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So you want to shred fat and you want to do it quickly?

Join the club. If there was an “I want to be thinner” club, probably everyone on the planet would be part of it. However, you’re different. You’re determined and you’re willing to put in the work. That already makes you better than most others out there.

But how do you make sure you’re actually able to reach your fat loss goals?

Well, you’ll need to follow a strict workout and diet regimen. For fat loss extreme you’ll need to be even more dedicated. You’ll also need to be careful, as it is easy to go so extreme that you end up causing problems for your body instead of finding solutions. But not to worry.

We have the answers to all your fat loss extreme questions right here. No matter your body type or where you are with your physical fitness, you can begin to shred the weight and see a new and improved you.

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What Is Weight Loss?

what is weight loss

Of course, you know what weight loss is. It’s when your body sheds fat and you can see the muscle underneath.

But what causes weight loss?

Weight loss is only caused by burning more calories than you bring in. It’s all about calories.

Yes, there are carbs and proteins and fats and all that stuff, but the only way to achieve weight loss is to burn more calories than you bring in. 2,000 calories a day is 2,000 calories a day is 2,000 calories a day. It doesn’t matter if you bring it in from protein, carbs, or fats.

Now, your body will react differently to these different sources of energy, so it may appear as if your body sheds more weight when eating one food type over the other, but the primary reason behind this is the amount of water your body retains based on what you eat. But we’re not talking about water retention weight. We’re talking about fat loss.

So, in order to burn weight and achieve extreme fat loss, you will need to burn far more calories in a given day than what you take in (Healthline, 2018).

Can’t You Just Fast For A Few Days?


So, if burning fat means you are in a caloric negative wouldn’t that mean you could just fast for a few days (or as long as possible) in order to burn off those calories? Well, not exactly.

Intermittent fasting has grown in popularity in recent years, although that is more skipping a meal (or two) from time to time. Prolonged fasting can have a negative effect on your body and it may actually cause the exact opposite result you’re looking for.

You see, when your body goes for an extended period of time without taking in calories it moves into survival mode. At this time your body will slow down its metabolism and, at the same time, it will shift from burning fat cells for energy to burning muscle cells for energy.

After a prolonged state of fasting, you may continue to lose weight, but you won’t be losing fat. You’ll be losing muscle, and this is the last thing you want to do. Larger muscles burn more calories, which means if your muscles shrink you’ll burn fewer calories during the week.

All of this is a problem and will end in undesired results. So, while extreme fat loss is a goal, you will need to continue to eat and bring in calories, otherwise, your body will begin acting in ways that are not healthy to your overall wellbeing (WebMD).

What Is Extreme?


Now, before we dive into the workout we need to cover what “extreme” actually means. If you have it in your head that you’re going to drop 30 pounds by the end of the month we probably have bad news for you.

Switching your diet in the first week might help you drop five or even 10 pounds, although most of this will be shedding water. In terms of shedding actual fat, it does take a little longer in order to do it safely.

Celebrities and Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard of celebrities and their crazy crash diets. Crash diets are dangerous. These kinds of diets may result in temporary weight loss, but these are not sustainable at all. After a week or two, you will likely need to quit the diet, and when you do that you might end up binging on the food you avoided.

Celebrities are able to do this due to all the nutritionists and specialists at their disposal, and even then, it isn’t usually safe. If you try a crazy crash diet and fitness routine there’s a good chance you might end up feeling light-headed throughout the day, have trouble focusing on your daily activities, and put yourself in danger while doing everything from lifting to driving your car.

Instead, you need a safe “extreme” fat loss routine. It doesn’t mean you won’t see weight loss results, but what it does mean is you’ll go about doing it safely.

Safe “extreme” weight loss will help ensure you maintain the weight loss as well. There isn’t much of a point of you doing a crash diet only to put on more weight shortly after.

The Workout Routine

the workout routine

When you’re coming up with a fitness goal you need to decide whether you want to put on muscle or shed fat.

There are some routines that will help with both, but because you’re not specifically focusing on one or the other you can’t completely dedicate your routine to weight loss or to muscle gain.

This is important to consider because your fitness routine will differ based on what it is you want to do. If you’re still reading this far down into the article it means you absolutely are serious about fat loss. The following workout routine is designed to maximize your fat loss and to help you scorch those fat cells.

With a muscle-gain specific workout, you would break your workouts up a bit.

You would likely focus on a muscle group or a muscle movement and hit those groups of muscles hard each day. That, however, is not what you’ll be doing with a fat loss extreme workout. Instead, you want to try and work for every muscle group during your workout.

Now, with this workout, you’re not going to completely deplete your energy in each muscle group to the point of not being able to squeeze out one more rep. This kind of workout will shred your muscle fibers, which in turn will require you to give those muscle fibers a day or two breaks before hitting them again. Otherwise, you’re not giving your muscles enough time to recover.

With a fat loss extreme workout, you are working your muscles, ensuring your muscles get a nice burn and sustain some damage, but because you’re not pushing these muscles to the extreme every day the fibers will be able to recover within the 24-hour window and be ready for your next workout.

This gives you maximum calorie burn throughout the day to help you achieve your desired results.

With your workout, you’ll want to make sure you hit every muscle group. Again, you don’t want to overtax the muscles, just make sure each is hit. For each exercise, we recommend performing three to four sets and shooting for eight to 12 reps each. Stop at 12.

If you know you can squeeze out more reps than 12 just add weight to the next set. You want to challenge yourself and burn calories, so don’t just go super light. Make it a doable challenge.

On the first day, you should start with a bench press. From there, switch to a squat. Now go to a pull-up, followed by a lunge (12 reps on each side). Follow this up with a chin-up, then a dumbbell row and deadlift. These will work for just about every muscle group in your body. You also don’t have to switch between your upper body and lower body, but doing so will help give any crossover muscles a few minutes to recover before being used again.

Every workout day should try to hit every muscle group. Thankfully, because you’re only performing one or at most two lifts per muscle group, it is easy enough to switch everything up and to keep your workouts interesting. You can also swap between dumbbells, barbells, body weight, and resistance bands.

Keeping your body guessing as to how you’re going to live will help maximize the number of calories you burn (once your body becomes accustomed to your lifting method it will cut down on the calories it burns because it will be more efficient in how it handles your exercises).

So, for example, your second-day workout routine can include a sumo squat, a chest press, rear lunges, dumbbell shrugs, tricep extensions, and a lat pull down.

If you feel like one area of your body isn’t being utilized enough during one of the given days you can add in a second exercise. But again, don’t overdo it.

Because you’re going to be using all your muscles every day you can’t completely obliterate one particular muscle group. This means if you’re really trying to grow your arms don’t work your biceps hard every day. This prevents your muscles from being able to recover and rebuild the torn muscle fibers.

As an added bonus you will want to perform some kind of ab workout every day. Of course, you can hit your abs every day (and hit them hard every day).

Your core muscles are accustomed to being put under great stress as these stabilizing muscles are used to hold your body up, so they are often engaged. It’s also why it is so much more difficult to build large ab muscles as these muscle fibers are naturally tight due to constant use.

So, if you want to grow your abs as well as shed weight you’ll want to perform an ab workout every day (five to 10 minutes max should be more than enough. You can perform 45-second sets of different ab exercises for this).

Vegetarian diet bodybuilder

In Conclusion

Fast weight loss can be achieved if you’re truly dedicated to it. You’ll need to focus both on your diet and your workout routine in order to burn more calories and to cut down on the calories you bring in.

So, if you’re able to dedicate yourself to this kind of routine you absolutely will be able to see results in a short period of time. This might not be a diet and workout routine you’re able to maintain for months on end, but it is a good option to integrate it throughout the year.

This way you’ll get a natural boost in your weight loss whenever you decide to add it to your workout and diet regimen. And, of course, if you have more questions about weight loss, exercise, or anything else fitness related, make sure to keep it right here. We have plenty of goodies to satisfy your needs.

-Terry Asher

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The Fat Loss Extreme Method
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