The Shocking Truth About The Late Night Eating Myth



How can you avoid eating before you go to bed? Do you currently struggle with this problem? Are you someone that has unhealthy snacks or even late night candy close by? 

Your not alone several studies in the United States say this is a common problem.

You could be someone that is seeking food from the fridge or maybe just snacking while watching tv.

The real question is if this really hindering your fat loss goals?

If you’re like most people, late night snacking is something that gets to you from time to time. This is completely normal and something that most people do struggle with.

But is it really that big of a game changer?

Let’s go over three facts that you will need to know about late night snacking.

The Late Night Eating Myth…

How To Control Hunger

The very first thing you want to look at is what you are actually snacking on. If you’re munching away on an ice cream cone or a chocolate bar, there’s no question this isn’t good for your diet. If you happen to be snacking on some veggies or maybe a source of protein, that’s a very different story however. This could actually help your health and weight loss goals.

Also it’s important to note if you’re eating solid foods you use your bodies thermic effect. Basically what this is the energy it takes to break down your food in your stomach; yes this burns calories.


How Much Food Should I Eat?

It’s very important to consider how much food you are actually eating. Is it actually considered a late night snack or is it more like a late night simple meal plan or binge?

In reality, a late night snack is likely good for the diet.

Sometimes hours after dinner I get hungry in bed and need something to suppress my hunger.  I would suggest grabbing something around 100-200 calories maybe a banana or some unsalted almonds.

Obviously, a feast of junk food while you watch 2 hours of Netflix, is not going to help you out. Keep moderation in mind at all times.


How To Plan Your Meals And Account For The Snacks?

Finally, the last thing that you need to address is whether you’ve planned for this healthy snack or small meal.  Whether or not you gain weight is highly correlated with your total daily caloric intake. Therefore, if you’ve worked that snack into your total daily calorie intake, you are going to be able to eat it without any worry about weight gain simply because you planned to eat it.

If you haven’t however, there is that chance it may cause you to take in more calories than you need and gain weight because of it.

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So be smart about your late night snacking. Integrate it into your day, use moderation, and choose wisely. If you do, late night snacking won’t be a problem for you.

-Terry Asher

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