How To Get A 6 Pack Fast : 15-Minute Workout


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Unfortunately, most lifts don’t target your core very well because they occur in a single plane of motion. For example, when you’re doing a crunch and you move back and up or down and forward.

It’s also very opposite from the motions we perform in everyday life. What you’ll want to add to your core routine are more twists and turns that mimic the functional movements of everyday life. The rotation comes directly from your core, so you’ll obtain a much stronger midsection as a result. For more abdominal, workouts you can check out my last blog post found here.

How To Get A 6 Pack Fast: Exercises 

You will want to perform the following exercises in a circuit. After completing all three, rest for about 60 seconds and then repeat for 15 minutes.

#1 Medicine-Ball Reverse Lungee & Shot Put


Directions: hold a medicine ball at your chest and face a wall roughly 12 feet away. Start in standing position, then lunge backward with your right left while throwing the ball to the right side of your body. When your right knee is close to hitting the floor, launch the ball, let it bounce off the wall and return to your original stance.

#2 Cable Twist


Directions – Hold the cable handle shoulder-height with both hands. Step and turn your lower body away from the pulley until your arm is horizontal and straight. Position your feet in a split stance, with the furthest foot away from the pulley. You want to perform this with both knees slightly bent and raise the hell out of the nearest foot off the floor.

#3 Barbell Twist


Directions: place one end of the barbell on the floor, in the corner of the room, or you can secure it with weights. Hold the other end in front of your face and assume an athletic stance. Start standing with feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping your arms straight, pivot on your right foot and rotate your hips and torso to the left. Lower the bar down as far as you can without bending your arms or back. Return to the standing position with a neutral spine.


I Fell Asleep And Work Up With A Six Pack

Sleep your way to a 6 pack,researchers from Harvard say. One of the best things for your body is to spend more time in bed. Studies show that people that slept 5 hours or less were roughly 6 pounds heavier and more likely to gain fat versus the people that slept for 7 hours. One researcher states that people who sleep less will take in an average of more than 300 additional calories when compared to those sleeping optimal amounts.

Aside from your mid-section, sleep is also important for your health and wellbeing. My suggestion is never to settle for less than 7 hours of sleep. If you’re a “short” sleeper, your chances of early death are increased by a whopping 12%. If that’s not a good reason to get more rest, I am not sure what is!

Spot Reduction Doesn’t Exist


Always remember, if your goal is to achieve a six-pack, decreased body fat is essential for getting your abs to pop out. For example, if you are a male and your body fat is above 12% you are most likely not going to see your abs. If your body fat is 10% or less, you’re much more likely to see your mid-section. It’s also important that you realize that crunches or sit-ups will make your stomach stronger however are not the best way to lose body fat.

Unfortunately, late night T.V shows throw tons of abs gadgets in our face with flashy advertising but most of them just leave us with disappointment. This is because they sell the fact that you can “spot reduce” and doing a million crunches on the “ab rocket” will leave you with a 6 pack. This is just so far from the truth. You will need to focus on body fat reduction to see your abs.

I do believe in doing crunches in moderation for muscle building, shape and definition. And having a strong midsection will lead to better performance for other workouts and help you with balance and support. But remember, crunches are not the best way to burn abdominal fat.

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Learning how to get a 6 pack fast isn’t an easy task. Performing endless sets of crunches won’t exactly get you there. Also learn to work your core in a multi-planar level, and not just back and forth. It’s far more effective if you are twisting and turning. Don’t overlook sleep as you have learned what it can do to your mid-section; always rest up. With the abdominal circuit and tips combined, you will be well on your way to achieving a ripped midsection.

-Terry Asher

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