My 4 Favorite Fitness Hacks For Accelerated Fat Loss


Accelerated Fat Loss

Sure the basics of fat loss are the basics and they can’t be beat.  Keep your diet tight, train your ass off, and recover.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

First thing you should ask yourself is do I workout today?

But every trainer has their own little “hacks” that they have found help accelerate the process.  Below are my 4 favorite fitness hacks to crank your fat loss plan to warp speed.

Accelerated Fat Loss…

#1 Eat Only Fruit And Nuts Until Lunch

I use this one personally all of the time.  I don’t really eat breakfast as much as I graze all morning.  If I feel hungry, I eat an apple.  When I feel hungry an hour or two after that I might have a banana and a small handful of walnuts.

Still before lunch and I’m hungry again? 

Maybe I’ll eat a pear.  Or another apple (I love apples).  And please don’t squawk to me about the best tasting protein powder – I have never seen a client experience loss of muscle when they follow this “breakfast grazing” method when they are on a path to fat loss.

#2 Five Minute Exercise Wake Up Call

As soon as you roll out of bed (ok, maybe you want to use the bathroom first), start exercising.  My personal favorite drill is 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest repeated five to ten times.  Kettlebell swings and body weight squats are both great for this.  I also use Concept 2 rower sprints and when I’m feeling especially energetic – burpees.  Your exercise selection and session duration will depend on your current fitness level.  The point is to start the day off on the right foot – to establish some momentum to stick to your training and diet regimen for the rest of the day.  And yes, most days there will be more training later that day.

#3 Tuna And Carrots

Admittedly, I like the macronutrient breakdown of chocolate milk as a post-workout meal.  And I’ve used it with success personally and with clients.  But when it comes time getting rid of lower belly fat and really get those abs popping, I mix all dairy and switch to a small can of tuna and a handful of baby carrots for my post workout fuel.  And no damned mayo in the tuna! Stick with the primal diet and you’ll be fine…

#4 Barbell And Dumbbell Complexes

I prefer full body training sessions when striving for fat loss and nothing beats complexes to get the simple workout plan.  My favorite dumbbell complex is the Man Maker, which involves push ups, one arm rows, power cleans, and push presses.  My go-to barbell complex flows from deadlift, to hang power clean, to thruster.  I’ll usually set a timer for 12 – 15 minutes and see how many rounds of the complex I can complete in the designated time.  Repeat the drill in a week or two, always trying to squeeze out an extra round or two.

For maximum fat loss you must train hard, eat clean, and rest.

But within those broad categories are little tips and tricks that every good trainer finds when it’s time to get the job done.

What are some of your favorite fitness “hacks”?  Let me know in the comments below.

– Vic

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My 4 Favorite Fitness Hacks For Accelerated Fat Loss
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My 4 Favorite Fitness Hacks For Accelerated Fat Loss
First thing you should ask yourself is do I workout today? But every trainer has their own little "hacks" that they have found help accelerate the process.  Below are my 4 favorite fitness hacks to crank your fat loss plan to warp speed.
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  1. Mess with your training. For quick fatloss do two session a day. One for general strength, one for fatloss. Skipping is a tremendous way to crank out some serious training in a short time. Adding extras overthe day makes a huge difference. Some push ups here, a few bodyweight squats there. Just keep the engine running.

    As for food, no processed carbs. None. At All.

    • Amen, Rannoch. No processed carbs is great advice for getting lean. As are two-a-day training sessions. I like a quick short intense session as soon as I wake up and then a longer session in the afternoon. Thanks man!

  2. Wake up exercise, even just a 20-30 minute walk, seems to do great for fat loss. Taking BCAAs before won’t hurt.

    The complexes take it all the way though. As long as you get creative, you never get bored, and always get an amazing workout.

  3. I’ve been following #1,2, and 3 for some time. It does work, and a very clean way to set yourself up to eat. I love the routines in #4. I will incorporate your go-to barbell complex in my workouts. Sounds like a killer.

  4. Vic,

    Set/Rep/Rest ideas on the two complex routines you created. I hate running and have to do it for the Air Force PT Test…how would you incorporate the complex style workout in order to score well on the test? Thanks Vic

    • Set/Rep/Rest for the complexes. . . Manmakers: Squat down, dumbbells on the floor, kick back for a push up. Do a push up and flow right into a one armed row. Do another push up and hit the one armed row with the opposite side. Kick your feet in, stand up, and power clean. Pus press the dumbbells overhead. That’s one rep. Repeat as many times as possible in the designated time. Rest as needed. Barbell complex: The hang power clean is the limiting movement as far as weight goes. . . Try 8 deadlifts, 4 hang power cleans, and 6 thrusters. Use a weight that you could do about 6-8 hang power cleans if you were only going to do one set. Crank through as many rounds as possible in 12 – 15 minutes. Enjoy!

  5. Cook a week’s worth of healthy meals (chicken, brown rice, and broccoli or some other vegetable) in advance. This makes following a good diet easy, since you don’t have to cook individual meals.

    It also makes it inevitable that you’re going to eat healthy, because you’re not going to just let all that food you cooked go bad. You’ll be forced to consume it, and once you’ve filled up on good stuff it’ll be very easy to resist the cravings for junk foods.

    This was probably one of the most valuable things I learned from Mike (my trainer and business partner)…it really allowed me to take control of my eating and to get as lean as I am today.


  6. Hey Vic,

    My favorite fitness hack is to eliminate carbs (all except fruits and veggies) from the diet except for one reward meal on the weekends and also post workout (but only if needed).

    I have found in training my clients that we don’t actually need grains such as bread, pasta, and rice in our diets at all and that most of us can get the energy we need from fruits and vegetables.

    That’s what makes your #1 fitness hack so awesome, because our diets should be based almost entirely on fruits, veggies, and nuts.

    Now if only pizza dough was made from a fruit or a nut….

    Vic, you are the ultimate fitness hacker!


    • Thanks, Susan. I agree totally, the longer I train clients (and myself) the less I believe we need any of the grain based carbohydrates. We really can get all we need from fruits and vegetables. Thanks!

  7. Yes, finally, a proponent of trainig first thig in the morning! I’ve heard so much about how it van wreck your back these days, but still I do some bodyweight/kettlebell cardio in the morning. I do follow the 30-30 rule too. My exercises are prisoner squat, glute bridges, kettlebell swings, front plank, right plank, left plank. Then it’s off to start the day proper.

    As for grazing, I usually just don’t eat till noon. I have a daily feeding window of 8h from 12-8pm, much like Martin Berkhan’s leangains approach. Also, I don’t worry about pre- or post-workout nutrition. I just eat 2-3 meals during that 8h window. Finally, I love barbell/dumbbell complexes. They’re definitely more fun than running. However, I must say that HIIT with running in probably the most effective and is healthy for you too. It’s really the only way to increase your speed.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Oh yes, HIIT sprints are great and I usually do them once per week when I’m leaning out. And I’ve never had any back problems from my early morning sessions. . . and I’m someone who HAS had back problems previously. And I agree, the more I train myself and others, the less food I think we really need. Your 8 hour window sounds like something worth experimenting with. Thanks!

  8. Not so much a hack but my favorite start to the morning. Roll a 4×4 tyre across the road. Walk a couple of times up and down the hill and do some stretches to loosen up, then start flippin’ the tyre up the hill until I can’t push out another rep. It’s awesome and doesn’t cost a cent (a farmer donated the tyre too) Not sure what the folk walking their dogs are thinking but . . . . who cares.

    ps I got tyre flipping from a Vic post long time ago. Love it !!

  9. I don’t know why this works for me, but it does. Time and again I have tested it and never yet have I seen any exceptions (though I have only tested it on myself).

    Let’s say I was planning to get an hours cardio done in a week. Normally I might break that up into small chunks of 20 minutes, 3 times a week or suchlike.

    But sometimes on a day off I’m just “in the mood” for cardio and can go for an intense hour. I’m not talking gentle jogging – I’m talking more interval-training type cardio – red face, sweat and puffing!

    For some reason doing fewer sessions that last longer burn off *way* more than the same amount spread over a longer period. And I don’t just mean I weigh less at the end. I take measurements weekly and those weeks with significant shifts are always the ones where I have put all my cardio into one long session and hammered myself 🙂

  10. Vic,

    I love the I am training video. It Rocks! man you provide me with so much motivation it’s crazy. I’m about get off this computer hit the TRX right now.

    Peace Brother.

    • Haha! Absolutely, Jill! Maybe I should call it something gender neutral like “Beast Maker” or “Monster Maker”. Thing is, I didn’t create the drill so I’m afraid the name has to stay as originally given. . . But I’ll be sure to call them Lady Makers with my female clients. 🙂

  11. Hey! I have a question! I have low body weight and low muscle mass and an extra 7kg of fat! I work out 3 times a week and Im on a diet, my second week is coming to a close and still no results! one more thing Im vegetarian almost vegan and I try to increase my protein intake and still no significant results and Im also worried that even if I do gain muscles Ill remain at the same body weight! HELP


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