7 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for You



In today’s world, many dieters are completely focused on the amount of fat they are consuming. In reality, selective fat intake is preferable but sugar is the single worst ingredient contained in most foods today. Here is why Sugar is Bad for You. 

If you’re someone who is concerned about their metabolism, then you better take a second look at sugar. This toxic ‘food’ ultimately slows your metabolism and is widely detrimental to your health. Sugar has been linked to many diseases. Next time you grab your favorite drink or candy bar maybe you should take a glance at just how much sugar it contains.

Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You

#1 Sugar is High In Fructose

When consumed, your body it breaks sugar down into two different compounds glucose and fructose; this happens even before it enters your bloodstream. Glucose is in every cell on the planet, and our human bodies produce it. Fructose, however, is a much different story as the body does not produce it and there is NO need for it in your diet.

Not only is there no need for fructose but it can only be broken down by our livers not anything else. In small doses from fruit (it’s almost impossible to overload from fruit), fructose is alright, as it will be stored as glycogen and stored for use at a later date. However, if you happen to be eating a lot of sugar, which is very easy in this modern day, then your liver will be on overload and convert the fructose into fat.

Now if you are a true Gym Junkie, then your tolerance will be much higher for sugar. However, if you’re an inactive person sugar will almost always be stored as fat.

#2 Sugar Has Zero Nutritional Value

High fructose syrup and sucrose, which almost deserve a whole article to them selves, bring zero nutritional value to your body. Often referred to as “empty” calories because simply that’s exactly what they are. They contain no protein, no fat, no vitamins or minerals.

Often times if an individual consumes a lot of sugar in their diet, it will ultimately lead to nutrition deficiencies. Not only will it lead to deficiencies it will make your smile nice and brown by contributing to tooth decay and promoting bacteria.

#3 Liver Disease

Many things can lead to liver disease but one type you can get by consuming too much fructose. What happens is fructose gets turned into fat in the liver and is moved out as cholesterol particles. The issue is however that not all the fat escapes your liver and there is the problem.

This can lead to fat being stored in your liver and could even lead to “Non-Alocholic Fatty Liver Disease” . This specific disease is a growing problem mostly in America and is associated with metabolic diseases.

#4 Sugar can lead to Cancer

Named number one killer worldwide cancer is defined as the growth and mutation of cells. Insulin is one of the key hormones in regulating the mutation of hormones. If you are an individual with very high insulin levels you have a higher chance of getting cancer.

Inflammation can also be caused by too consumption of sugar, which will also lead to a higher probability of you getting cancer. There are many clinical studies that suggest the consumption of sugar and its effect on your metabolism will give you a higher probability of cancer.


#5 Insulin Resistance And Diabetes

One of the most important hormones in your body is insulin. What this does is communications with your cells in your body to burn glucose instead of fat, but having too much glucose in the blood can be extremely toxic. This can lead to diabetes and loss of eyesight all together.

What happens if you continue to eat diets high in sugar is it leads to metabolic dysfunction that inhibits insulin working as it should; causing your cells to become resistant.


#6 Insulin Resistance

When the cells in our body start to become resistant, the pancreas begins to produce a ton of insulin. Over time however, the resistance to insulin becomes worse and worse and your pancreas can’t keep up with producing enough insulin for your body.

When resistance becomes this, diabetes type || is generally diagnosed. People that consume sugary drinks or candy on a regular basis have an over 60% chance to get Type || diabetes. Diabetes type || is the number one cause is sugar, plain and simple.

#7 Sugar Leads to Obesity

The way sugar affects your brain and other hormones is that it promotes fat storage in your body. Not only does it lead to fat storage it will actually make some people addicted and this leads to them not being able to even control their consumption. Simple fact, if you consume sugar on a regular basis, you are much more likely to become overweight or obese and this applies to everyone.

Many studies have been done linking sugar consumption and obesity and there is no doubt they are linked together. Children even suffer more, if they consume sugar and sugar based beverages they are at a 60% higher chance to become obese later in life. One of the biggest things if you are trying to lose weight is to cut back on sugar. If you want to learn more about sugar you can read my e-book found here.

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As you can see, sugar has a number of negative effects on your body. Not only does it increase your probability for being overweight it could also lead many serious diseases. If you’re someone who struggles with a sweet tooth, learn to replace the candy bars, instead try some fresh fruit. Remember by consuming sugar you are putting something in your body with ZERO nutritional value, it does nothing for you except create major issues with your body.

-Terry Asher

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