How To Lose Weight Without Any Exercise


Lose Weight

Many of us want to lose weight without exercises. I know you’re wondering if this is really possible.

What if I told you yes?Are you ready to see a proven method at work? Let’s get into it.

Before I talk about how to lose weight fast without exercises, I want to go ahead and explain that there is nothing wrong with exercising. When you exercise, good things happen. However, when the main focus is losing weight, you can’t expect to merely exercise and hope that things will fall into place. Exercising contributes only 10-20 percent and the rest depends mostly upon your diet.

Before you proceed, let’s be clear about something. I am going to ask you to make some major and substantial changes to your diet. Are you really ready for it? Buck up, if you want results, sacrifices must be made.

Lose Weight Fast Without Exercises And Eat Real Food

Have you read books that have a lot to do with The Paleo diet or do you follow sites like Mark’s Daily Apple? There is a lot of potential in all these sites and even if you only apply selected principles to your own diet, there is much to learn.

The main reason I love sites like Mark’s Daily Apple is for explaining health concepts in such a simple language that anyone can appreciate the importance of a healthy diet. If you don’t know what the Paleo diet is, keep in mind that these are the main focus foods:

  • Veggies
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Lean meats
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Fruits
  • (No Dairy)

Lose Weight

Why Does This Diet Work?

As you are only consuming nutrient-dense high-quality foods, you obtain a great deal of energy and rich benefits. Overeating is reduced while energy levels and recovery functions soar. When you focus your diet on high-value foods, the benefits are going to be endless.

Cut Back On Junk

Think of what are the possible reasons that you are overweight? Consider commonly eaten foods heavy on starch and light on real benefits like bread, pasta, rice, donuts, candy, tortillas. All of these are so jam-packed with empty carbs and contribute to a majority of all weight problems. Plus, when these foods are processed, their calorie content increases further.

I am not asking you to completely give up on all these food because I couldn’t do it myself either, but all I want to tell you is that it is probably the reason for the excess weight. Refined sugars and starches are the biggest  enemies to waistlines worldwide.

The Paleo diet sticks to foods that humans have been eating the longest. Refined carbs were not present way back in our diet, So, Paleo experts say, our bodies never learned how to fully adapt to process them healthily.

The recommended diet ratio listed by many nutritionists is 50-60% carbs and 30% protein along with 10-20% fat. However, in my opinion; such a high percentage of fat is not recommended.

There are low-fat items which you can find, but make sure to filter your diet enough not to have such high fat-rich meals. Focus on omega-rich healthy fats like those in fish, flax seed and natural fat sources like avocado.

How to Lose Weight Without Exercises And How I Know It Works…

While I am known to include a few grains in my diet for energy and mass building, I can vouch for the Paleo diet and the fact that it totally works for cutting down body fat and sustaining energy levels. I followed Paleo diet for over four months and my body fat ratio dropped significantly. My fat levels dropped from 12% to less than 8%. Apart from myself, I have heard from other people too who have managed to track this level of change.

If you too want to make the most out the Paleo diet, you can always find “easy to make” meals, for top tips and useful resources.

Cut The Liquid Calories

If you think that liquid calories don’t count, you are confused. If you’re an avid soda, margarita, cappuccino, Gatorade, beer or juice drinker, it’s time to smarten up and cut the useless liquid calories. Most of these beverages come packed with a lot of sugar and which is slowly converted into fat. If you think that changing from a full pack of coke or diet coke is the perfect solution, that won’t do it either.  Your best friend is going to be water.

Drink as much water as you can. It will cut down your appetite and make sure that your digestion is running efficiently as well. If you want to lose weight without exercises, you must appreciate the importance of water.

Lose Weight Without Any Exercise

Can’t Follow Paleo?

Do you just hate changing your eating pattern entirely so you don’t want to follow the Paleo diet? Don’t worry. All you need to do is make sure that you keep a count of your calories. I know, this is going to suck big time, but you have to do something proactive if you want results. You can use sites like gym junkies university to help you keep track of your calories. Keep this in mind:

  • Calories consumed > calories burned = gain of weight
  • Calories consumed < calories burned = loss of weight
  • 3500 less calories per week =  loss of 1 pound of fat

So, the type of food you are eating is extremely important as different key foods have different caloric values. However, more than the type of food you are eating, it is crucial that, overall, you create a calorific deficit. You can continue eating your favorite foods, but you will have to be sure that you are leading to a calorie deficit. This means you take in less than you burn in a day and you will lose the weight. Ideally, if you spend hours at the gym; exercising profusely, your rate of weight loss is going to increase. If not, calorie deficit is mandatory.

The choice is yours. You can eat a more relaxed diet and burn off more calories in the gym. You can choose to eat good food so that you don’t have to work harder to burn it off. Or, if you want to avoid intense exercise, you must create a calorie deficit so that your body burns more than it has in reserve—then it moves into burning stored fat.

Lose Weight

Make Your Own Decision

If you want to know answers for how to lose weight without working out, you have your answer. The diet you choose is of pivotal importance. If you have been eating carbs profusely and all of a sudden you make a complete transition to a Paleo diet, the transition will be rough. You need to make a gradual transition. Imposing strict dieting restrictions on yourself is easier taught than followed. Using a journal or a diet tracking app can help.

Take your own time to adjust to any simple diet plan. Adding positive habits to displace the bad ones is easier than focusing on restrictions.

-Terry Asher

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  1. Do I want to lose weight with out exercise? Well, yeah. I’d be pretty surprised if there was actually a person on this planet that needed to lose weight who wouldn’t opt for doing it without exercise, unless they’d really come to enjoy it. Funny enough, a lot of these people seem to be the ones that actually exercise without making the changes to their diet that would allow them to lose the weight that they so desperately want to get rid of, and it just ends up being a terrible cycle that they’re trapped in. It’s awesome to see you emphasizing all over this site that diet really is one of (if not the) most important things when it comes to making the changes that will help you get where you want to be with health and fitness.

  2. I agree with you Terry, we can loose weight without having exercise but we have to be very strict on our diet. For those who don’t have time to workout then they can choose this way. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great article! Diet is hugh….As they say u are what u eat! I’ve been stuffing my face lately….working out like an animal but definitely eating more than I need to…I don’t mind eating the paleo diet I am allergic to dairy anyway. …other than one non fat plain Greek yogurt a day I don’t eat very much dairy. Hopefully I can get my act together. 🙂


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