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Is it Better to Run on a Treadmill or Outside for Your Knees?

  Leading a healthy life isn’t a cake walk. You need to eat well as well as exercise regularly. Exercises are remedies for...

Prevent Knee Pains During Squats With These Helpful Tips

Do you suffer from knee pain as a result of doing squats? You shouldn't. We explain why that shouldn't happen and give you tips...

Injury Proof Your Knees

Unfortunately, knee damage is seen nearly every day in the sports world. From youth recreational games to professional sports, knee injuries are far too common. A...
Professional Sports

Unleashing the Sprinter Within: Sprinting Schedule And Sprinting Training Guide

Sprinting is not just an activity confined to the world of elite track and field athletes. Regardless of your athletic pedigree, integrating...
bad exercises

Bad Exercises: What They Are and Why You Should Avoid Them

Bodybuilding has been around for quite some time now, but we have to be honest and say that...
understanding mind-muscle connection

Understanding Mind-Muscle Connection: Dangers of the Wrong Sensations

In the previous article about understanding mind-muscle connection, we discussed these crampy and painful sensations we might get....
mind-muscle connection

Mind-Muscle Connection: It’s Not What You Think It Is

We hear a lot of talk about mind-muscle connection in the fitness world. One of the most common...
lagging body part

Lagging Body Part Training: What You Need to Know, Part.2

In the previous article, we talked about the importance of frequency and execution when working with a lagging...
weak body part

Weak Body Part Training: What You Need to Know

When we have a weak body part, most people simply increase the workload for those muscles. Add more...
top considerations when choosing a public gym

Top Considerations When Choosing a Public Gym

Only around 20% of the US population exercises daily. This is a shocking number considering exercise is a...

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