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Have you ever seen the guy walking around the gym, a pencil tucked behind an ear, a large journal under his arm?

After every set he jots down something into his booklet, squints, looks at what he wrote, then makes his way over to the next machine. These are usually guys who are new to the gym, and to finally hit the weights and put on that muscle weight, they saw somewhere on some website that it’s good to keep track of reps and sets and exercises in order to squeeze the most out of a workout.

They’re not wrong, because remembering what you did on your previous workout can sometimes be a challenge, but it isn’t the best way to go about things. We also don’t recommend walking around with pointy, sharp objects in your gym shorts, because that’s a real good way to jam a pencil somewhere you don’t want it.

What exactly should you do though if you want to stay on top of your workout routine and performance numbers?

Find an app that will replace the pen and paper, that’s what. And while there are all kinds of fitness apps available, here are some we believe to be the best bodybuilding app options out there.


gain guy

You’re the kind of guy who’s at the gym almost every day. You want to put on serious gains but, for one reason or another, you’re just not seeing the kind of muscle and strength improvements you’d like. If this sounds like you it’s time to check out the GainGuy application.

This application is one of the best-researched applications out there as all the dietary information (there’s a ton) is backed by the USDA. This isn’t the kind of app that is designed to post photos or updates on social media. If you absolutely need to post-gym selfies to Instagram there are other apps for you (or just use Instagram). That isn’t the purpose of this app. No, this app is all about helping you reach your gain goals.

Your goals are unique and different from the next app user, which is exactly why GainGuy lets you enter in the kind of goal you want to achieve. If you need to bulk up, the app will send you notification reminders for when to eat and how much protein you need to take in. Thanks to the app you’ll take out most of the guesswork, so you can maximize your workout and dietary requirements without worrying about forgetting.

(GainGuy is available on both Apple iOS and Android).


fitness tracker

It has happened to us all. You watch a killer workout on YouTube. It shows you a new lift you absolutely want to try out. But then when you’re at the gym it completely skips your mind. So now you’re stuck, trying to sift through your phone in order to find the workout as others in the gym watching you take up one of the benches or machines. First, don’t be that guy. If you can’t remember the workout and need to pull it back up on your phone get off the bench if others are around (or if the gym is busy). Second, avoid this entire situation with the Strongur app.

There are a handful of benefits with using Strongur.

First, it helps you keep track of all your lifts. Second, it pairs with wearable devices so you are able to log heart rate and other specifics of your workout. And third, the application will send you a large number of new workouts and lifts based on the body part you want to hit. This makes looking uplifts easier than ever before, and you can do it as quickly as skipping music tracks.

This particular application isn’t for beginners though. You also need to have the basics down. The app will highlight lifts, but you won’t always receive information on how to maintain your posture, so if you’re new and you try out some of these lifts you may end up hurting yourself. The app also uses technical terms, so if you don’t know all the technical terms for your muscles it can take some time to find exactly what you’re looking for.

In general though, if you’ve been going to the gym for a while, want an application that will help you log your workouts while also giving you suggestions for new lifts, this is absolutely the application you need to check out.

(The biggest downside to this app is it is only available for Apple iOS).


workout app

If you’re new to the world of weight training and you want to do everything in your power to maximize your potential and time at the gym the BAU5 app is great. This is a weight training-dedicated app, so if you want other elements or features you’ll need to look for another app. However, while this app only does one thing it does it very well.

The app will shift based on your body type.

It also pairs with your Apple-based wearable. The application will monitor when you workout and help remind you when you should ideally head back to the gym (and which muscle groups you should hit).

While it isn’t a complete replacement for a personal trainer, it is as close as you’re going to get with an app.

Before you run off and start downloading the app though there are a few things you need to know about it. First, it currently only has tailored workouts for men. While you’re more than able to use it if you don’t identify as a man you’ll be missing out on some of the main features.

Hopefully this changes in the near future, but for the time being, keep this in mind. Additionally, there is a $14.99 monthly subscription fee you need to pay if you want to take advantage of the heart rate monitoring features and the workout history. It’s cheaper than a personal trainer, but it is something you need to consider if you’re on a tight budget.

(BAU5 is only available on Apple iOS).

Planet Fitness Application

planet fitness

This is specific for those individuals with a Planet Fitness membership, but because it’s one of the biggest gyms in the world it’s worth bringing up.

Outside of the club locator features and check-in options, the app does make it easy for you to keep track of all your workouts. In reality, you could even download the app if you didn’t have a membership and track workouts this way. It has a social feature that makes it easy for you to upload information to your other social platforms, and if you are a Planet Fitness member, there are quick-scan codes on the different machines.

This way you can simply scan the code with your phone and instantly log the workout that way. Planet Fitness might not be the ultimate location if you want to lift serious weights, but it is a nice place if you’re starting out with your bodybuilding goals, or if it is the only real gym option in the area.

The app also has at-home workout videos for you to utilize. These are specific to members and you’re not going to find the workouts on YouTube.

(The Planet Fitness app is available for both Apple iOS and Android).

Bodyweight: You Are Your Own Gym

bodyweight workout

Sometimes you’re not able to get to the gym. If you don’t have weights at home you might feel stuck. And sure, while you might not be able to get exactly the same caliber of workout at home without weights it doesn’t mean you should just avoid working out altogether. At least by using your body as a weight you’ll help avoid as much muscle loss as you can, and you’ll even strengthen some areas of your body you might not be getting with your weights. By using the Bodyweight application you will learn all kinds of lifts and exercises you can perform with just your body.

The workouts and exercises are explained in detail, plus most of the exercises do come with video demonstrations. When it comes to lifting with only your bodyweight you absolutely need to focus on form. You won’t have the same amount of weight to work with so you need to make sure you target the specific muscles (and add in the extra squeeze of the muscle as you perform the exercise as this will help get the most out of the work you’re doing).

The app supports all kinds of languages, ranging from German to Arabic, although if you want access to additional workouts you’ll need to pony up $8.99.

(The application is available on both Android and Apple iOS).

Navy SEAL Fitness

navy seal fitness

Maybe you’re more into the educational information with regards to your bodybuilding app. You’re not someone who needs something to record your workouts or to monitor your heart rate but instead you want something that dives deep into insights for both your workout and your diet. When you’re that kind of a bodybuilding individual you’ll want to check out the Navy SEAL Fitness app.

Of all the bodybuilding apps out there this probably has the most information readily available. This includes not only workouts you can perform at the gym but workouts you can perform at home. The app offers plenty of insights regarding dietary needs as well. So, if you want an all-around fantastic app that is heavy on information, this is the thing to go for.

Now, if you want to log your workouts you’ll need another app. Because there isn’t any way to log your information or save your workouts the application itself can feel a bit clunky. That is because the app is basically an information database so it doesn’t need to be extremely user friendly. It is a mobile encyclopedia of workout knowledge more than an interactive app.

You should also note that you will need to pay a $1.99 purchase price for the app and there are in-app offers as well.

(This app is only available for Apple iOS).


fitness app

Are you someone that is extremely competitive?

Do you like to show off your lift numbers with others? Maybe you’ve got a buddy who’s on the other side of the country and you can’t workout together, but you’re constantly trying to compare stats. If you’re this kind of gym rat than the JEFIT application will be an excellent fit for you.

For starters, all the workouts, lifts, and information found on JEFIT is free. This includes more than 1,000 different exercises, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding new lifts to perform. In fact, there is so much information on this application you will be better off using a larger phone just to see everything (yes, you can pinch and zoom, but if you wear lifting gloves this might be tricky on occasion).

The real all-star for the application though is the progress feature. You can compare your lifting progress with not only others on the app but your friends. This can be an excellent motivational feature, especially if you notice you’re just behind some of the other lifters on the app.

The social feature of this app does cost $3.33 per month, but if this helps motivate you to hit the gym more frequently and put in a few more reps, it is well worth the extra cash. Because let’s face it, it isn’t always possible to go to the gym with a workout buddy. Thankfully, with this app, you’ll have access to thousands of other like-minded bodybuilders at various stages to compare stats and workout with.

(This app is available on both Android and Apple iOS).


These are just a handful of our favorite bodybuilding apps. With dozens of fitness applications out there you’ll absolutely find one that checks off all the boxes for you in what you’re looking for. So the next time you head off to the gym leave the pen and paper at home. Instead, download one (or several) of these apps and train like a pro. And if you have any personal favorites that didn’t make the list make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

-Terry Asher

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The Best Bodybuilding Apps
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The Best Bodybuilding Apps
Find an app that will replace the pen and paper, that's what. And while there are all kinds of fitness apps available, here are some we believe to be the best bodybuilding app options out there.
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