The Best Scientific Ways To Lose Weight


The Best Scientific Ways To Lose Weight

Are you looking for the best scientific ways to lose weight? Then check out this article below.

There are many available supplements, diets, and meal plans to ensure rapid weight loss. There are many strategies to ensure weight loss, but many of these strategies are held back by science, and those might have a role in weight management.

These strategies include calorie intake limitations, exercising, intermittent fasting, and reducing carbohydrates from your regular diet.

If you are looking for massive changes in your diet and body physique, it is always the best option to get advice from a trained medical physician, dietitian, or health doctor. Below are some tips that can be helpful for you to lose weight or redesign your eating plans.

Want To Lose Weight? Heres How To Get Started

Start Eating Green Vegetables

Start Eating Green Vegetables

There is much evidence of vegetables being very effective in many diet plans. Green vegetables add better health benefits to any diet plan, including weight loss and fewer chances of contracting chronic diseases.

Spinach, watercress, chives, and many other green vegetables are ranked high on the “powerhouse foods” list of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

You can still keep dairy, meat, and fish items in your diet because research doesn’t suggest that those are bad in a weight loss diet. Diets with proper amounts of vegetables and protein tend to be a balanced diet. Eggs, seafood, and meat all are good sources of protein to have your diet.

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Have Sugar-Free Drinks Instead of Soda or Sweet Tea

We drink juice and soda to refresh our minds. But keep in mind that these drinks do not fill our stomach as average solid food does. Harvard researchers experimented with 50,000 women to see the changes to their bodies when they mainly took sweetened drinks.

It turns out that sweetened drinks increased their total weight, and they also wanted to intake sweeter items. So, have drinks that do not have any or a lot of sugar content.

Have Healthy Fiber in Your Diet

Fiber intake, mainly plant-based carbohydrates, is beneficial for your diet as they can not quickly digest, unlike sugar and starch. Including plenty of fiber in your daily diet can reduce hunger and increase fullness that will help you to reduce weight. You can take fiber foods like;

  • Whole grain cereals, oats, pasta, and brown bread
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Nuts, seeds, peas, pulses, and beans

Refined carbohydrates are known to be the most miniature healthy items in one’s diet. Carbohydrates usually have white bread, and white rice refined carbohydrates are also found in many processed foods.


Hold Back From Carbohydrates Whenever You Can

In 2012, a study in the journal Food and Nutrition Research found a strong connection of carbohydrates to weight gains.

Avoid whole grains because they will stay in your tummy for a long time and digest slowly, yet they have great nutritious benefits over other carbohydrate options.

Carbohydrates are proven to give extra weight to the body even if you eat them in small portions. That is why many people tend to suggest avoiding carbohydrates at all costs in a diet plan. You can try to change your flour-based noodles with zucchini noodles or spiralized carrots.

Target to Lose One or Two Pounds Per Week


To lose weight, exercise scientists, dietitians, and nutritionists recommend having a goal to lose one to three pounds per week. It will cause your body to get used to the weight loss process, and it will adapt itself to the new diet.


Do Jogging More Often

You can not have a shortcut to losing a lot of weight. When you exercise more often, you will get hungry more often and intake hundreds of calories. Jogging is proven to be an excellent option for anyone willing to lose weight.

Regular movement will be an excellent option for you to lose weight. This could also include cycling, walking slowly, and any other usual activities.

Do Workouts in the Morning

Do Workouts in the Morning

It would be best to not miss out on your morning workout sessions; research says that early morning workouts with an empty stomach can boost energy levels and speed up the weight loss process. You will also get sunlight during the morning hours to give your body some vitamin D.

Manage Stress Levels

When a human is going through a stressful time, their body releases hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones initially increase the appetite as part of the body reacting to the response.

However, when someone is constantly under stress, cortisol can stay longer in the bloodstream which will increase their appetite and most likely lead them to eat more. Cortisol signals the body’s required nutritional storage that carbohydrates can fill. Insulin then carries the sugar from carbohydrates from the blood to the muscle, then to the brain to calm the stress level. If the body does not use the sugar to fight, the body will store it as fat.

Researchers found that if a person implements an eight-week stress management involvement program, a significant fat reduction can result. To manage stress you can;

  • Do yoga and meditation.
  • Do Relaxing and breathing techniques.
  • Get some fresh air from the outdoors, go to the park, walk, or garden.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

Do Intermittent Fasting if Diets Don’t Work


Intermittent fasting (IF) is a method of eating involving short-term fasts and limited meals in a whole day. Many studies have found that intermittent fasting leads to weight loss for some individuals. Here are some intermittent fasting methods that you can follow,

  • ADF (Alternate day fasting): Regular fasting and eating as usual on non-fasting days are the core of this method. Also, you can eat 25-30% of your energy needs in some cases when you are fasting.
  • 5:2 Diet: Fast two days a week and eat only 500-600 calories when fasting.
  • 16/8 method: Fasting for 16 hours a day and having an eating window for 8 hours. This window is usually from noon to 8 pm.

You will have the best results if you manage to adapt to these intermittent fastings.

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The Best Scientific Ways To Lose Weight
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The Best Scientific Ways To Lose Weight
Are you looking for the best scientific ways to lose weight? Then check out this article below.
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