person, it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour for the average human to fall asleep.

Without question, getting ample sleep is one of the cheapest and most important natural ways to boost testosterone.

Try getting to bed a few minutes earlier so you give yourself some time to unwind and fall asleep peacefully.

Inexpensive Pro Tip: get more out of your sleep by avoiding light with a sleep mask. This cheap fix will eliminate harmful blue light and help you get more restful sleep.

And if you’re asking yourself about that weird “after or before midnight” sleep thing, don’t worry about it. There is literally no type of evidence that proves sleep after midnight is a lot less beneficial than any sleep before midnight. Sleep is sleep, period.

Lastly, sleep is important enough that if you are struggling with getting enough hours, you may want to consider a natural sleep aid. The Best Natural Sleep Aids will have no grogginess upon waking. For this reason, we recommend Somnapure, which contains all natural ingredients used for hundreds of years to help you relax and get more restful sleep.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone #6: Add Zinc to Your Diet

This underestimated mineral is seriously critical for testosterone production. In back, adding into your diet for a few weeks can cause immediate, impressive results.

You can Add Zinc to Your Diet the Cheap Way with a daily supplement. This is one of the least expensive natural ways to boost testosterone.

Research shows not having enough zinc in your diet causes a huge decrease in testosterone production. And not only does Zinc cause testosterone levels to rise. It also can help prevent exercise from negatively affecting your levels too.

It’s believed that close to half of adults 60 and older don’t get as much zinc as recommended, even when supplements were added into their diets.

Whether you want to add zinc to your diet through various types of food or supplements, it’s a simple way to get those levels up. If you want to do it through food, eat meat (as suggested above!) as well as fish. Raw cheeses, beans, yogurt and raw milk also have a lot of zinc in them.

It can be hard to get zinc through the diet, though. New food prep methods incorporate a lot of chemical fertilizers and even pesticides that can mess with your body’s ability to absorb zinc.


Because the chemicals cut down on the nutrients. Basically, in order for the zinc to be passed throughout your body, the plants have to do it first, which can be difficult when they’re being treated with harsh chemicals.

If you want to do it through zinc supplements, try to aim for 50 mg of zinc for day. This is one of our favorite natural ways to boost testosterone.

If you have too much zinc in your diet, it could possibly mess with your body absorbing other minerals, especially copper. Plus, one of the side effects is nausea and you don’t want to deal with that.

Remember: overcooking any food causes the nutritional value to decrease. So keep cooking times exact and don’t burn your food.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone - More Sex

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone #7: More Sex

Here you go, we said it, if you’re looking for natural ways to boost testosterone, have more sex. We mean it. A healthy amount of sex produces positive results on your testosterone levels. Need any more encouragement?

So yes, sex most definitely counts among natural ways to boost testosterone.

Since we’re talking about exercise (kind of), high intensity exercise can play a role with testosterone levels, too. Short intense exercise and intermittent fasting have been proven to help in boosting testosterone levels.

How? Well, intermittent fasting causes an increase in satiety hormones, so things like leptin and ghrelin, insulin, adiponectin, etc. These hormones have a role in creating testosterone and regulating your body’s energy, fat burning and muscle building responses.


So, now that you’re equipped with new natural ways to boost testosterone, it’s on you to put these into action. You must engage in intense physical exercise if you want your body to produce testosterone. You also must feed your body what it needs to remain in a state of ample hormone production. Also, remember we can’t ‘stress’ enough how important it is that you take time for sleep, relaxation, and yes, sex. All these methods combined are excellent natural ways to boost testosterone.

When you think about testosterone, remember that this is the hormone that makes us men. So work hard in the gym, get your protein, natural fats and vitamins, make time for yourself and your body. So, be a man and put these 7 natural ways to boost testosterone into action.

-Terry Asher

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