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Ripped Fuel Extreme

Ripped Fuel Extreme: Getting Ripped Made Easy?

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Who doesn’t feel like they need that extra boost at the gym? Whether your body is screaming or you are getting frustrated with your results, it’s always good to get a performance boost. And this doesn’t mean anything bad about you – but sometimes, you need a push.

Many users swore by the old formula of Ripped Fuel, but it’s since been banned in a few different countries.

So what’s the latest and greatest?

Well Twinlab released a new product that it’s supposed to ne similar to what Ripped Fuel when it contained ephedrine. Their newest product, called Ripped Fuel Extreme, is headed to the market as a type of understudy to the first formula.

However, there are quite a few users who have written reviews stating the product isn’t even nearly half as effective as the first one. So of course, we had to find out for ourselves.

Ripped Fuel Extreme Ingredients

The label states it’s a weight loss and fat burning supplement that uses a “revolutionary” herbal ingredient that’s key to weight loss. It also has a few other important ingredients, like caffeine, cocoa and green tea leaf extract.

It claims to give you a major boost with your energy as well as a jump in your workouts. Sounds pretty impressive, huh?

Here’s the story – in the early days, Ripped Fuel had an extract known as ephedra. While this was very powerful, it also had a lot of controversy around it (despite the fact that it was used in a bunch of other fat-burning supplements, like xenadrine and hydroxycut). The controversy was some people had serious problems with it – and even death had occurred.

Needless to say, the FDA was quick to ban the supplement from shelves, as well as any other type of supplement that contained ephedra. So yeah, kind of a letdown. A big, dangerous let down.

Here’s the thing about many fat burners – a lot of them just suppress your appetite. Your best bet is to start with whatever a half dose of the pill would be. Give your body an hour or two to see how it responds. If it feels OK, take the rest of the dose.

Our Ripped Fuel Extreme Review

A lot of people stated that they felt an increase in energy in about 45 minutes to an hour. Those who hit the gym did see a slight increase in their ability to do more than usual, so nothing too dramatic. If you bump up the dosage, you might seem an increase in the jitters.

Now this could be because of the amount of caffeine Ripped Fuel Extreme contains. It’s roughly 220 mg of caffeine. To put that into perspective, that’s 4 cups of coffee. You’ll be getting a big rush of caffeine so the jitters are most likely going to happen.

However, many people prefer this, as it helps them get past the “2 o’clock slump” and power through their day. You might want to avoid your morning cup of coffee just to avoid overdoing the caffeine.

Most of the users seem to focus on the caffeine aspect of the pill, rather than the actual weight loss part of it. But that can provide some good results – your body is going to get warmer while you’re working out and you’re going to sweat more.

Our feelings on the subject – it isn’t really worth the money in terms of a successful way to lose weight. It seems more geared toward a caffeine pill over something that can help you drop the pounds. Because so many people commented on the jittery aspect of it, it kind of seems like caffeine is the number one motivator behind this supplement.

It also doesn’t mention helping your metabolism at all, which is a pretty important aspect when it comes to weight loss. If a supplement is able to boost your metabolism, you’re going to see more results a lot faster.

Should I Buy Ripped Fuel Extreme?

For 2 60-count bottles of the supplement, you can count on it costing $86.99, which is a lot for a pill that’s focused around caffeine. It’s even more expensive if you go through the company’s website or sign up for a package that lasts longer. Pretty pricey for a caffeine pill that doesn’t guarantee weight loss.

If you’re really looking to lose some major pounds, you might want to stick with a fat burner supplement that’s thermogenic so you can see the results, rather than feel them. You don’t need to pick between a supplement that helps you lose weight vs. a supplement that helps give your energy a boost. You can have both – you just need to find the right one. And there are plenty of options to pick from out there. Because every individual body responds differently to various supplements and medicines, you’ll want to try a few before you decide what the best option for your own unique body is. What works for some people may not work for you and vice versa.

Best Protein Powder


In our ongoing search to provide the best supplement reviews to our readers, we did stumble across a pretty promising weight loss supplement. And that supplement is Instant Knockout. We’re already impressed by it with its name, because who doesn’t want to knock the fat out of their bodies?

This is a supplement that can do the best of both worlds – it promises to increase your energy level and burn up extra fat in your body. It also offers another major perk – and that would be increasing your metabolism. That’s a huge promise for a supplement to make, because it covers all the three major areas of weight loss. The reviews on this product are pretty positive, too. Many of the users state they saw a significant increase in their energy levels, as well as fat levels dropping and an increased metabolism.

This product seems to have Ripped Fuel Extreme beat in all three areas. And none of the reviews state anything about having a caffeine overload or dealing with the jitters, so this weight loss supplement is focused on what it promises to deliver to the user.

Though it does provide a boost of energy, as a highly priced fat burner without a high degree of results, we give Ripped Fuel Extreme 2.5 stars.


Ripped Fuel Extreme Review
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