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Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov has the physique most guys want. We have the info on how he built that physique. Now all you have to do is follow the Lazar Angelov Workout. Are you ready?

If you are hoping to bulk up and define your muscles, then there is a good chance you already know about Lazar Angelov. He’s a popular fitness model with over 12 million likes on his Facebook page. He regularly posts videos of his workout routines and inspirational quotes for those who are looking to achieve a better physical shape. He’s also sponsored by Nike and is a personal trainer as well.

Let’s face it: Lazar Angelov has a body that every man aspires to have.

Perfectly chiseled abs muscles, big biceps, and a great form all around. Those who want to look like him, which includes most men, want to know more about what he does in the gym and what he eats every day to achieve this perfect form.

Wonder no more!

We will detail what he does on a daily basis to achieve his flawless look.We are going to go over some of the basics of what Lazar Angelov does on a daily basis.


If you are aware of the food he eats and the workouts he does regularly, then you can mimic this and perhaps achieve the same body style as him. While the Lazar Angelov workout and diet plans are very strict, they can obviously provide the results that men want. It will definitely require some endurance and perseverance to achieve the same results as him, but it can happen.

Lazar Angelov Diet

In order to look amazing, you have to eat amazingly. Lazar Angelov eats seven meals every day, including snacks, and they are all meticulously planned food groups that contribute to his body’s form. We are going to tell you about his daily food intake first.


Simple, because eating right is the first step to bulking up and building the defined muscles that you are looking for. Remember: Your body is built in the gym and the kitchen.

His breakfast consists of oatmeal, eggs, peanut butter and grapefruit. The eggs and peanut butter are packed full of protein. This is a vital ingredient to building larger muscles. The oatmeal is great for helping to digest the food, and it’s also packed full of good carbs that contribute to muscle building as well. The grapefruit is also going to help burn fat, as it is full of fiber and citrus. His first meal is followed by his first snack of the day. That consists of rice, chicken, and broccoli.

His lunchtime meal is tuna, pasta, and avocado. You may be thinking that pasta is not really a great food to eat while trying to build muscle. Think again! Good carbs actually play a crucial role in building muscle mass. The avocado is full of good, monounsaturated fats. The tuna is packed full of glycogen, which is something that is exhausted from the muscles when working out. His after-lunch snack consists of rice and chicken.

Lazar’s third meal of the day, dinner, is salmon and a green salad. Salmon is a great source of protein, but it also has other benefits. It comes with omega-3s. These are great because they help to prevent inflammation. They also aid in the recovery process after exercising. Eating greens, as most people who visit the gym know, are important to any diet. That’s the case because they aid in digestion and are also packed full of fiber and nutrients that the human body requires on a regular basis.

His after-dinner snack consists of broccoli and cottage cheese. Again, broccoli is another veggie that’s great for working out because it contains more vitamins and minerals than any other. The cottage cheese also helps with muscle recovery after an intense workout.

When prepping these foods, it’s important not to overdo it on the seasonings or salt. While a little bit of them is good for flavoring purposes, it’s important not to go overboard.


Simple, because too much seasoning can affect the way your body metabolizes the food. Adding too much salt to your meals will also cause your body to retain water as it is trying to dilute the effects of the extra salt intake. Eating too much salt can cause you to feel bloated, which is not something that you want to feel after a hard day at the gym.

Lazar Angelov Workout Routines

Lazar Angelov Workout Routines (Weekly)

Lazar works out five days per week (unless noted, he’s usually doing four sets of 8 to 12 reps for each exercise) and allows his body to recover on the weekend. While eating properly and exercising are both important to achieving the perfect form, so is getting the right amount of rest. During the weekend, his muscles will have a chance to heal and be prepared to get back at it on Monday. Overly working your muscles can lead to extensive damage. As any gym goer knows, this is not going to be conducive to your workout routines.

This Is Monday

On Monday, Lazar does a chest workout and abs thoroughly. He does several reps with the dumbbells, and he does some flat bench pressing as well. Bench pressing is good for developing muscles in the arms, but it also thoroughly works out the chest muscles. Do not forget a solid bench workout if you’re looking to bulk up your pecs.

On this day, Lazar does the flat bench press, hammer press, incline dumbbell press, decline bench press, and dumbbell pull-over exercises. He also does the following exercises to failure: Side crunches, hanging leg raises, weighted sit-ups and side bends.

While the amount of reps he is doing may be beyond what you might be able to do as of right now, you can always start with something that you’re comfortable with and work your way up as your muscles get stronger.

This Is Tuesday

Tuesday is the day for the back, forearms, and traps. Deadlifts bent over rows and lat pulldowns are the start of his Tuesday routine. He then works his way into pull-ups and shrugs. Note that when it comes to shrugs, he does six sets of 10 to 12 reps.

Do not overexert your muscles.

With that said, Lazar also does the standing wrist curl behind the back and reverse barbell wrist curl over bench until he can’t do anymore. Some workouts are good to only do a certain amount of while with others it is perfectly okay to do them until you can’t handle it any longer.

This Is Wednesday

On Wednesday, the abs will be focused on again, as well as the shoulder muscles. Weighted sit-ups, incline reverse flyes, hanging leg raises and side bends and crunches are all done until he can’t do anymore.

After the abs exercises, he works on dumbbell lateral raises, does machine shoulder presses, behind the neck military presses and front plate raises. These workouts are sure to get your shoulders growing.

Don’t believe it?

Look at Lazar for all the proof you need.

This Is Thursday

Thursday is an arms workout and forearms day. Lazar will partake in close grip bench presses, cable kickbacks, and EZ-bar curls on this day. He also does dumbbell hammer curls, triceps pushdowns and concentration curls. He will throw in some wide-grip standing barbell curls as well.

Thursday is the day where most of your exercises should be all within a certain number of reps.


This is the case because you are going to need your arms at your job and while completing regular life tasks, so it’s best not to work them until you can’t lift anymore or you may be too sore to get anything else done later. The only exercises he does to failure on Thursday are barbell wrist curls and standing wrist curls.

This is Friday

Last of the workout days is the legs workout, calves and abs workout he does on Friday. Saving legs and calves for Friday is a good idea. That is especially true if you work on your feet all day long at your job.


You would not want to have leg day and then have a hard time getting anything done at work because your legs feel like jello. Saving legs for Fridays allows you to recover over the weekend.

Squats, leg extensions, bulgarian split squats, seated calf raises, lying leg curls and glute kickbacks are all an important part of this day. Leg workouts are always something you should do a set number of reps with because, like we said before, you do not want to overdo it and be unable to use your legs normally, even over the weekend. Abs on Friday will consist of weighted sit-ups, standing barbell twists and side bends all done to failure.

Lazar Angelov 5

More Things Lazar Does To Achieve His Perfect Form

Eating right and doing regular workouts are some of the most important things you need to focus on to reach your best physical shape. But, there are also some other bits of advice Lazar has to offer those who want to follow his lead.

Lazar avoids going to the club and drinking alcohol.


Simple, because he feels that is one of the key things that set him apart from everybody else. He is aware that going out for a few drinks is not going to harm his pristine shape in any way, but he strives for greatness and wants to stand apart from others in as many ways as he can.

Avoiding temptations is the best way to ensure that he does not give in to any unhealthy practices that may cause his focus to waver from his routines. After all, he did not attain the title of “Bulgarian Beast” because he does things like everybody else.

Some people think that they need to take supplements to get lean and all sorts of other workout aids to become physically fit, but Lazar does not believe this to be the case. He feels the only thing that needs to be done to attain a defined body is to eat right, stay focused and be consistent. While supplements and other workout aids are not bad in any way, Lazar feels that there is just no need for them when the same results can be achieved naturally.

If you are starting to feel worn out after the first couple of days but want to stick with the routines, then try some post-workout protein shakes. These can help your muscle-building efforts, as well as to retain energy and stay focused during the day. This is especially important if the only time you have to work out is before you go into work.

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While you may be thinking that eating such a strict diet is not going to be pleasant, there are ways you can change up each meal. Try some different spices on your chicken or have a grapefruit drink instead of eating an actual grapefruit. There are many things that can be done to substitute the way you consume the necessary foods. It’s just important to be sure that your body is getting what it needs to stay in shape.

Also, don’t rush into doing so many weighted sit-ups, or other exercises, if you are just beginning the routines. Start small and slowly work your way up. You will get to the point where you can do more and more over time, but you don’t want to risk tearing your muscles and needing a hospital visit as this could totally ruin your motivation levels.

It will definitely take some time to reach the muscle mass and physique of Lazar Angelov. No doubt! But, it can be done. You just need to stick to the Lazar Angelov workout and diet and great results should soon follow.

By Garrick LaGue


  1. I purchased the “LaDiette” by Lazor Angelov is very poorly thought out, eat chicken for lunch, eat the left overs for supper with a salad. The whole menu is like that…so boring and not at all well thought out. I asked for my money back from the time I received the diet plan on September 4 and in December I had to include PayPal to get refunded and Lazor Angelov waited till the PayPal’s request expired and never refunded me. It says full money back guarantee but they are full of shit. I requested my money back 10 times minimum…bad bad bad customer service!

  2. I was wondering, would this diet plan be suited for women? it seems very male-orientated and I am not convinced that it pays the same attention to women’s needs and bodies. If anyone has any details on this I would love to hear about it


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