Ciltep Nootropic Stack Review


CILTEP Nootropic Stack

No matter what age you are, whether young or old, sometimes you need things to aid your concentration. That’s why we reviewed Ciltep Nootropic.

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After all, with so much on our plates, it can be tough to juggle everything – classes, work, social lives, everything. And while there are a lot of products that promise to help you focus, you never really know what you’re going to get.

You do have other choices of course – go to your doctor and get expensive and possibly risky medicine to get help you focus is one. But the other solution (and safer) is sticking with something natural and proven.

Does Ciltep Nootropic Work?

While we were looking for something that matched that description, we came across Ciltep Nootropic Stack. With promises to help with focus, memory, and energy, we had to check it out for ourselves to see if the product lived up to the hype.

The first thing we look at was the benefits that come along with this product. It claims to increase both motivation and mental endurance as well as the ability to buckle down and get some major studying done. And the list doesn’t stop there. It even says it helps improve mood and social ease, along with alertness and concentration.

Basically, it helps you feel like the person you’ve always wished to be.

It has a huge following behind it too, including Wall Street execs, scientists, and CEOs. Yet it’s able to do all this without using any harsh chemicals or medications.

Ciltep Nootropic Ingredients

CILTEP is a mix of things like forskolin and artichoke extra, resulting in a completely natural nootropic. Created by Abelard Lindsay, countless people claim this miracle pill is able to help them alert, focused and ready-to-go for hours at a time.

So how it is exactly that Nootropic Stack is able to help you keep your focus and concentration?

Well part of the artichoke extra aspect of the pill contains Luteolin. If you’ve never heard of this before, it’s a safe and completely natural inhibitor of PDE4. Now this is where the pieces start pulling together. PDE4 has been shown to have huge benefits when it comes to mental awareness. Things like memory, wakefulness, neuroprotection and cognition have all been improved when participants were taking PDE4.

The other part of the pill, the forskolin, comes from Coleus Forskolin, which is used to wake-up adenylyl cyclase (an enzyme). From here, levels of cAMP are increased. Therefore, you’ll find you’re getting the same mental benefits – being able to retain more information and a big jump in memory formation.

Needless to say, we really wanted to give it a shot. Something we find is a common complaint across the board is that jittery antsy feeling that can sometimes come along with these types of supplements. But with CILTEP Nootropic Stack, we didn’t find this.


Because it isn’t a stimulant. Therefore, it doesn’t have any kind of impact on the body’s neurotransmitters. Any benefits you get from this memory-boosting pill will be positive – no jitters.

And there’s really no “wrong” time to take it. Anytime you need to completely a task that requires a decent amount of mental focus, you can take it. Instead of sitting around waiting for the energy to get started, you’re able to jump right in. Slowly the distractions disappear, as your focus is defined.

Even though CILTEP’s Nootropic Stack works just fine on its own, we read a lot of reviews of people “stacking” with some of their other products. They have an entire “Brain Food” line of products. Therefore, users reported even more effective results.

One of the best parts: It’s completely free of soy and it’s a vegan product.

Ciltep Nootropic Side Effects

So how exactly does it measure up against your run of the mill prescriptions, such as Adderall and Modafinil? After all, these are the first drugs doctors reach for when someone complains of lack of focus.

Here’s how it’s different: It’s a completely natural and simple formula that gets the boosts the amount of messenger systems within your brain cells. Because of this, neurons are able to do their job a lot faster and easier – and their job is to retain as much information as possible. Therefore, you’re a lot more engaged and focused on what you’re doing.

Other drugs, such as Adderall, interfere with your neurotransmitter levels, hence why there are some pretty nasty side effects. But CILTEP just works naturally to increase your mental capacity. The only thing you get is more motivation and a huge jump in concentration.

As for the use, it starts as soon as you wake up in the morning. From the second you wake up, CILTEP suggests, take 2-3 pills on an empty stomach. However, it warns against taking more than 3 pills a day.

It also offers an insider’s view – some people suggested that with more caffeine, they had even better results. So drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or even in the afternoon means you could have stronger and longer-lasting results.

And even though CILTEP says you can take it every single day, they suggest implementing a few days off during the week, such as one or two. You might want to save these days for the weekends where you don’t have anything to do.

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The company is so confident in its product, it offers a full refund within the first 30 days of using its product. As for price, you’re looking at paying around $42 for 60 capsules.

If you take 3 a day, that’ll last you around 2 months. Within a few day’s time, you’ll be able to see all the benefits that come along with this product.

Whether you need to buckle down and study for a test, get a big project done for work or just need to be more aware of everyday life, CILTEP Nootropic Stack can help clear your mind and keep you focused. Since it certainly helped us and is ALL NATURAL, we’re giving it a 9 out of 10.

-Terry Asher

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