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When it comes to male enhancement supplements, it can be pretty easy to mix them up. After all, there are so many to pick from, despite that they all have similar claims and promises. So while Rhino 7 sounds similar to Purple Rhino, it’s completely different – which means we had to find out more about it.

Rhino 7 is a fast-acting male enhancement supplement. In its claim, it promises to address all of the issues that come along with sexual performance. And even more impressing, it claims to work for a pretty long period of time.

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It only takes one capsule it gets the job done. And while you might not need more than that, you can take one every 7 days if you want. But it just doesn’t promise to help sexual function. It has a lot of other positives, too.

Because it works to better control ejaculation, it means you can go for longer, ensuring everyone’s pleasure is increased. It also increased the volume of ejaculation, which equals more intense and better orgasms.

Another claim that caught our eye: It provides rock-hard erections almost immediately, helps your overall sexual confidence and can actually increase thickness.

Rhino 7 Ingredients

Rhino 7 a proprietary blend of a few different ingredients, including rubus, atactylodes, goji extract, superoxide dismutase, puereria lobata, cordyceps sinensis, condonopsis, deng sen extract, cinnamon bark, dismustase, cuscuta, and licorice.

While you may have heard of a few of these ingredients, some of them are new – but most of them have been researched thoroughly and used in proven formulas. Head to Rhino 7’s website and you’ll see a caution not to take it if you’re taking anything with nitrates in it. Also, if you suffer from heart complications, diabetes, or high blood pressure, you will want to talk to your doctor before taking Rhino 7. But like with any ED medicine, these warnings are pretty typical.

We decided to try it for ourselves. Within 15 minutes of taking it, we could feel a difference in our arousal. It seems like there’s sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in Viagra, in Rhino 7. Within thirty minutes, we had a full erection without any type of stimulation – it was just there.

As for the sex, you will find you last a lot longer, like we did. And one of the best parts – the erection lasted for longer than a day! In fact, the longest we had experienced with an erection on Rhino 7 is 3 days.

When we take a look at some of the other reviews, turns out other users had this as well. It really does work quickly, effectively and for a long period of time.

Rhino 7 Side Effects?

Like with most ED medicines, you may find you have some mild side effects. The most common seem to be a mild headache, but slight nausea can occur while taking these types of medications as well. As for Rhino 7, we didn’t have anything but a positive outcome when taking it.

When it comes to purchasing Rhino 7, you have a few different options. First, you can check out Amazon. If you want to get six pills, it will cost you somewhere around $36. However, if you want to buy just one pill of Rhino 7, it will cost you around $8.50. That price does include shipping, but it is certainly a better option to do a larger amount at once.

As for in person, it seem sot be pretty tough to find. Places such as CVS, Walgreens, GNC and Walmart don’t seem to carry it. However, based on a few other reviews, you can likely find it in your local sex shop. A few other reviewers stated they were able to find it in gas stations too.

Rhino 7 vs Viagra

When it comes to Rhino 7 vs. Viagra, we would side with Rhino 7. Not only is this available over the counter, making it a lot easier to get, but it is safer as a whole. Viagra has a lot of negative side effects. Plus, as a prescription medicine, it is always iffy to take these types of pills on a long-term basis.

The best part about Rhino 7 is how effective it is and how long it lasts. Just one pill is all you might need to take for an entire week’s time. If you just need a little boost every now and then, instead of investing in an iffy product like Viagra, Rhino 7 is the way to go. It’s a quick and effective way to boost your pleasure and your partner’s. It’s a great solution for just about anywhere, no matter if you are suffering continual ED issues or if you have the occasional issue.

Rhino 7 Reviews

According to other reviewers, the more water you take with it, the better results you will have. You will have less of a headache and an even longer-lasting erection. A few other users reported that eating before you take a Rhino 7 pill warded off headaches.

Another positive thing to note: A lot of users reported the more they used Rhino 7, the less they had to take it long-term. For example, one user reported taking it one day and it lasting 5 days. The second time he took it, it lasted longer. This continued until he felt like he didn’t have to take it anymore. So Rhino 7 may be the answer you’re looking for if you are struggling with ED.

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Because of its long lasting benefits, quick-acting results, and overall effectiveness, we’re going to give Rhino 7 a 10 out of 10. Despite the few side effects of a minor headache and slight stomach problems, the good certainly outweighs the small negatives of this product. It’s one of the top male enhancement products on the shelves that works safely and effectively. If you’re looking to get a boost in the bedroom, we suggest you reach for Rhino 7. Within half an hour, you will see the results you have been working so hard to get.


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