Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Fat Loss Secret Weapon Or Media Hoax?


Garcinia Cambogia ExtractDo you want to lose weight? If so, you may have done some research and heard about garcinia cambogia. It works for some. Will it work for you? We have some info that should help you decide.

There has been a lot of talk recently about a new product that people are taking advantage of to lose excess weight.

Which one?

Garcinia cambogia. This is a fruit that is also known as Malabar tamarind. It has been used to treat gastrointestinal problems for hundreds of years. Scientists have recently found that the fruit contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

What is that?

It’s an effective tool to use for weight loss purposes.

Thousands of people are claiming that their weight loss can be attributed to garcinia cambogia, and there are plenty of studies backing up these claims. It’s vital to use this product correctly, though, if you plan on dropping weight. We will get into why this substance works for weight loss, how to use it and what to expect.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work In The Body?

One of the main things that hydroxycitric acid does in the human body is increase the serotonin levels. That works to decrease appetite and improve mood. Many people experience mood swings that often lead to hunger cravings. Garcinia cambogia is great for combating this.

Along with boosting serotonin levels, this compound also prevents carbs from being converted into fat cells. 

That means that the production of new fatty tissue is kept to a minimum. Instead of the carbs being converted into fatty tissues like normal, they are stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen. This increase of glycogen storage in the liver send signals to the brain letting it know that the body is satisfied and nourished, reducing the overall feeling of hunger.

These things are supposed to happen naturally for those who are consuming garcinia cambogia supplement pills on a regular basis. Instead of having to spend hours in the gym or focusing on eating the right things, in theory, people can simply consume this weight loss product and see the results they desire in no time. At least those are the claims. People who are too busy to focus on losing weight, yet want to shed those extra pounds, can benefit from adding garcinia cambogia to their daily regimen. It is available most commonly in pill form.

Another added perk is that it helps to boost people’s immune systems quite drastically. People often become ill because of pathogens that enter the body, but taking garcinia cambogia on a regular basis can help prevent these pathogens from becoming a problem. Weight loss and immune system improvement are two of the major functions of this little pill.

Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

First of all, it’s important to mention that garcinia cambogia is not really for people who are extremely overweight. Those who are 100 pounds or more may want to try other options to getting in shape. But, people who are looking to lose between 5 and 40 pounds are great candidates to be taking garcinia cambogia.

It’s also vital to mention that adopting a healthy diet and some exercise are important when trying to weight loss. Doing these things in combination with taking the garcinia cambogia is strongly advised. They aren’t absolutely necessary to do, but they will help you to see the results you desire in a shorter time span and the health benefits are obvious.

After buying a garcinia cambogia product (there are dozens on the market), it’s important to read the label and follow the instructions exactly. Most commonly, these details will state specific directions for people within certain weight groups. For example, people who weigh more than 250 pounds may be advised to take four to six pills per day. Meanwhile, those who are below 220 pounds may only be advised to take two to four capsules each day. It’s important not to take more than the instructed amount of pills. It will not better weight loss results.

Also, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people with diabetes or those who suffer from eating disorders should consult with their doctor before they start taking these pills. It could pose some problems for people in any of these situations, so it’s best to get the advice of your doctor before you start taking them.

Another thing that may benefit people who are thinking about taking garcinia cambogia is to also take part in a total detoxification program. As well, a colon cleanser may be something to consider.


It’s best to flush out any unhealthy toxins from your body before taking these pills because that’s when it will be most effective.

How To Take Garcinia Cambogia

Most people who start taking this see results fairly quickly. It’s common for people to notice that they have dropped at least three pounds within the first week. Also, most will notice that they feel the effects of it almost right after taking it. The sensation of hunger will be minimized, resulting in the body needing less food to get through the day.

When taking garcinia cambogia, it is important to swallow the capsules with an entire glass of water.


So that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream effectively. Once the pill is swallowed, the effects should be clear within 30 minutes to an hour.

People who are serious about losing weight with garcinia cambogia need to be sure they are taking their medication at the right times and not missing any doses. Those who miss a dose will notice their hunger levels increase drastically. But, keeping the right level of hydroxycitric acid in your bloodstream will ensure that this doesn’t happen at any point. It’s best to set a reminder of when to take the pills throughout the day. Most people set an alarm until they get the hang of exactly when they are supposed to take the capsules.

Garcinia cambogia is not something that you should be taking for the rest of your life. It’s meant to be taken as a weight loss supplement and then stopped when the desired weight goal is reached. This can be as short as one month for some people, but it may take as long as six months (or more) for others. It all depends on how overweight you are when you begin taking it. Again, if you’re more than 100 pounds overweight, then this isn’t your solution. This isn’t a magic pill, but it might be able to help those a little overweight.

Those who are serious about losing weight would be wise to set a goal for where they want to be, and then stop taking the pills once they reach it. If you are dieting and exercising along with taking the medication, then you can continue your regular diet and exercise routines and maintain your goal weight without having to take the medication anymore.

It’s best to only use it once to help get into shape, and then to never have to use it again. However, some people who do not diet and exercise while taking their garcinia cambogia often find that they need to start taking it again within six months to a year after quitting it.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work?

Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work?

There are many people who claim that garcinia cambogia has no effect on weight loss. These people are basing their thoughts on older studies that were not as controlled as the more recently conducted ones.

In recent years, doctors have conducted in-depth studies. In one of them, they had two groups of people. One group was given placebos. The other group was given hydroxycitric acid (HCA). During this eight-week study, there were about 30 people who were observed. The subjects were also kept on a strict 2,000-calorie per day diet and they were told to walk about a half-mile each day.

At the end of the eight weeks, it was found that the group taking the HCA supplement had lost an average of 12 pounds. Meanwhile, the group taking the placebo lost only 4 pounds. It was also found that the people who were on the HCA supplement had much higher serotonin levels. This was contributing to their sense of calm and also their decreased hunger levels.

So, the next time you hear someone talking about how garcinia cambogia did not work for them, think back to reading about these results.


Simple, because if the science is right, then it’s possible that those who fail to lose weight either didn’t take the right product or didn’t take it correctly.

There are dozens of garcinia cambogia options out there, and it is best to do your research and find out which one might work best for you. Read what different doctors are saying about specific brands, read reviews and also check out before and after pictures of people associated with a particular brand of garcinia cambogia. Doing these things can help you figure out which product might be right for you and which one is going to be a waste of your money.

Is It Really Worth It?

If you have tried many different methods of losing weight and failed, then you may find yourself asking this question. The answer is that it might be worth a try for someone who is serious about losing weight, even if they haven’t seen results with other weight loss supplements. Just be sure that you’re taking the right amount of capsules and that you choose the right brand of garcinia cambogia.

The truth is that there are people who have changed their diet and exercising quite a bit and they may also not be seeing the results they desire by using these more natural ways of losing weight. Adding HCA to their daily regimen can make a huge difference in how much weight they are dropping each week. For some people, it may just provide the boost they need to attain their weight loss goal and their regular amount of exercise, along with their healthy diet, will be enough to maintain it once they get there.

If you’ve been taking a particular garcinia cambogia product for more than four weeks and haven’t seen any results, then it would be best to speak with your doctor. You could also try switching to a different product.

After one or two weeks, most people report that they are seeing the pounds start to come off.

Also, if you notice that you do not actually feel different shortly after taking a capsule, then it would be best to switch products. As with anything on the market, there are some companies who are more concerned about making a dollar than they are about providing their customers with the products they are actually looking for. Researching a high-quality brand of garcinia cambogia is not hard to do, and there are several providers out there who come highly recommended.

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All in all, it’s important to be sure that you are taking the right steps towards achieving your weight loss goal. If your doctor says that you need to lose weight because you’re at risk of becoming diabetic, then you should take their advice and do what you can to achieve your weight-loss goals.

Speak with your doctor about anything, including garcinia cambogia, you have been thinking of trying in order to lose the weight. There’s a very good chance your doctor knows all about this product and will be able to tell you if it’s right for you.

Don’t let your weight problem be a cause for embarrassment or a cause for health issues that can be avoided. Exercise and consume a healthy diet. And, get your doctor’s advice on garcinia cambogia to learn if it might be a good supplement to help you reach your weight-loss goals. Consider taking advantage of these supplements if your doctor feels that it will be helpful to you in your current situation.

By Garrick LaGue



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