How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse


Survive Zombie Apocalypse

Ok, who watches walking dead? I know I love that show…

Zombies are more popular than ever in movies and television and some even believe a zombie outbreak to be a real threat. If this sort of disaster were to take place, what would it take to survive?

No, I am not a superhero, but I’ll walk you through some key points to help you learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse. This isn’t going to be easy and there are a lot of things you have to learn. Check out beginners workout if you’re completely new to fitness.

For some, video games and science fiction, have provided some imaginative background knowledge for zombie apocalypse survival. No one can say for sure which of these would be realistic or not, but in any sort of survival situation, whether it’s zombies or a massive power outage, preparation and knowledge are monumental.

Stay Fit to Stay Alive

First thing is first. Whether you’re a human running from a monster or a zebra running from a lion, don’t be the slowest or the juiciest. Zombies and lions go after easy target. We can’t always predict disaster, but we can be physically fit to keep us prepared for anything, anytime

So, now comes the million dollar question; how exactly do you stay in shape when an apocalypse hits? In a survival situation, you may not have unlimited resources, so conserving your energy, while rationing supplies is necessary.

In terms of fitness, you would still want to be sure to keep your muscles limber and strong at all times. You may not get the chance to stretch in a zombie chase.

So the most logical thing to do, is to spend time stretching, and focus on body weight movements like squats and pushups that can be done with no equipment. Combine these in the burpee movement to save time in case you’re being followed by walkers.

It’s in the Preparation, Not the Game

What if you really do not have too much time and let me even take the instance where you lack resources as well? Here’s a quick workout that you can do at home to keep you prepared for Z-day.

  1. 100 jumping jacks – Warm up
  2. Pushups – 2 x to failure
  3. Squats – Your legs need to be fit. Luckily, squats work 85% of your muscles in one move.
  4. Wide Grip Pull-ups. If you have access to any kind of pull up bar, these will help you the most for climbing out of situations.

Zombie Apocalypse

Sprints and High Intensity Intervals—Not Cardio

People often think that the best thing you can do when saving yourself from zombies is to run and so cardio may be your best friend. However, I have a different opinion here. Sprints and high-intensity interval training are more likely to serve you in a survival situation, especially if you have to battle your way out first and then run.

Moving past the basics of zombie apocalypse survival, keep in mind that combining strength training moves like pushups and squats with sprints and jogs directly after a set trains multiple energy systems in your body. This is the most effective training to help you in improve your oxygen capacity and so you can improve your endurance limit and even your sprinting ability as well..

Interval training is also considered to be one of the best ways by which you can develop your body strength. When you have ample strength in your body, the odds of beating down a zombie will multiply considerably.

Parkour Training Can Help

When you have zombies breathing down your neck and chasing you down, you might want to be able to jump over some obstacles. Parkour training has your back. You might as yourself what is Parkour training? 

Parkour essentially teaches you about different body movements and how to overcome the obstacles that you may find in your path. You may have seen youtube videos of these daredevils jumping between buildings—who couldn’t use that skill in a zombie outbreak?

When you are learning the different Parkour moves, you don’t have to concentrate on back flips and wall runs; there are other ways of doing the same. Ideally, you need to be sure that you are skilled enough to climb and jump over the different horizontal and vertical obstacles that come in your path.

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Survive a Zombie Apocalypse… Time to Prepare Your Food Supply

When zombies are on the prowl eating humans alive, you need to be sure that you have ample food in stock. Food stores would likely be the first ones looted in any disaster. Staying mobile and healthy are your main priority, so having food stored at home is a must. Whey powder is great as it requires no refrigeration and will last a long time.

Again, preparation is the key to survival here. Stay fit so that you have the ability to move effectively, stay prepared so you can optimally fuel your body at all times. These principles are the same principles that rule outside of a survival situation, but with higher stakes!

In any disaster, fresh water will be the biggest challenge. Keeping a large amount of water at home can only take you so far, keep a water purifier handy.

Save The World

So, now you’re well versed in the ways of zombie apocalypse survival. So far we’re safe from zombies, but for any survival situation, many of the same principles apply. First and foremost, secure a water supply. But with zombies as with any other imaginable disaster, keeping fit keeps you prepared for any situation and physical demand.

Even taking some basic steps to store food and water (and make sure you have plenty of protein powder), can really help improve your chances of survival. Interval training can keep you prepared for sprinting and climbing. Parkour can propel you over obstacles.

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As many threats and disasters we face, there are so many ways to train and prepare our bodies for any situation. So don’t fret, stay fit, keep some MRPs around and a fresh pair of hiking boots, just in case it gets ugly out there.

-Terry Asher

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