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Terry Asher: We are here with my friend Lauryn Evarts at The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn how did you get started as health/fitness & fashion blogger?

Hi, Terry! Hi, guys! The Skinny Confidential idea came to me while in college at San Diego State University. I was working as a Pure Barre instructor and bartender…& just BORED. Health, wellness, & lifestyle tips always inspired me but I wanted to share them with a community of women. I started blogging specifically about health & wellness, and slowly grew into blogging about tons of lifestyle topics.

From there it’s blossomed into a brand, book, podcast, & product ( coming soon! ).

Terry Asher: Why did you create The Skinny Confidential and what have you been able to accomplish?

In college, there was a serious lack of healthy food options on campus. Girls would get together to share their tips & tricks for staying fit & healthy. I was inspired to create an online space where women could share all of their tips & tricks for health & wellness…without being catty. I wanted a safe, no bullshit space.

Through the platform, I’ve been able to connect with women all over the world. From there we’ve formed The Skinny Confidential community.

Terry Asher: What would you say to someone looking to get into better shape?

It takes time, consistency, & hard work, but it doesn’t require you to completely cut out anything.

In my opinion, it’s all about moderation. Make sure you’re doing SOMETHING active every single day, even if it’s just taking your dogs for a long easy walk. I always say break a sweat everyday.

Being active & moving your body is the most important thing.

As far as food, don’t cut anything out- just use portion control. I use these portion-sized bowls from Anthropologie. I NEVER eat out of the bag- it sets you up for failure.

You can find my 7 day Meal Plan in the guide!


Terry Asher: Tell us about your program, The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Guide…

The Bombshell Body Guide is a 28-week program made up of SUPER effective, less than 30 minute long workouts. The guide is designed to help the girl on the go seriously kickstart her fitness. Everyone is busy, so these workouts are quick, effective, & will tone you up.

It’s for the girl who’s always busy!

Terry Asher: Do you incorporate weight training or resistance training? Why or why not?

Yes, weight training is an absolute MUST, even if it’s just using your own body weight. Weight training & resistance training help build muscle. It’s not just about being skinny, no one likes that skinny fat look.

Usually, I lift with a professional because I like to go heavy. I lift heavy about once a week. Other than that you can find me in yoga, Pilates, doing TSC Bombshell Body Guide, or walking.

Terry Asher: I’m sure our audience here at gymjunkies is wondering the obvious question what is your typical workout routine?

Typically I do the Bombshell Body Guide 27 minute workouts three times per week, cardio twice per week, then I’ll take a yoga or Pilates class once per week. I’ll either take one full day off or use it to go on a walk with my chihuahua’s.

I like to sweat every single day.

If I’m not moving I feel off. Even anxious.

Terry Asher: What does your diet consist of when you are training?

When I’m training I lean towards a high fat & high protein diet, but GOOD sources of both. For fats, I LOVE avocado, almond butter, & olive oil. For protein, I love turkey, eggs, chicken, & salmon. I also try to work in my morning The Skinny Confidential DETOX drink & tons of veggies.

Alcohol is an obvious to cut out…but I love my tequila!

Terry Asher: How can the messaging of your brand support his or her health and fitness goals?

Health & fitness is all about lifestyle. Fad diets might work short term, but they don’t last long term. The Skinny Confidential is all about having it all in a fun way, think kale in one hand, champagne in the other.

I never take life too serious.


Terry Asher: Tell us about any new projects you have on the horizon.

I just launched a cell phone case line with Casetify. You can check out the cheeky collaboration here.

A product line will be launching very soon…stay tuned! Another book possibly too. I take little steps everyday to support the bigger goal.

My fiancé Michael & I are also doing a podcast together called TSC HIM & HER Podcast, which has been super fun!

Terry Asher: Anything you would like to add for us here at gymjunkies?  

You can find me here:

Instagram: @theskinnyconfidential

Snapchat: @laurynevarts


Podcast: The Skinny Confidential HIM AND HER

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