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Weight Loss Coach


The benefits of shedding pounds are numerous—but, for many, losing weight isn’t a simple process. Solid weight loss plans take time to develop, and even more time to get perfect.

If you’ve struggled with losing weight before, one of life’s many obstacles to successful fat loss might’ve gotten in the way.

Between dieting, exercise, sleep and healthy routines, there are a lot of factors to consider! Life has a way of throwing us curveballs, making even the best weight loss plan ineffective over time.

Fortunately, it’s possible to easily remove many of these obstacles: A weight loss coach.

What Does a Weight Loss Coach Do, Exactly?

You’ve probably heard about these coaches, before—and for good reason: They work. Today, weight loss coaches are incredibly popular due to the high weight loss success rates they provide. Studies show that expert coaching sessions are one of the top three most significant predictors of successful weight loss.

A weight loss coach creates fine-tuned fat loss routines to meet your body’s needs. While some weight loss coaches focus on diet, others help clients create perfect workout routines. Many do both! In most cases, your weight loss coach can help you create entire “life” routines to maximize weight loss.

Elements of a Good Life Routine

Life routines typically cover the most important cornerstones of effective, healthy weight loss. The best routines don’t focus on one element of weight loss, either—such as exercise scheduling.

Most likely, your weight loss coach will create a life routine which combines three core elements to help you lose weight: diet, exercise and daily routine.


Your weight loss coach’s overall routine will probably begin with some diet-planning. Not only can they explain why some foods are healthy—and others, unhealthy—but they can give you the tools needed to prioritize these foods on a day-to-day basis.

This type of coaching answers the “what” questions of eating: What foods are you currently eating? What new foods should your diet include? What foods should you avoid?

Next, your coach can cover the “how” questions of successful dieting. How does your current meal schedule impact your weight? How can a person maximize weight loss efforts with meal preparation? How does a healthy diet work, exactly?

In some cases, your coach might even cover some “why” questions about your diet. If you’re struggling with avoiding junk food, they can help you explore why.

They can also help you overcome mental hurdles by explaining why a lower weight can benefit your entire life—not just your waistline.


While personal gym trainers are great, a weight loss coach can combine exercise coaching with other important elements. Your coach can help you create a flexible, effective workout plan which maximizes weight loss.

Before you begin your exercise journey, they can teach you how to become more flexible, how to complete certain routines and how to stay motivated in the gym.

Another big benefit of exercising alongside a weight loss coach is that they’ll make sure your workout routines aren’t only effective—but that they stayeffective. They can keep an eye on your form, your self-challenges and your body’s health as you progress.

By designing a full-fledged fitness log, your coach can alleviate the stress associated with constant exercise planning. For many people, making constant decisions about fitness can really interrupt efficient exercise.

Why take on more than you can handle?

Your coach understands the ins and outs of successful fat-burning techniques, and they can free up the much-needed mental space required to push through the best workouts.

Daily Routine

Even once a person’s diet and exercise are nailed down, day-to-day life tends to get in the way. Work, school, chores, shopping and many other small parts of your day might hold back your progression. By targeting healthy routine elements, and unhealthy elements, your coach can help you build a firm weight loss foundation build to last.

Even small parts of your daily routine can greatly impact your weight loss. For example, studies show that drinking a glass of water upon waking greatly enhances weight loss.

Another study examining 47 people took a look at the way daily weighing can impact fat loss: Over a six-month period, weighing yourself every morning can result in an extra 13 pounds of fat loss.

Understandably, remembering every tip, trick and daily routine modification isn’t feasible. Plus, your body is different than everyone else’s. Some routine tips might not work for you—and others might work incredibly well! By zeroing in on every element of your daily routine, your coach can pinpoint the best ways to boost your weight loss. They can create an easy-access, simple routine scheduler for you, too.

A Simple Approach to Complex Routines

It sure seems like weight loss plans have a ton of moving parts, doesn’t it? Weight loss professionals have spent yearsexamining, re-examining, applying and re-applying fat-burning techniques. For this reason, weight loss coaches are experts in the realm of fitness and food.

Many people are very ambitious about losing weight, but the components of weight loss get overwhelming quickly. To avoid discouragement, having someone to assess and apply great techniques is a good idea.

Because your coach is tasked with understanding your body’s specific needs, they can augment your routine at a moment’s notice—making your journey easier and more effective as you progress.

Benefits Of Weight Loss Coach

The Biggest Benefits of Having a Weight Loss Coach

If you’re deciding to get healthy, long-lasting wellness is a good goal to have. It’s possible to make your journey alone, but a weight loss coach can be an invaluable asset.

Everyone needs a positive influence in their life, and what could be better than a positive influence who’s a professional?

From work ethic to dieting, a weight loss coach is your ticket to a thinner waistline, better athletic performance and a quality life. If you’re still on the fence about whether you should hire a weight loss coach, take a look at the best benefits of having one.

Benefit One: They Can Change Your Mindset

Weight loss might be a physical challenge, but it’s an even bigger mental one. Weight loss coaches take the time needed to understand your goals. Then, they custom-tailor a plan to help you reach them. They’re not only strategists, either. They’re highly encouraging influencers.

A weight loss coach can help you build healthy habits over time, assisting you in completely revamping your lifestyle to promote a higher degree of weight loss. Over time, you’ll start looking at yourself differently—adopting healthier, more fulfilling attitudes in life.

Sometimes, a simple mindset shift is all you need to triumph over old challenges—embracing new challenges along the way.

Benefit Two: They Can Increase Your Motivation

Many people think weight loss coaches only teach people what to do to lose weight. This isn’t the case, however, as they’re also invaluable for teaching a person why they’re doing what they’re doing.

By internalizing new habits, a person can completely rework their life’s outlook. In doing so, they greatly increase their odds of keeping the pounds off.

Weight loss coaches also, of course, teach people how to lose weight. They don’t just present facts, workout routines and diet plans. They help clients understand the simple science driving each approach. So, even if a client can’t turn to their coach for help, later on, they’ll still have the tools needed to lose more weight.

Benefit Three: They Can Help You Beat Plateaus

Most people reach a point where it seems like nothing can help them lose weight. Maybe they’ve altered their diet considerably with no results.

Or, maybe they’ve used exhausting exercise regimens which don’t benefit them anymore. This is called a plateau—wherein progress can’t be made because a person’s body is well-adapted to the changes thrown at it.

Weight loss professionals understand plateaus better than anyone else, and they’re well-equipped with the resources needed to beat them. They can help you explore new foods, lifestyle choices and fitness practices alike. If you’re working against heavy time restraints, they can even design highly effective plans that don’t absorb your entire day.

Remember: Weight loss coaches are professionals. An educated teacher is a great resource, especially when they consider your personal needs. Your success is their priority, even when the going gets tough.

Benefit Four: One Meeting Per Week is Enough

Surprisingly, you don’t need to see a weight loss coach every day to meet your goals. A Journal of the American Medical Association studystates that working one-on-one with a weight loss consultant, even once per week, greatly increases the odds of success.

The secret ingredient to weight loss is a “better together” mentality. Your weight loss coach isn’t simply a knowledge resource. They’ll be there to celebrate your success, and they’ll be there through every struggle, too. If you hit a point of struggle, they’ll help you approach it from new angles.

Benefit Five: They Hold You Accountable

Weight loss consultants have years of experience, and they’re well-versed in the art of persistence. Sometimes, all a person needs to lose weight is a little accountability.

In many ways, a weight loss coaching program extends well beyond diet, body weight and exercise. Your personal coach is more of a life coach—pushing you to become the best version of yourself.

Accountability doesn’t need to be stressful, either. Your weight loss coach can help you accomplish your goals in refreshing, flexible ways.

By tracking your progress, they can identify your strongest skills—as well as your weakest. By logging every step of your journey, they can help you visualize the concrete steps needed to reach your next level.

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Benefit Six: They Make Dieting Much Easier

Dieting is already tough due to restrictive eating habits. Instead of micromanaging every ingredient on your meal menu, you can employ a dietary professional to handle the fine details.

Everything from meal preparation to target metabolic rates can be presented in an easy, accessible way. Say goodbyeto exhaustively complex dietary strategies, because your professional meal prep guru is here to help.

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If you’re new to weight loss programs, talking to a professional is a great first step. They’ll help you understand the basics, establishing an effective routine you can jump into immediately. If you kickstart your plan with the best available tools, your chances of success dramatically increase.

If you’ve tried to lose weight before with little success, you can still triumph over age-old challenges. Have faith in weight loss coaches, because they’re proven to be one of, if not the best, resources for shedding excess pounds.

Every consultation, session and diet plan can be carefully crafted to meet your exact needs, so why wait to achieve a healthier lifestyle? Explore the world of professional weight loss, and take your first steps alongside an expert.

-Terry Asher

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  1. I really like how you mentioned how much easier it is to set a diet for yourself when you have a weight loss coach. One of the things I knew I would struggle with when I start wanting to lose weight was how I would adjust what I eat to my goals. If I can find a weight loss coach in the area, that would be much easier for me.

  2. Developing a great routine to encourage weight loss definitely sounds like something important that I need to consider. Having these kinds of routines could really help me live a lot healthier than I currently do, something I’ve admitted to myself for a long time. I’ll go and ask a weight loss center about what the perfect routines for me would be.


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