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How to master the floor press

How to Master The Floor Press

A floor press is a strength training exercise that you are likely to see in any weight room. It looks very...
Hip Adduction Exercises

Hip Adduction Exercises

If there's one exercise at the local gym that makes you blush and avoid eye contact, it's the hip adduction exercises....
build bodybuilder back

How To Build A Bodybuilder Back In The Weight Room

The back sure can seem a bit mysterious, can't it? You see well-defined backs on muscular individuals, where seemingly every muscle...
rowing machine workout

Rowing Machine Workout For Building Muscle

Are you familiar with the rowing machine? You probably heard about it or seen it in...
walking for weight loss

Does Walking For Weight Loss Really Work?

Walking for weight loss does work as long as long as you’re not consuming more calories than...
Human Flag

How To Perform The Human Flag

What is the human flag? Have you ever been watching television and, during the program, an...
Leg Extension

How To Do The Leg Extension Exercise

The leg extension exercise is essential when trying to build muscle in your quads. When it...
Working Out After Breast Augmentation

Working Out After Breast Augmentation: Important Facts To Consider

Before we get into working out after breast augmentation, lets take a look at our society....
build bodybuilder back

Strengthening Exercises For Erector Spinae Back Muscles

When you head out to the gym to work on the back, you probably have a...
Building Muscle After 50

Your Guide To Building Muscle After 50

Building muscle isn't just a young man's goal. It is often the goal of men and women from all walks of life. There...

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