10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts


Valentine's Day Gifts

If you ever wondered what to get your significant other for valentine’s day gifts, we’ve got your answers. Who says the super fit can’t indulge and have fun? Enjoy!


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and for some that means it’s time to find a cheesy card, a box of mediocre chocolates and probably make a last minute dinner reservation somewhere you forgot your significant other doesn’t even like. How about something different this year?

Ditch the card, the mediocre chocolate and the crappy dinner. Let’s get that fitness enthusiast significant other of yours something they’re actually going to use and enjoy. Plus, we all know those chocolates are going to sit on the dining room table for at least a month before one of you throws them away. If you aren’t great at thinking outside the box, no worries, we’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax and let us find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any fitness enthusiast.

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts…

#1 Daily Harvest Protein Smoothies

Daily Harvest delivers frozen, ready to blend smoothies straight to your significant other’s door. All there is to do is add a liquid base and blend it for a nutritious, protein-filled smoothie. Daily Harvest Smoothies are made from organic and unrefined ingredients. You don’t have to worry about pesticides or artificial growth hormones. It’s nothing but the best for your loved one.

They use a wide variety of super foods like matcha, hemp, flax seed, kale, wheatgrass and nut butter. The smoothies are developed by the company’s own nutritionist so they taste amazing. Choose between six smoothies, 12 smoothies or 18 smoothies. You can have them delivered once a week, every two weeks or every four weeks. Prices vary, but each costs around $7.99 and shipping is free which is super convenient.

The smoothies come in 14 different flavors including: Peaches for Me, Mint Chipper, Cacao Kapow, Wake & Cake, Green Monkey, Easy Being Green, What a Melon, Dr. Mango and Mornin’ MoJoe. As if the smoothies don’t look delicious enough, the names make us want to slurp them up right now.

#2 Yoga Mat

You don’t have to be super into yoga to enjoy the benefits of a yoga mat. Regardless of your type of workout, a mat provides padding and support for your body. It’s also a great a barrier against the bare floor. So if you’re stretching or working out away from home, you don’t have to worry about a dirty floor. A yoga mat is also great when it comes to absorbing sweat. Of course, this can be a big factor in workouts or stretching where you might slip.

Besides all of the other benefits, buying your loved one a yoga mat may be a great way to get them started on something new. The physical and mental health benefits that yoga gives are numerous so giving it a try is definitely worth it.

There are different sizes, colors, textures and qualities of a yoga mat so choosing one to fit a certain lifestyle may seem a bit daunting. You get what you pay for. Anything that’s a name brand and thick should last a long time so you can get your money’s worth out of it.

#3 FitBit

There are a few different versions of the FitBit. The good news is that each one is suited to your lifestyle—and your wallet.

The FitBit Zip is cheapest option, costing around $59.95. It simply clips onto the waistband of your shorts, pants or even bra and acts as both a pedometer and calorie counter. The FitBit Zip comes in four different colors, with wireless syncing and is water resistant. Next up is the FitBit One. This costs $99.95 and is similar to the Zip the way it clips on to your shorts, pants or bra straps. The FitBit One has a clock and display, tracks your sleep, comes with an alarm, has wireless syncing, pedometer and tracks your calories.

Lastly, there’s the FitBit Flex. This has all of the same capabilities as the FitBit One, but it’s in bracelet form and costs $99.95. It comes in 10 different colors and is waterproof, so it’s great for all kinds of physical activity. But, if you really want to spoil your loved one, then you could preorder them the FitBit Blaze. This is like a smart watch. It has a touchscreen face and tracks your heart rate, sleep activity, steps, calories and has access to music, calls, texts, GPS and calendar alerts. This bad boy comes in three different colors, has a five-day battery life and costs $199.95. It’s much better than a bouquet of roses.


#4 Features

Most of the time, socks aren’t exactly the most romantic item to get your significant other. We think Features may change your mind. Every pair of socks you buy has a lifetime guarantee. These socks are specifically designed and created for the fitness lover.

The heels of the sock feature a Y-heel construction to keep the sock from sliding into your shoe. It uses high-density knitting that provides a more durable sock, as well as a softer sock, with less bulkiness. Each sock features power bands of Lycra that’s designed to contour to the shape of your foot and delivers the precise amount of compression so the sock is comfortable and supportive. This results in the socks staying firmly in place and eliminating movement between the foot and sock that usually causes blisters.

One of the best parts about Feetures is the seam-free toe. The seam-free toe is designed so that the inside and outside of the sock are completely smooth and you don’t have that discomfort caused by traditional toe seams. There are four different performance levels. Each level caters to your needs and lifestyle and comes complete with different cushion levels. Whether they’re a runner, hiker or biker, Feetures has the perfect sock for your loved one’s lifestyle. Maybe socks still aren’t considered romantic, but regardless, these would be the gift that keeps on giving.

#5 RunnerBox

This is perfect for any fitness fanatic. RunnerBox is basically a giant goodie bag that is delivered directly to your door every other month with products designed for every lifestyle. You decide how long you want your subscription to be. It can be four months, six months, twelve months or perpetual.

There are three different types of boxes. There’s the RunnerBox (geared towards runners), the TriBox (for triathletes) and the CycleBox (geared towards cyclists). Each box is handpicked with products that are essential and beneficial to one of those three types. The products include: Energy bars, chews, protein shakes, personal care items and other accessories. They also create limited edition boxes like the Race Survival Kit box, the Fitness Starter Kit box where RunnerBox teamed up with Fitbook and the Birthday Box.

The RunnerBox is definitely no box of chocolates, but that’s what we love about it. It’s filled with fun fitness products and yummy goodies that any fitness lover would approve of. Plus, if you get one of the subscriptions, this will be another gift that keeps on giving in the best way.

#6 Theraband Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a must for those who work out regularly. Not only are they extremely cost effective, but also they are applicable for a number of different workouts. Therabands come in a variety of options including eight different color-coded levels of resistance. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert, working out alone or with a partner, you’ll never have to worry about getting the most out of your work out.

For some workouts, you can use Theraband resistance bands to replace weights. Since hand weights can often cost a pricey penny, you’ll be saving yourself some money—plus they don’t take up near as much room as some other workout equipment (perfect for travel, too).

The benefits to owning your own set of resistance bands are abundant. Find the ideal workout that is centered on Theraband resistance bands or use them as the perfect fitness accessory. We think your Valentine would rather have these more than a pink bear the size of a car. Don’t you?

#7 Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid

This is probably the most innovative and high tech water bottle you’ve ever seen and even though it’s about $60, it’s worth every penny. The Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid calculates your suggested hydration goal based on your own personal data—so it’s unique to you and your body. It measures how much water you drink and provides temperature readings.

It collects your hydration data and charts it daily, weekly and monthly. It does all of this just by downloading the free Thermos Smart Lid app on your smartphone. What’s our favorite part? It works with that FitBit you were debating whether or not to buy your Valentine. With FitBit, your water intake will automatically sync with the Thermos Smart Lid app each time you hydrate.

Plus, it is Bluetooth connected with a line of sight range of up to 75 feet. The Smart Lid is rechargeable and the water bottle itself holds up to 24 ounces. Now don’t get us wrong, we appreciate a good bottle of wine. But, we think this water bottle would make someone much happier and less hungover on Valentine’s Day.

Workout Gifts

#8 FlipBelt

When you’re trying to go to the gym or go on a run, the last thing you want to worry about is all the stuff you have to carry with you. As much as you would like to leave your keys, cell phone, wallet, ID, headphones and credit cards at home, you can’t. A FlipBelt is the perfect solution for this common problem. It’s basically a slim, elastic version of a fanny pack.

This tubular belt has pockets all around so you can store your personal items while you’re being a fitness fiend. It’s light, it’s not an armband, which can chafe and get in the way, and it stretches, not only to fit you, but also to fit all of the little things you have to take with you.

Plus, the FlipBelt doesn’t budge. So whether you’re hiking or jumping rope, you’ll never have to worry about it sliding off or bopping up and down with you, which is extremely irritating. The FlipBelt comes in a variety of colors and sizes because personalization is key. This fun workout necessity just blew that edible arrangement out of the water—or the gym.

#9 Jaybird Wireless Buds

Earbuds are a struggle in general when it comes to working out. They fall out of your ears, the wires get caught on things and they are constantly getting tangled. Well the earbud gods have given us Jaybird wireless buds.

These earbuds connect to your music player wirelessly or via Bluetooth, so you never have to worry about those wires while doing burpees. They’re designed to fit securely in your ear and are engineered for comfort. They are rechargeable so you never have to mess with batteries and when they have a full charge they last up to eight hours.

What makes Jaybird wireless buds special to any workout enthusiast is that they’re even sweat-proof. These may cost a pretty penny, around $180, but with all they have to offer and the use you’ll get out of them, they’ll pay for themselves. This would be one Valentine’s Day gift your loved one will remember.

#10 Dr. Cool and Dr. Hot Bags

These Valentine’s Day gifts are definitely on the quirky side of gift giving. Both are in the shape of an IV bag. As weird as they look they actually have a health related purpose.

The Dr. Cool bag can be chilled in the fridge, while the Dr. Hot bag heats up on its own or can be reused by putting it in boiling water for those sore muscles after a long, strenuous workout. Instead of buying a funny card, buy these instead—we think they’ll make much more of an impact.

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just a Hallmark holiday. Buying chocolates and roses may do the trick for some, but for those who have a passion for fitness and a love for sore muscles, these fun and fit ideas are the perfect gifts for your Valentine.

By Sarah Bayard


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