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Stree Overlord: Does this mystery formula hold the key?

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Nothing hurts worse than a bruised ego. And nothing bruises an ego quite like poor sexual performance. No matter who it comes from, it is beyond embarrassing and frustrating.

When you’re young, this problem isn’t on your radar. But as you get older, and watch your testosterone levels slowly decrease, you might start to realize this isn’t as simple as it once was.

So where do a majority of men go to? Well, they start reaching for the supplements. In fact, the supplement industry is at an all-time high when it comes to fixing both erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. And who doesn’t want to try that? Instead of turning to a doctor (and answering some seriously embarrassing questions), there are countless options available that promise some pretty amazing results.

But the manufacturers are smart. They’re all too aware of the sensitivity of the subject at hand.

So though there are some companies that genuinely want to help you, there are others with a lot less honest motives. So they aren’t in it to help – they’re just involved to get your money.

Now, Stree overlord claims some pretty serious results. It promises not only an increase in libido, but also a jump in testosterone in order to give you both the energy and the power to satisfy your partner. Obviously, there’s a lot of talk surrounding this project – and not just because of its interest name. Let’s see if the supplement has anything you might benefit from.

Stree Overlord Ingredients

Originally, it took tons and tons of research to come up with the ingredients for Street Overlord. Even after this was accomplished, the exact source isn’t proclaimed in its website or even by the manufacturer. Now, there are a few reasons why this could be. One of them would be because the website doesn’t have any page that says what’s in the capsules. If you try to get images of the pill packaging, it’s all in Chinese.

This had us a little apprehensive to say the least.

However, one site called Consumer Health Digest, states they’ve discovered the ingredients. So because we can’t find them elsewhere, we’ll just have to go with this. Horny Goat Weed (HGW) is the first ingredient and as the name suggestions, it’s a natural aphrodisiac. While this product might be new to you, it’s actually been around for some, treating symptoms like high blood pressure and even fatigue. Here’s how to works – supposedly, it blocks specific receptors within your body. Once these receptors are blocked, more blood is able to flow to important arteries found in the penis.

There aren’t many studies that back this up, but the few that are available state it can cause major improvements. The package claims unbelievable results – if that’s what you’re looking for, you’d be better suited with a product such as Viagra.

Catuaba Bark Extract is next in line. The native Brazilian culture has been using this for many years, since it’s said to help cause a jump in sexual arousal, all while improving sexual performance. And, much like HGH, it accomplishes this by opening up the blood vessels. Similar again to HGH, there aren’t many studies based around it, so there are a lot of studies and trials pending. So sure, it does sound pretty awesome… but you might want to wait until there’s more evidence.

There’s also Ginseng, which is supposed to help improve your overall performance and sexual stamina, and Maca, which has been used for some time as a natural aphrodisiac. There’s a lot of evidence that shows Maca works when it comes to sexual stamina. Plus, unlike the other ingredients we’ve looked into so far, there are a bunch of studies and data that prove this is true.

Stree Overlord Side Effects

So let’s say this ingredient list is accurate. Here’s the downside of this super supplement. First, there aren’t any good explanations of the exact function and purpose of the product itself. And, because the ingredients aren’t exactly listed clearly anywhere, there’s no kind of evidence that supports their success rate, or even their level of safety. And in terms of customer satisfaction, there isn’t any type of guarantee on the product.

There are a few big problem areas here.

The biggest one? Stree Overlord’s website is a little sketchy. Obviously, it was written by someone whose main language is not English and seems shifty. You’ll get a huge choice of characters, the main one being Stree Overlord and his story of intense sexual prowess.

Then you find out he was murdered by jealous warriers, who weren’t even close to his sex appeal and performance. Thank all high heavens, he wrote down the formula that helped him get his sexual powers.

So basically, instead of telling you about the product itself, the website gives you a made up story, complete with characters and a murder.

Stree Overlord FDA Warning

Perhaps even more alarming is the FDA warning that’s available on the product. From time to time, the FDA will pick a random over the counter supplement and test it for any type of illegal ingredients. Well, it shows that Stree Overlord was injecting illegal items into the pills in order to highten the effects.

The ingredient was sildenafil, which is the number one ingredient in male performance prescriptions such as Viagra. Which is fine…except that it makes this product not “all natural,” which the company promotes at all angles.

Now, you can buy this not-so-natural supplement online (perk: you’ll get a discount for large orders!) and it costs about $2.18 for every capsule. While there’s free shipping, there isn’t any type of guarantee, like we said.


So our advice? Avoid it like the plague. This supplement makes even the boldest buyer beware.

If you can’t get a solid ingredient list, it isn’t worth it. You don’t know what type of risk you’re taking when you’re ingesting an unknown product. Plus, the whole made up story on the website, with lack of any type of important information is enough to scare off even the toughest of customers.

If you’re suffering from ED, don’t wait or rely on Stree Overlord’s insane claims. Talk to your doctor before ordering some mysterious supplement in a foreign language. If you’re looking for a more effective, natural male performance and enhancement supplement, our best recommendation is try: VigRx Plus.

For now, we’re giving Stree Overlord a half star. Save your money!

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