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Working out can quickly become expensive. From gym memberships to buying supplements, it quickly adds up. In the blink of an eye, you can spend hundreds of dollars if you’re not careful.

While it’s all for the betterment of your personal wellbeing it would be nice to save a few bucks on what you’re buying, right?

Well, thankfully that is an option.

There are a number of coupons and money saving websites that will help you shed cash and weight all at the same time.

So before you sign up for that new gym membership, buy those new dieting supplements or purchase a new pair of shoes, now is the time to check out these different coupons, websites, and apps, all of which are designed to help put money back in your pocket. 

The Best Bodybuilding Coupon and Websites

bodybuilding coupon groupon


This is always a solid choice when it comes to massive money saving opportunities. There are two sections on Groupon to consider.

First, look up local activities and check out what kind of gym discounts are available. You may find extended memberships on sale, or you may find personal trainer savings opportunities here.

The next portion of the website to consider is the “Good” portion. Here type in a product you’re interested in buying. Perhaps you need new workout clothing or your running shoes have started forming holes.

You can almost always find some great discounts on workout equipment here. It’s also a nice spot to look for headphones if you want a new pair to help get you through your next workout. 


The beauty of Ebates is you can use it with other websites.

Ebates offers you cash back when shopping at hundreds of thousands of stores. All you need to do is head over to the Ebates website, select the website you want to shop at and Ebates will send you through a digital portal to the site.

The site works exactly the same, only Ebates receives notification of the purchase amount, in which case the website will add cash back into your account (you do need to create a free account first). When you hit the payout threshold Ebates will send you a payout. 

With Ebates you can even use the site to take you to Groupon.

The cash back varies throughout the year but you’ll likely see it at six or eight percent cash back. Pair that on top of what you’re already saving with the Groupon website and that money adds up.

You can also use Ebates for other websites like Nike and Adidas. 


This is a free mobile application you need to download on your phone. It works in a similar way to a coupon app only it gives you cash back when you make certain purchases.

You will not find gym discounts here. However, you can find great money saving opportunities on supplements and protein powder.

Walmart, Target, and others are all on Ibotta. Before you go to the store check out what the app is offering cash back on (you can always have the app open while you’re at the store as well). Then, when you make the purchase of a product just scan your receipt. 

Hydroxycut is a popular fat burning supplement that’s often listed. If you take the supplement (or if you’ve been looking for a fat burner) you’ll likely find a $4 or $5 cash back offer for it. You’ll also often find discounts for whey, creatine, and BCAA powders. 

If you shop for supplements at stores like Trader Joes, Sprouts, and GNC you may find some discounts, although you’re more likely to find the beneficial offerings at Walmart, Target, Kroger or larger grocery chains. 

Target App

The Target app is another money saving app you should consider. Inside the app, you’ll find the weekly deals and discount section. You’ll also find something called “Cartwheel.” This offers additional discounts on certain products. You’ll often find percentage discounts on protein powders and supplements. This can be combined and stacked with other discount apps.

So, if you shop with Ibotta you can combine the two together. It’s really great when you find one of the products on clearance and can stack the offers.

It isn’t unheard of to actually make money off of a product purchase, which is always great.

Much like Ibotta, you can use the app on everyday purchases, so if you’re out buying protein powder and need to pick up dog food, this is always an option. 

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Gym Websites

Before you head out to any new gym in search of a membership, make sure to check out the gym’s website ahead of time.

You will find a discount and a several days free trial. Some of these free trials are a few days, others give you a week.

If you live in a big city like Chicago or Los Angeles it’s easy to bounce around between free trial periods in your neighborhood for a few months before you ever need to pay. And by this time you’ll at least know which gym you like (it will also give you extra time for money saving discounts to appear at Groupon). 

Also, remember to check your gym to see if it is listed on Ebates. If you’re going to spend a monthly fee at Ebates it would be nice to at least get a few dollars back into your account, right (you can also download and install the Ebates plug-in into your Web browser and let it tell you when a discount is available). 


Honey is a shopping app that helps you find coupons for just about anything you buy online. When you arrive at checkout Honey will scan over all available coupons to the site and, if one is available, it will automatically apply it to your purchase.

This way, instead of sifting through the Internet before completing a purchase just to try and save a few dollars, Honey will do this for free. If there are a number of discounts available Honey will give you the one that results in the lowest possible price. 

Honey is a free browser plug-in to download and will scan over sites in a similar way to Ebates. Just keep in mind you sometimes can’t stack the discounts found in Honey and in Ebates (although this sometimes depends on the store you’re using).

If you do find a discount code that works through Honey and the site doesn’t let you use both Ebates and Honey together, copy down the code, then head over to the Ebates website, travel through the provided portal, and type in the copied code.

This way, you’ll receive the money back and the coupon, all at the same time. 

Walgreens Wellness App

This isn’t an app that will help you save a substantial amount of money, nor will you make a ton off of it, but it is something helpful to have.

First, the application will give you weekly digital coupons for shopping at Walgreens. This can be beneficial if you want to purchase supplements or medication from the store. From time to time Walgreens does have discounts you should take advantage of. 

The second benefit to this is you’ll earn points whenever you make a purchase and you can use these points on future purchases. 1,000 points equal $1 and can add up if you buy your cold and flu medicine here.

On top of this though you can sync the Wellness app with your GPS tracker (such as the GPS fitness tracker, but there are other options it works with). Walgreens will then give you 100 points for every 10,000 steps you take up to 1,000 points a month.

It’s not a ton, but by the end of the year, you’ll have over $10 in Walgreens rewards just for walking around and doing what you already do.

The points continue to build over time so you can keep them or spend them whenever you might want. 


If you’re looking for local fitness classes to sign up for, you know just how expensive this can be.

Take a few classes a month and suddenly you’ve spent a few hundred dollars. Download this free application and check out what classes are offered in your area. You can then purchase passes to these classes.

You’ll buy credits that are good for accessing the classes. If you buy 20 credits (for $35) you’ll have enough credits for three to five classes, depending on the length. You can purchase 30 credits (for $50) and have enough credits for five to seven classes, and for $90 you’ll receive 60 credits, which is good for between 10 and 15 classes.

This means you can lower your class rate down to $6 in some instances. If you are an avid class goer and you enjoy spending time in the class, this is the way to go.

Plus, there is usually a free month offer when signing up for ClassPass. At the very least, you can test out the app for the month, take in the classes you’re interested in, and then decide whether the app is right for you or if you’d rather continue going to other classes. 


This is a mobile application that will pay you to work out.

At least, it gives you points for completing certain activities and with these points, you can buy gift cards for stores, restaurants, Apple or even for Visa gift cards.

You can enter in certain workouts or you can activate the GPS tracking feature and it will be able to monitor your movements. You’ll receive more points for these kinds of workouts as it is easier to authenticate the workout over those you just enter in information. 

You will need to stick with Achievement as it takes some time to build up the necessary points to swap for gift cards. However, it is worth your time to download the app. It is free to use and only takes a few moments to fill out a workout form at the end of your workout.

Plus, the application often detects when you’re beginning to jog and will log the information as you go. So while it isn’t a coupon service or discount application it can help you begin to generate some rewards as you continue your bodybuilding and working out. 

bodybuilding coupon and website deals

Build Your Home Gym

Probably the best bodybuilding coupon you need to consider is starting up your own home gym.

If you’re serious about workout out it will pay for itself in no time. It doesn’t take much to get started. You’ll need a moveable bench and adjustable weights. We like plate weights that you can slide on and off of barbells and dumbbells. This way, you’re not repurchasing the same weight and can slowly build up your gym as needed. 

If you’re looking to build your home gym there are a few options to help save you money.

First, you can check out local garage sales.

This is, at the very least, a great way to pick up cheap weight and maybe even some cardio equipment. There’s always someone selling the exercise bike they used a few times after New Years before using it as a close rack. You may even be able to come across one of those old Nordic-Tracks if you really want to get nostalgic.

Of course, you can always check out websites like Ebates and Groupon for what kind of discounts are available for workout gear you can use at home. If you’ve got the space and you just don’t like dealing with the crowds at a gym, this is the way to go. 



In Conclusion

If you need to buy something there’s almost always a way to save money on it. If you look around there is likely a website offering a discount or an app providing cash back. Whatever you decide to do, check these different sites out.

Your personal fitness and your pocketbook will both thank you in the end. 

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